Thursday, May 26, 2022

I'm Back

Col. Dziengeleski with the bent stick
Today was Col. Andrew Dziengeleski self proclaimed retirement fishing trip, with Walleye Pete Dahlberg at the helm, and four chosen friends, including yours truly. After a 6 AM START our first stop was at "Location X", where there was an absolutely awesome bite, where we quickly filled our boat limit of ten fish with nice sized stripers.

Hoopersville on Hoopers Island
The weather was perfect for fishing, overcast, misty, but not chilly, an easily tolerable low 60s. After the bite died at "Location X", we headed for the eastern shore islands in search of Specks.
While we continued to catch and release a goodly number of stripers, I was the only one to catch the much sought after Speckled Trout, which was invited home for dinner.

A great trip; much thanks to Ski and Pete.

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