Monday, May 30, 2022

Markets Betting Against Biden, America's Economic 'Bad Luck,'

Even on Memorial Day. Paul Bedard at WaEx finds Trump at ‘all-time high’ in 2024 betting, swamps Biden. The betting markets are about as accurate as the polls. Mike LaChance at LI thinks Joe Biden’s Presidency has Never Recovered From the Botched Withdrawal From Afghanistan, "Reports on Biden’s sinking numbers have become routine. But August of 2021 was the turning point." It certainly became obvious what we were in for at that point. According to The Wa Free Bee, Dems Keep Hoping Their Midterm Chances Are Getting Better. Election Forecasters Say They’re Wrong. At this point, I wonder if even a miracle, (or an extraordinary dirty trick) can save them. No one pays attention in summer; is there enough time in fall to pull it off, even with the full support of the media? I don't think so. 

Ross Douhat, the NYT's pet conservative (cited at Haut Hair) says The good news in Georgia is bad news for Trump. Max Greenwood atop Da Hill claims Republicans grow more aggressive in openly defying Trump. Chris Queen at PJ Media dismisses all the Sturm und Drang about the Georgia election, and Trumps sway. He thinks Georgia's Primary Demonstrates How Incumbency Mattered to Voters. Love the one you're with (doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot). 

From City Journal, Down with the Status Quo in Pennsylvania. "The Keystone State’s unresolved primary was a test of populism vs. moderation." Or maybe moderation in moderation. Ed Ring at Am Mind wonders if the California GOP is facing Permanent Irrelevance. Until they bring enough Hispanics on board, maybe. Pat Shanahan at Am Think considers the modern Democrat party in Uneasy Bedfellows. At WaEx, Trump allies step up efforts to oust Cheney. Strike at the king . . .

At the WaPoo, No evidence of exploitation of Dominion voting machine flaws, CISA finds, CISA being DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Yes, I'm sure Joe Biden's DHS looked hard for evidence of election hacking, by Republicans. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed reports on how Wisconsin Voters Sue Democrat Cities Over Illegal Drop Boxes In 2020 Election. Not all cheating needs to be electronic. Rick Moran at PJ Media, Opponents of Georgia's Election Law: You'll Have to Wait Until November for the Voter Suppression

Grasping at straws, at WaEx, Nina Jankowicz claims disinformation board could have helped prevent mass shootings

At The Pipeline, Steve Hayward traces back, America's Economic 'Bad Luck' Began with Keystone and Tom Finnerty claims it's All Part of the Plan. At Breitbart, Senate Republicans, Democrats Rebuke Joe Biden, Janet Yellen: ‘Tariffs Are Not a Driver of Today’s Inflation’ From Da Caller, Every Time Biden Drained Strategic Oil Reserves, Prices Ended Up Higher. Here’s The Proof. It's pissing into the ocean, designed to look like he's doing something, when it's really too small to have any lasting effect. Politico wonders Gas prices are rising. So where are the electric cars? Do Democrats ever stop to think about where the electricity for electric cars might come from? Hint, it won't predominantly be wind and solar. From Alvaro Vargas  Llosa At Am Spec, Wind and Solar Will Have to Wait, "Inflation is putting many things on hold." Wa Ex, Households face being hit with shocking electric bills this summer. Andy May at Am Great has the answer to Why Does Boston Buy Natural Gas from Russia? "The environmental organizations have full veto power on all energy projects through the legal system." Lack of pipeline capacity. 

At LI, Leslie Eastman reminds us, Out-of-Stock Rates Surge to 70% for Baby Formula, and the "FDA chief Robert Califf admits his agency’s bureaucrats were ‘too slow’ to act." Just give the babies water; I'm sure they'll be OK. I&I says Militarizing The Baby Formula Crisis Is Infantile

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