Monday, May 9, 2022

CNN Freaks over Polling, GOP Looks Good in the States, Stagflation Looms, 2000 Mules Rivets, Anti-Abortion Clinic Burns

Mike LaChance at LI reports CNN freaking out as a CNN Poll Taken After SCOTUS Leak Deflates Dem Hopes for 2022 Midterms. PM, CNN poll shows those who support overturning Roe are twice as likely to vote in midterms, "According to the results, Republicans may be more willing to vote now than they were at the beginning of the year." Madeleine Hubbard at JTN sees a Tsunami of discontent: Biden's approval rating underwater in 46 states: poll "His approval rating is also underwater in every age group, sex and education level." Sadly, Maryland is one of the four. JB Shurk at Am Think wonders Why Would Rural Americans Vote for Those Who Hate Them?. At Fox, Dan Bongino: Biden labeled conservatives as his 'enemy' when he attacked the 'MAGA crowd' "It wasn't an accident, Bongino says." Derek Hunter at Town Hall thinks Democrats Are Desperate for a Distraction. Abortion, any one? Spencer Chretien at the Fed lists 3 Things Republicans Should Do To Stop Losing And Start Winning When They Take Back Congress In 2022 "1. Pass Legislation Pressuring the Supreme Court to Reconsider New York Times v. Sullivan . . . 2. Unabashedly Defend Meritocracy in Education . . . 3. Meaningfully Confront the National Security State" Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great wonders  Will the voters channel their furor at this regime of lies into an unprecedented turnout at the polls in November?

Kathy Barnette
Rick Moran at PJ Media says the GOP is Poised to Clean Up in State Legislative Races, Too. At HE, State Judge Recommends Marjorie Taylor Greene Remain on Ballot.  News Busters, WashPost Publishes Hit Piece on Black Republican Herschel Walker, 'Useful Fool'. I wonder if they called him uppity. Politico whines that Ohio was a test case for 2024. The GOP establishment looks screwed. "The Senate contest provided important clues about the size and shape of a key group of voters", while Da Beast (from YaHoo!) rants about J.D. Vance’s Unbelievably Phony Populism and the Slantic, from MSN worries about The Next Big Test of Trump’s Power in West by-God Virginia. From PM, BREAKING: Kathy Barnette SURGES in PA primary polling as Dr. Oz stumbles, "Pundits theorized that Barnette is surging due to her recent debate performance and Oz was falling due to his heavy negatives with Republican voters." Pennsylvania Democrats would never vote for a black woman.

Brian Joondeph at Am Think worries about Stagflation – Another Blast from the Past. CNS News, April Downer: Labor Force Participation and Number of Employed People Fall; Unemployment Rate Holds at 3.6%. At WaEx, Haisten Willis examines and decides Biden's big deficit reduction boasts don't add up. John Solomon at JTN on another sign of the times, Biden’s bread line crisis? Anatomy of the American baby formula shortage. "A president who promised competence was caught flat footed by agency failure, supply chain woes and inflation, and baby parents are now in a panic." Kevin Downey at PJ Media says Happy Mother's Day! New Moms Face Baby Formula Shortage. I'm glad Gabi is past that point. At Wa Free Bee, ‘Out of Touch With America’: Biden’s Small Business Budget Makes No Mention of Inflation, but "Budget proposal requests millions for 'climate crisis'" Breitbart, Food Crisis: German Farmers Warn of Drought-Related Crop Failure on Top of Grain, Fuel, Fertiliser Woes.

At Am Think, Andrea Widburg thinks The riveting ‘2000 Mules’ proves there was massive election fraud. PM, Rumble says it's under ‘unprecedented attack’ ahead of ‘2000 Mules’ launch, ""Our engineers are working around the clock to mitigate these attacks and prepare for a smooth rollout of our 1st movie launch '2000 Mules' tomorrow," says Rumble." I read of people who have got it, so it must be working. At Town Hall, Jennifer Van Laar reports that After 2000 Mules Premiere, True the Vote Promises to 'Pull the Ripcord' and Release ALL the Data. So we'll know who the mules were, and what non-profits paid them to ballot harvest? Good. Tampa Free reports that a  Federal Appellate Court has  Overturned the Ruling That Blocked New Voting Law In Florida. Chase Martin at Da Fed, wonder (entirely rhetorically, I'm sure) Why Won’t Biden Explain Why He’s Getting Federal Agencies To Meddle In Local Elections?. Why should, say,  the EPA, be involved in get out the vote efforts? At Am Think Mark Landsbaum asks What 'Moving On' Has Cost Us.

Sharon Supp at Da Fed explains how the New Biden Title IX Order Will Help Schools Push Transgenderism On Your Kids Behind Your Back.  At Bounding in the Comics, word that Disney To Push Their Pro-Grooming Agenda In New Disney Channel Film Zombies 3, Casting SVP Says Goal Is To “Build Identity” For Children. But, Andrea Widburg again, points out how In Fort Worth, a sign that leftist cultural dominance may have peaked. Parent's catching on. 

