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Biden Still Underwater, Another Primary Day Passed, Berlin Airlift Backwards, Misdismal Board Worse

A really big shew today. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair gives us the rundown on the new Harris poll, Biden still slidin': Harvard-Harris job approval 41%, underwater on all issues -- but one (Covid) and NY Mag: "Soul-searching" Dems wonder about the future of "visibly aging" Biden. 'Bonchie' at Red State thinks Democrats Are Scrambling to Find an Alternative to Joe Biden in 2024.

So where do Democrats go from here? Nowhere good is the answer. They are stuck in a kind of political purgatory where the incumbent president is a clearly declining, incapable old man who will be almost 82-years-old by the time of the next presidential election. Yet, the alternative of Kamala Harris is hardly preferable, and machinations to try to place a more “moderate” figure such as Roy Cooper at the top of the ticket are sure to fail and further destroy the party.

And Republicans?  Newt Gingrich, no spring chicken, pines for The Trump Presidency That Could Have Been, while at PJ Media (VIP), Matt Margolis warns of Trump vs. Pence: The Battle the GOP Doesn't Need. Pence is a good man, but not a leader. 

Yesterday was primary day in some important states, and Fox claims Trump looms large over Tuesday primaries in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and runoff in Texas. Nick Ballasay at JTN, More Trump endorsements put to the test in Georgia on Tuesday, "Trump-backed candidates compete for the GOP nomination in a series of races for offices including governor, U.S. senator and secretary of state." Politico hopes Trump sparked a GOP war in Georgia. Some aren’t ready to forgive and forget, while the Camon Linker at Da Week is positively giddy at the idea that Trump loses his grip on a Trumpified GOP

So how did it all turn out? As expected, Brian Kemp, Herschel Walker Win Georgia GOP Primary Races; Will Face Democrats Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock In General. Trump endorsed Kemp's opponent Perdue, and Walker. Also the Atlanta J-con reports Raffensperger wins Republican primary for Georgia secretary of state, not at Trumpian  Never-Trumper AllahPundit at Haut Hair calls it The night the lights went out in Georgia and whines about Herschel Walker: I've never heard Trump say the election was stolen Atop Da Hill, shows concern that Herschel Walker clinches GOP Senate nomination in Georgia. Uppity. Causing liberal heads to turn bright red and explode, WaT reports Marjorie Taylor Greene cruises to GOP primary win in Georgia

Elsewhere, Red State reports Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wins Arkansas Governor GOP Primary. I don't like political nepotism, but I like her more than I like her dad. A win for team Trump. Fox, Trump-backed Ken Paxton wins Texas AG primary, leaving last Bush in elected office without a job, "Paxton victory in Texas attorney general GOP primary runoff brings an end to the Bush political dynasty". So, overall, a good night for Trump, but not a sweep by any means.

Matt Vespa at Town Hall on the redistricting, Here's the Dems' New 2022 Midterm Nightmare. From the Slantic, cited at Haut Hair, When your vote doesn't matter, try switching ballots, suggests some Democrats in Ohio should have switched party to vote for 'moderate' Republicans to avoid Vance. Now do Maryland? The Connecticut Star reports how Connecticut Democrats were Forced to Remove ‘Racist’ Tweet Portraying Black Republican Congressional Candidate as Monkey ‘Curious George’. The racist party. 

RNC Research @RNCResearch "Democrat Stacey Abrams on Georgia's skyrocketing turnout: "We know that increased turnout has nothing to do with suppression". Even AllahPundit, who can be counted on to take a Democrats side at the turn of a hat, Stacey Abrams: Record turnout in Georgia has nothing to do with whether there's voter suppression "Abrams has a problem and she knows it." Fox, NBC's Alcindor bashes Georgia GOP voting law: They think Blacks don't deserve access to citizenship, "Early voting in Georgia's primary election has outpaced the 2018 and 2020 elections." Matt Palumbo at Bongino, Trump: What “2000 Mules” Exposed Was Given to Georgia Officials Who Did Nothing

In the long-lingering PA Republican Senate primary race between Dr. Oz and Brian McCormick,  McCormick Sues Over Mail-In Ballot Procedures “U.S. Senate candidate David McCormick has filed a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania court to compel the counting of Republican mail-in ballots submitted without a handwritten date on the outside envelope in a bid to close the gap with primary opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump,” the Washington Examiner reported."

