Friday, May 6, 2022

Biden Unwanted, Market Slumps, and other Political Follies

 Paul Bedard at WaEx has a 2024 Shock: Biden 36%, Trump 50% and Rasmussen Reports Biden Shouldn’t Run in 2024, Most Voters Say. Put the old horse's ass out to pasture. Politico whines A Biden-Trump rematch is increasingly likely. But neither side wants to move first, "Each man thinks they could beat the other. But they also may not run … unless the other chooses to do so." Take it from Pierre Delecto, like JTN, After Trump's Tuesday wins, Romney says ex-president could likely be '24 nominee 'if he wants to', "The Utah senator says he's aware that it's "not a big swath of the Republican Party" that supports his anti-Trump stance." Huff Po, cited at Haut Hair reveals Howard Dean wants Trump to be the GOP nominee in 2024. Howard Dean is still around?  InteractivePolls@IAPolls2022 "Politico poll conducted After SCOTUS Roe w Wade decision leak: Top Issues for Democrats: 1. The Economy 31% 2. National Security 16% 3. Abortion 14% Top Issues for Republicans 1. The Economy 47% 2. National Security 27% 3. Medicare and Social Security 9%". ADN America, POLL: Latino voters could bring big wins for the GOP in November.

Ace, Democrat Ohio Senate Candidate Tim Ryan: Why No I Don't Think There Should Ever Be Any Limits on Abortion, "Ed Morrissey notes that this guy claimed to be "pro-life" ten years ago" and  "True Conservative" Lincoln Project: We're All-In For "Fundraising" For Abortion-Without-Limits Tim Ryan, "Remember, guys: the permanent DC "Republican" Swamp Dwellers of the Lincoln Project are and always were "True Conservatives" Fighting For You." At Haut Hair, Jazz Shaw suspects NY Governor may have just given away another Dem House seat, by picking a Democrat from a swing district to be her Lt. Gov. after the first had to resign in disgrace. At Twitchy, ‘HE REALLY DID IT’: Christina Pushaw’s prediction on how Politifact would find a way to rule this DeSantis statement false comes to fruition

Kathy Barnette (R)
At Da Wire, WATCH: ‘I Was Not Just A Lump Of Cells’: PA Senate Candidate Conceived In Rape Accuses Dr. Oz Of Flip-Flopping On Abortion. Jordon Boyd at Da Fed, GOP Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette: I’m The Product Of Rape But Was Never Just A Clump Of Cells

The Peacock struts as Dow tumbles 1,000 points for the worst day since 2020, Nasdaq drops 5%. And the stock market is a leading indicator for how the economy is going for the next few months. Ace, Dow Down Over 1,200 Points as Investors Brace for Long Hard Slog Of Interest Rate Hikes to Tame Brandon's Inflationary Disaster. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.05.22,  Weasel Zippers: Stocks Sink As Stagflation Fears Grow. JCN, Job Creators Network Reacts to Federal Reserve’s 50 Basis Point Interest Rate Increase.

“This rate hike is the bill coming due for the excessive government spending that Democrats always promised would be a free lunch. Significantly higher prices, higher borrowing costs, and a contracting economy are the taxes that Americans are paying as a result. These stagflation consequences should discredit Democrats’ big government policies for at least another generation — just as they did in the aftermath of President Jimmy Carter’s stagflation of the 1970s.”

At Da Caller, Democrats Urge Biden To Boost Oil, Gas Drilling Amid Energy Crisis. I doubt they could do enough to substantially increase supply by the midterms. WILX10 in Michigan thinks Fertilizer shortage could cause food shortages in Michigan, "Farmers are using less fertilizer amid price surge", but of course, food is a world wide market, so it's really causing food shortages (and price surges) everywhere. 

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.05.22, Nice Deb at Am  Great says 2000 Mules Documentary Provides Compelling Evidence That 2020 Election Was Stolen

In the movie, True the Vote reveals that it also analyzed cell phone pings from some of the 2020 riots, and found that many of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa radicals who were involved in the riots went on to become ballot traffickers.
At Creative Destruction anther MOVIE REVIEW: 2000 Mules. And at WaEx, Another judge rips Wisconsin 2020 election investigator for destroying records. What is he trying to hide?