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, notes that Boston schools cling to unpopular school mask mandates while city government does not. "Rule for thee but not for me." The Business Insider want me to incensed that Elon Musk's Tesla is paying for employees to get abortions out of state as the Supreme Court looks likely to overturn Roe v. Wade. That's literally between Musk and his employees. 

Yesterday's news. From Breitbart, Radical Abortion Activists Gather Outside Supreme Court Justices’ Homes. At Twitchy, ‘TERRORIZING his family’: Justice Kavanaugh’s neighbor, teacher Lacie Wooten-Holway, organized protest outside of his home. Even AllahPundit at Haut Hair decries Fear factor: Pro-choicers march to Roberts, Kavanaugh homes to try to intimidate Court. "That’s illegal, by the way. 18 U.S. Code § 1507. . . " Clarice Feldman at Am Think thinks about The Roe Demonstrators: Where Did They Get That Idea?  Althouse channels Jonathon Turley in The pro-abortion side should forefront and elevate women's rights, not stir up violence and anti-Catholic bigotry. Yeah, good luck with that.  "This is so detrimental to the cause of women's rights that I want to explore whether this is a "false flag" message. Here's the Ruth Sent Us web page. It's not very informative." No, it's not. It's lefties being lefties. At Da Wire, Pence Calls On Biden To ‘Speak Out Forcefully’ Against Potential Violence Against Justices, Disruptions Of Catholic Masses. But he won't. At Fox, Former AG Bill Barr 'appalled' by White House response to Supreme Court doxxing "The liberal group 'Ruth Sent Us' published the supposed home addresses of six justices." And says the leaker should go to jail. At WaEx, NPR's Nina Totenberg: 'Leading theory' is conservative clerk leaked abortion opinion. Possible, but not likely. But maybe we'll know soon as Dan Chaitin reports Maria Bartiromo claims Supreme Court leaker's identity will be revealed in 'short order'

Da Wire, Pro-Life Group Attacked In Wisconsin: ‘If Abortions Aren’t Safe Then You Aren’t Either’. Forget it Jake, it's Madison. Tampa Freep, Pro-Life Headquarters Firebombed With Molotov Cocktails Sunday. Athena Thorned at PJ Media, Pro-Abortion Domestic Terrorists Firebomb Wisconsin Pro-Life Non-Profit. John Hinderacker at Power Line, Antifa Attacks Wisconsin Pro-Life Office . Althouse, who lives in Madison, "Vandals set a fire inside the Madison headquarters of the anti-abortion group Wisconsin Family Action late Saturday or early Sunday..." 
From "Madison anti-abortion headquarters hit by apparent Molotov cocktail, vandalism, graffiti" (Wisconsin State Journal).The terrorists left graffiti on the outside of the building — the words "

If abortions aren't safe then you aren't either" and the anarchy symbol alongside the number 1312 (which stands for the slogan "All Cops Are Bastards").

And wonders about the papers word choice: What's the difference?

What is the word "vandalism" doing in that headline, which specifies 2 things — Molotov cocktail and graffiti? Is there some additional thing that was done that justifies putting "vandalism" in that sequence of words? A firebombing is more than vandalism, and the graffiti says "If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either," so there was a specific intent to terrorize people over their political beliefs and actions.

I blogged that article last night — here — and I didn't say much, but I did shift to the word "terrorists" after quoting the newspaper's word "vandalism." (I wrote "The terrorists left graffiti....")

To say "vandalism" is to minimize the seriousness of this crime. Ironically, it also elevates the target, since the older meanings of "vandalism" highlight the destruction of things that are "beautiful, venerable, or worthy of preservation" (OED).

The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great warns that the Justice Department Threatens Oath Keepers with Life in Prison ""The United States takes the position that the most analogous offense to seditious conspiracy is ‘Treason,’" warns federal prosecutor Kathyrn Rakoczy." 

No American ever has been convicted of seditious conspiracy. Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman and nine of his followers—all foreign nationals—were convicted of the crime in 1995 for plotting to blow up several buildings in New York City.

Tristan Justice at Da Fed,  Jim Jordan Demands Answers For FBI Retaliation Of Employees Who Peacefully Protested On J6

“Given these facts, it is extremely concerning that the FBI would seek to suspend the
security clearances of these employees and begin the process to potentially terminate their
employment altogether,” Jordan wrote on Friday. “Even more insulting is that the FBI would openly question the patriotism of long-time FBI employees, including at least one veteran, because they exercised their First Amendment rights on their personal time without breaking any laws.”

Jordan demanded that Wray offer lawmakers a full briefing on the issue by May 20.

From Sunday Talks, sundance at CTH hears Eric Holder Say AG Garland Should use J6 Investigation to Indict Donald Trump, and three ham sandwiches. At Breitbart, Fmr AG Holder: Trump ‘Has to Be Held Accountable’ for January 6 Riot

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