Friday, May 27, 2022

The Sussman Case Goes to the Jury

Fox News is reporting that the Sussman trial has concluded, and the case now rests in the hands of the Washington D.C. jury. The judge has declared that due to personal business (party on, dude), even if the jury reaches a verdict today, the verdict will not be be read until Tuesday.  Sussman is accused of lying to the FBI when he asked his personal friend, FBI General Counsel James Baker for a meeting during work hours, and told him he had important information that that the FBI should investigate on behalf of no particular client. The information was reports of internet traffic between the Trump organization and Alfa Bank in Moscow, a Putin related business. The report was so ridiculous that FBI technicians quickly debunked it; the traffic was email spam. Nevertheless, upper echelon at the Bureau concealed it's origin from lower level agents assigned to further investigate the matter as part of their expanding probe into everything Trump, and told them the information came from the DOJ. Evidence strongly suggests Sussman did, in fact, tell Baker he did not do it benefit a particular client, both in an email, and in person, and that he billed the time he spent on the matter to the Clinton campaign, and even expensed the thumb drives that he used to bring the data to the FBI to the Clinton campaign. Baker, for his part, despite his friendship with Sussman, says he would likely have refused to meet with him on the matter if he knew he was coming on behalf of the Clinton campaign. Seems to me like the prosecution has met all requirements to convict, but then, you have to consider the jury. Since our last update, last weekend:

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My personal opinion is, like Stacy McCain, is ‘Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!’, with the following caveat. At the upper levels, Washington D.C. is a very small town. Baker knew Sussman, and who he worked for. Baker would have to be stupid to imagine that Sussman was coming to him out of altruism, but the words needed to be said so that the FBI could use the information to expand their investigation. Baker is not stupid, nor is Sussman. The FBI leadership was hot to investigate Trump, and if they needed an excuse to overlook the obvious partisan motivation to proceed, he would provide it, and they would accept it at face value. 

Given the partisan judge, and heavily partisan jury, I will be pleasantly surprised if the jury comes back with a guilty verdict. Nevertheless, getting the evidence out to the public has been a useful exercise. 

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