The Neon Nettle notes that Biden Admits Inflation Will Last Longer than Expected: 'It's Going to Take Some Time'. From Fortune, Google Maps workers say they can’t afford to return to the office, "Citing low pay and high fuel prices, employees of the third-party supplier petition for same flexibility to work from home as Google staff ahead of June 6 deadline." They voted poorly. USA Today, 'I go hungry': What parents are sacrificing amid soaring inflation to feed their families

Rick Moran at PJ Media calls it the Berlin Airlift in Reverse: U.S. Flying Baby Formula From Germany. At Based Politics, Rand Paul Introduces Bill That Would (Actually) Help End the Baby Formula Shortage. Allowing parents to import formula from Europe, something the FDA currently prevents. 

William Teach at Pirate's Cove, Biden Seems Happy With High Energy Prices. Mike LaChance at LI, Gas Hits $6 a Gallon in California, Might Go Even Higher in Washington State, “California gas prices continue to climb as the statewide average price per gallon reached $6.06 Monday.” They voted poorly, too. Houston Chronicle, Soaring diesel prices spare no corner of U.S. economy. And from the Colorado Sun, Federal judge blocks plan for 35 gas wells on national forest land in western Colorado, "A U.S. District Court vacates federal agencies’ approval of drilling by Bill Koch’s Gunnison Energy, agreeing with an environmental coalition’s lawsuit."

Politico has a 'Recession warning': Sales of new homes plunge in April, "New-home sales fell 16.6 percent last month from the revised March figures, according to Census Bureau data released Tuesday." ZeroHedge wonders Is The Housing Crash Starting? Jim Geraghty at NR has a Warning: The Spike in Home Prices Is Steeper Than It Was before 2008. What goes up. . . I&I thinks This Is The Worst Possible Time For The FHFA To Mess With Lending Standards, but they'll do it anyway.

Rasmussen has a Consumer Spending Update: Economic Confidence Plummets in May. Jazz Shaw, Chicago's free money program "unexpectedly" swamped with applicants. Who here doesn't like free money? Ace reviews an article I glanced on yesterday (and used in the title of the post: DOOM: The American Economy Now Runs on Fake Money and Slowing the Fake Money Production Loop May Cause the Fake Economy To Crash "So warns Adam Mill of American Greatness. He's not arguing in favor of continuing to print fake money. He's just arguing that the Expert Class -- the Smartest Guys in Any Room, the people you should always defer to because they are good at thinking and you are not -- have built an inescapable trap for us."

Bob Spencer at Front Page reports  The ‘Mary Poppins of Disinformation’ Inadvertently Spills the Truth About What the Board Was Going to Do. "But how could Jankowicz counter disinformation that was supposedly “entrenched in domestic politics” if her Disinformation Governance Board were only dealing with the “threat of disinformation from foreign state adversaries”?" Ace, Nina Jankowicz: Criticizing Me Damages National Security, "You nasty lunatic little goblin." Adam Turner at Da Fed, No Matter What Happens To Biden’s ‘Disinformation’ Board, The Feds Are Spying On Americans. At Da Signal, Homeland Security’s Rebooted Disinformation Plan Is No Better Than the First. Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick." Chertoff wrote the Patriot Act, while Gorelick set the wall between foreign and domestic intelligence that arguably let to 9/11.

From TNP, World Economic Forum Panelist Demands ‘Recalibration’ Of Free Speech; I'm guessing she doesn't mean freer. Sundance at CTH, Australian eSafety Commissioner Tells World Economic Forum Audience It is Time to Recalibrate Free Speech. Michael Walsh at Da Pipeline riffs, Invasion of the Body-and-Soul Snatchers.