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.05.22, Da Fed, Jonathon Tobin reminds us Quacks Like “Rachel” Levine Want Control Of Your Children, Bother Bob at Flopping Aces, The One Question About Grooming School Children that Nobody Is Asking (4 of 4). Actually 2. “How is talking about your sex life and other sexual topics acceptable with children when in any workplace it would be considered harassment?” and “What events or subject matter were cut to make time for these?” Any Educrat who opens with anything like “it’s not taking any time from other subject because…” is staring off with a lie." Parents with Inconvenient Truths About Trans has the Saga of Sage:
Sage started going through gender confusion in 8th grade. To that point she was a straight A student who enjoyed playing piano and writing poetry. At her small school, as Sage informed me, all the girls were either bi, trans, or lesbian. At some point social influence overcame her. She advised her friends and teachers that she wanted to be trans and that Sage would no longer be her name—she requested to be called “Draco” and referred to as a boy. The school obliged since Virginia, by law, requires that students be affirmed by the school staff. Unfortunately, the school did not tell me, her legal mother, about any of this—I was left in the dark. I wish I had known. If I had known, this would have been a much different story. . . 

John Sexton at Haut Hair reads the NY Times: Research shows 'remote learning was a failure' driven primarily by Democratic partisanship (Update) while the Peacock crows New York City could bring back Covid mask mandate, vaccine checks if hospitals come under pressure. At Fox, Bill Gates claims 'it's quite clear' coronavirus originated in bats, dismisses lab leak theory, "The lab leak theory has gained traction worldwide and is considered a likely origin of the coronavirus." Question not addressed, how much did Bill Gates help fund gain of function work at Wuhan?

Oregon Live reports Donald Trump Jr. testifies to panel investigating Jan. 6 insurrection. I eagerly await Hunter Biden's turn to testify. The Peacock breathlessly reports Oath Keepers founder tried to phone Trump on Jan. 6, group member tells court, but he didn't get through. Do we publicize every moron who tries to call President*** Biden? I want to see the list. 

Twitchy, Daily Wire’s Mary Margaret Olohan shares disturbing footage of pro-aborts getting aggressive with pro-life progressives outside SCOTUS . John Sexton, An LA protest against the leaked SCOTUS draft turned violent last night. Vicky Taft at PJ Media reports The Left Is Here: Pro-Abortion Group Doxxes 6 GOP-Nominated Supreme Court Justices After Roe Leak Sundance, "A radical pro-abortion renta-mob has now doxxed — published the addresses and personal information of six justices of the U.S. Supreme Court — and offered to pay protesters to “peacefully” do a “walk by,” camp out in front of their homes, and do “art.” The REAL Insurrection – The Office of The President, The Executive Branch, Publicly Declared Support For the Political Targeting of the Judicial Branch. UPI, Police erect higher security fencing at U.S. Supreme Court as protest crowds grow.

SLAY News claims Elon Musk Planning to Fire Twitter Execs, Take Over as CEO. OK by me. Ars Technica reports Larry Ellison chips in a cool billion toward Musk’s Twitter takeover. What's the point of being a billionaire if you can't indulge in a company or two?

From Breitbart, Nina Jankowicz Voiced Fear of ‘Free Speech Absolutists’ Like Elon Musk After Starting Job for DHS Disinformation Board. At Wa Free Bee, Biden’s Disinformation Czar Has It In For Americans Opposed To CRT, PM, FLASHBACK: Biden's new 'Ministry of Truth' boss suggested that concerns about Critical Race Theory were disinformation. Good News World DHS Mayorkas ‘wasn’t aware’ of disinformation chief’s TikTok videos. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.05.22, Weasel Zippers: Mayorkas Says He Was Unaware Of DGB Chief’s Weird Videos, He doesn't strike me as a TikTok kind of guy, but his staff should have vetted better. It's clear she was chose for ideological conformity, and not objectivity and expertise. From the Center Square Florida, While Mayorkas continues to defend DHS 'Disinformation Bureau,' DeSantis, Kennedy fight back. John Solomon at JTN  reports Indiana considers suing to block Biden's Disinformation Governance Board: 'So un-American' "State Attorney General Todd Rokita reveals he and other colleagues have begun exploring possible legal action against Homeland Security." Jazz Shaw has thoughts on the efforts to Defund the Ministry of Truth?

Remember when Democrats were in a frenzy to defund the police as a sop to the Black Lives Matter movement? Those efforts have largely fizzled in the face of rising crime rates in cities across the nation, with some Democrats joining the ranks of the “refund” movement. But conservatives may be taking a page from the Democratic playbook this month. After the announcement of Joe Biden’s new Ministry of Truth (or “disinformation governance board”), Senator Tom Cotton introduced a bill that would defund the new entity being led by TikTok musical sensation Nina Jankowicz. The theory behind this idea seems to be that Congress can’t actually disband an office summoned into existence by executive order, but the legislature still controls the purse strings, and it will be hard to operate such an organization if they don’t have any money to pay people and cover all of the other expenses associated with it.

At Town Hall, Jacob Sullum opines The Biden Administration Sees Free Speech as a Public Menace. To be fair, most politicians do. Raheem Kassam, What Connects ‘Birds Aren’t Real’, the Roe v Wade Leak, and A New Era of American Censorship? Let me enlighten you.

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