Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Better Late Than Never at Clinton.com

A little late today because of an early, largely unsuccessful fishing trip. 

Hillary Clinton wrote 104 of the classified emails on her private server
The latest deep dive into the bowels of Hillary Clinton’s private email server have turned up one statistic which was previously unavailable for public discussion. Much of the material found among the thousands of classified documents was sent to the former Secretary of State by others… frequently her closest aides, but sometimes coming from lower level diplomats, other people at State or occasionally by outsiders with no US security clearance at all. But how many of them was Clinton personally responsible for creating or editing and hitting the Send button?

The WaPo has done the digging for us this time and the answer comes up to 104.

As the Post takes great pains to point out, these 104 documents shoot holes in Clinton’s repeated claims that she never put any classified material on the server herself, but simply received it from others. That shouldn’t make any difference at all, since she was responsible for the existence of the server in the first place and was the owner of the contents. Further, the analysis repeats Clinton’s long discredited claim that the material wasn’t classified at the time it was originally sent, with those labels being attached later. This too carries no weight in the discussion, since every intelligence official who has been asked about the subject agrees that it is the content of the communications which are classified whether it has a label or not. Further, federal law states that it’s the responsibility of the creator or owner to ensure that any such material is properly labeled and stored.
Clinton’s Laughable Claim: Petraeus Offense Was Worse. No it wasn't, and for a large number of reasons. First of all, the person making the claim is a Clinton donor, and the Petreaus prosecutor. Could she have let him off the hook as a precedent? It might take a little foresight. Second, Petreaus revealed secrets to a single person with a security clearance, albeit, not one high enough for the secrets in question. Clinton were widely circulated among staff without clearance and  broadcast a couple of thousand for anyone able to intercept an unsecured email. Was she hacked? Rumanian hacker Guccifer claims to have read her email in real time in between gardening. It was his hack of Sid "the Shiv" Blumenthal's email that first revealed to the unsecured Clinton.com server to the public.

There's one interesting aspect of this Sid Blumenthal connection. 23 emails sent by Sid to Hillary were deemed to sensitive to release in whole to the public, and had to be classified, even though Sid was a private citizen, sending email to the Secretary of State. He was, in fact, acting as a private espionage arm for the Hillary herself. Once in State Department control, however, they became state secrets.

From the Department of Wishful Thinking, a Clinton VP wannabe's brother think that Hillary is off the hook:
Rep. Joaquin Castro, the twin brother of HUD secretary Julian Castro, claimed this morning on CNN that Hillary Clinton had been cleared by the Justice Department . . ."It's been settled by the Congress," Castro said, talking nonsensically. "You know, the Congress has looked into it, the Justice Department has looked into it, and they've cleared her."

All of Castro's fellow CNN guests and even host Dana Bash took exception with Castro saying the Justice Department had "cleared" Clinton.
Clinton's Hubris Still Could Trip Her
"She seems out of sync with the electorate," says J. Ann Selzer, after looking at the surveys conducted by her firm, Selzer & Co., for Bloomberg, as well as primary exit polls. "For someone who started her campaign on listening tour she doesn't seem to be listening."
Or, her health could be an issue: Clinton Cough Returns at Debate. It could be nothing, or it could be a pulmonary embolism.

But they're not in the tank, right? MSNBC Reporter Has No Idea She’s Live During Interview, Tells Clinton Aide What She’ll Be Asking Think they'll do that for a Republican?

When you've lost the transsexuals. . . Caitlyn Jenner: ‘Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Care Less About Women’ As Bruce, Caitlyn made enough money to become conservative.
After Jenner’s friends criticized him for his conservative views, he said Republicans just had bigger things to worry about than “trans issues.”
. . .
“We’re $18.5 trillion in debt. I think what they don’t realize is this country could collapse over this at some point and if our country collapses it doesn’t make any difference if you’re gay, trans, whatever.”
. . .
During an interview last week, Jenner said he liked Ted Cruz.

“I think he’s very conservative, and a great constitutionalist, and a very articulate man,” he said.
The Nation? Note to Hillary: Clintonomics Was a Disaster for Most Americans They say insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results.

I'm sure it's part of the disease: Former Clinton aide is an Uber jerk
The sharp-elbowed skills Matt McKenna learned over the years as Bill Clinton’s spokesman haven’t served him well since he left the former president’s employ last April for a communications job at Uber.

McKenna, who was famous for his rough treatment of reporters, lasted only a few months at the San Francisco-based car-service company.

“He left the Clintons because he had worn out his welcome, and apparently the folks at Uber felt the same way,” one insider said. “He is now working on projects on his own, which makes sense because the only person he can get angry at now is himself.”
You will be made to love the leader: Michigan Mayor: DNC Tried To Kick Me Out Of Dem Debate For Cheering On Bernie. It's your party and you'll cry if you want to. . .

WARNING, Some things cannot be unseen: Watch Hillary’s Embarrassing And Cringeworthy 1995 Parody of FORREST GUMP (VIDEO)

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