Paul Bedard at WaEx sees Liz Cheney go to DEFCON 1 in war with Trump. Across da pond at Da Guardian, Capitol attack panel to hold six public hearings as it aims to show how Trump broke law. "Congressman Bennie Thompson, recently told reporters. . . “The public needs to know what to think." The PI caught it too, January 6 Committee To Hold Public Hearings – Chairman Declares ‘The Public Needs to Know What to Think’. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great, hears  Another January 6 Lie: No ‘Recon’ Tours on January 5, "If January 6 was so horrific, comparable to 9/11 and other deadly terror attacks, why do Democrats keep lying about what happened?" Charlie Martin at PJ Media Doesn't Pass the Smell Test: Jan. 6 Committee Demanding $20,000 to Release Surveillance Video. What are they, a profit center for the DNC now? 

The committee has started to examine events in the days before, in particular identifying Republican members of Congress as having guided “insurrectionists” on reconnaissance tours of Congress. One of these, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), has been pressing the committee to release video they say shows Loudermilk escorting visitors through the Capitol on these so-called reconnaissance tours.

So far, the committee has refused. They are now accusing Lowdermilk in particular of doing the “reconnaissance tours.”

Congressional rules, and the iron will of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have managed to impede the release of anything other than the committee’s carefully curated chosen video, but that’s not an absolute bar. The Constitution establishes, through the Speech and Debate clause, that members cannot be restricted from saying anything from the floor in the course of their duties. In the past, this has been used, for example, to ensure that former Democrat Leader Harry Reid could accuse then-candidate Mitt Romney of paying no taxes. (Later, Reid’s explanation: “He lost, didn’t he?”)

So, according to a story in The Hill, the House Administration Committee intends to release the video on its own. This means getting a copy of the video.

“Clearly things have changed when one of our committee members is being insinuated that he led reconnaissance tours in the Capitol on Jan. 5 when we know for a fact the video footage shows otherwise,” a senior aide to the committee told The Hill. 

The proposed cost: $20,000.

An outside observer might wonder at the cost. Today, a casual search at B&H shows several 20-terabyte external drives for between $600 and $1000 retail. How much data are we talking about?

It’s easy to make a back-of-envelope estimate. Let’s assume that all these surveillance cameras record at full high-definition, full color. (Based on the surveillance camera footage that’s usually released, that seems exceedingly generous.)

An hour of HD video is around 1.5 gigabytes, 1.5 billion bytes of data. So, 1 TB is enough for 667 hours of video; a $1000 20 TB disk, more than 13,000 hours.

According to published reports, the Capitol Police have 14,000 hours of video from January 6th. Two 20 TB drives should be plenty for all of that video, not just the “hundreds of hours” the committee wants to release.

Something stinks.

ET reports  DOJ Announces Hate Crimes and ‘Bias-Related’ Initiatives Including Reporting Hotline. One of the Bulwark Girlz wonders Why Hasn’t DOJ Appointed a Special Prosecutor for Jan. 6th? If they thought the Democrats would benefit, they would have, ergo . . . 

WaPo reports. Here's my earlier post on this case.
. . .
The top-rated comment at the new article is: "I work at a university and it is a pretty clear policy and clearly understood that engaging in a relationship with a student will get you fired no matter what your politics or rank."

Okay, but then it had better be the case that every single one of these having-sex-with-students professors has been fired. No mercy. Zero tolerance. Yet, Katz's case itself shows that's not the policy, because the University looked into this very relationship in 2018: "He was suspended without pay for a year for violating school policy banning sexual relationships between faculty and students, and placed on three years’ probation."

Libs of TikTok@libsoftiktok, "@Ankeny_Hawks brought in drag queens to perform for students during school. The drag queens also spoke to students about gender identity and expression." Also, Libs of TikTok@libsoftiktok, "Trans preschool teacher says he gets his gender identity validation from his 3-year-old students." Ugh. Ace on the State Farm scandal, State Farm Insurance Caught Pushing Transgender and Non-Binary Books to School Libraries to Start Conversations with Children as Young as Five Year Olds About Their Genders, "And Like a Pedo Neighbor, State Farm Is There..." From Jen Van Laar at Red State, State Farm Exec Apologizes to Angry Agents, Says 'We Made a Mistake With Our Involvement' With GenderCool. At Spec World, Sorry State Farm: we’re boycotting now. BIC, Netflix Gives The Boot To Left-Wing Activist Employees, Pulls The Plug On Several Woke Projects. NYT (cited at Haut Hair) whines about Trump, DeSantis, Orban and the use of political payback. Now do Chic-Filet, to mention only one. 

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