Sunday, May 29, 2022

Helpless, Unpopular Joe

Another day, another White House Report Card for  Helpless, unpopular Joe, from Paul Bedard at WaEx, 

"Democratic pollster John Zogby agreed that the week was heavy and bad and, instead of grading, suggested that we all “rethink and regroup.”"
. . .
Polling-wise, Biden’s approval rating continued to drop, hitting just 36% in an Ipsos survey. And his approval rating has fallen below every president of the modern era at this stage of their term.

Chris Queen at PJ Media has a Red Tsunami Watch: Cook Political Report Shifts 10 Races Toward the GOP. It's getting closer. 

NYT, cited by Haut Hair thinks Trump's primary losses puncture his invincibility as fundraising dips. Still, he's winning more than he's losing. The New York Intelligencer wonders What Will Trump Do About Kemp After Getting His Ass Kicked? “Will Trump Ruin Georgia Republicans Out of Spite?”  I think he'll probably take it in stride. 

At Florida Politics, Appellate court strikes down decision to replace Gov. DeSantis’ congressional map. A clearly unfriendly article practically begs the state Supreme Court to step in to save Democrats. At WaEx, Ohio to use GOP-friendly maps for state-level elections, federal court rules. At WaPoo, a Democrat congressman whines I was gerrymandered out of my Missouri district. Voters deserve real competition.  As JTN notes Democrats' early hopes for redistricting gains founder amid string of legal reversals, "Courts have struck down gerrymandered Democratic maps, while newly drawn congressional lines favoring the GOP appear poised to stick." But there's always one fly in the ointment, as Breitbart reports Republican NH Gov. Sununu Allies Himself with Democrats on Redistricting Process "Some Republicans have accused Sununu of enabling Democrats because it benefits his own agenda of remaining the most powerful Republican in the state." A medium sized frog in a small pond. ;

Speaking of traitors, WaEx reports Trump holds rally in Wyoming as he tries to oust Liz Cheney. Sundance at CTH, Support for Liz Cheney Collapses in Wyoming as President Trump Comes to Rally for Her Primary Opponent and JTN notes that Cheney reelection video ignores inflation, domestic energy production curbs under Biden after she supported him.

WaPoo whines that although Georgia’s primary went smoothly. Voting advocates worry about November. "The primary was the first big test of the state’s new voting law. No major problems were reported, but the general election could be different."

The Wa Free Bee explains How Biden Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love Inflation. He found that giving away free shit is a quick way to get votes. According to Forbes, White House Denies Report Of $10,000 Of Student Loan Forgiveness: ‘No Decisions Have Been Made Yet’. At ADN America, Tech billionaire Elon Musk believes upcoming recession is 'actually a good thing', "All the Covid stay-at-home stuff has tricked people into thinking that you don’t actually need to work hard. Rude awakening inbound," Musk said." It's no skin off his nose. David Lynch at WaPoo thinks its a good sign Consumers are shifting their spending from goods to services, "Changes in spending habits could help ease supply chain and inflation woes." You can't eat services, or fuel your car with them.

Jeffrey Carter, No One Is Talking About This, "I have been looking for some good data on food. Frankly, I have seen my grocery bill go up quite a bit and I am trying to figure out if I should stockpile foodstuffs or not." Fox, Baby formula shortage: Out-of-stock rates surge to 70%, "Products from Abbott's shuttered facility won't hit shelves until at least mid-July" Good job, Brandon! Raheem Kassam at Newsweek, Davos: The Left Didn't Eat the Rich. The Rich Ate the Left

At Breitbart, Joe Biden Again Falsely Claims Trump Supporters Killed Police Officers on January 6, Nope, the Feds killed only Trump supporters. The Babylon Bee sees how Parents Begin Disguising School Buildings As The Capitol So Congress Will Spend Billions To Protect Them. Also, 

Nick Arama at Red State has a Shocking New Loudoun County Story About School Librarian and Child 'Sex Workers', school librarian 'validated' middle school 'sex workers'. Also at Red State, Alex Parker sees Done With 'Endangerment,' Republicans Introduce a Bill That Defines What a Woman Is, AZ Rep. Debbie Lesko . Isn't that kind of what Judge (soon to be Justice) Kenyatta Jackson Brown claims she needed, a legal definition? I think she'd rather make one up as she goes along.

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