Saturday, May 7, 2022

Biden Hits New Low, Stock Market Reacts, MTG Cleared to Run Again, Supreme Court Threatened, FBI Cutting Trump Supporters

InteractivePolls@IAPolls2022, "Joe Biden is now the least popular president (net approval) at this point in office of any president going back to at Truman in 1945, according to @FiveThirtyEight combined poll tracker." Matt Margolis at PJ Media watches CNN Sees Biden’s Political Troubles as Nearly Unfixable More likely, he'll chose not to. From John Sexton at Haut Hair, CNN Poll: SCOTUS draft decision hasn't changed the overall picture for the midterm elections and sundance at CTH, CNN Abortion Poll Backfires, Ultimately No Opinions Moved by SCOTUS Leak. What I suspected all along. And yet Damon Linker at Da Week thinks The only way for Democrats to ride the abortion tiger to victory in November. AllahPundit at Haut Hair, Carville: People think Dems will sit around post-Roe talking about pronouns and veganism -- and they're sort of right. NYT (cited at Haut Hair) whines COVID helps explain Biden's unpopularity. Maybe if he hadn't promised to kill the virus and not the economy, and delivered the opposite, things would be different. 

At Da Wire, Biden’s Economy Sends Americans Into ‘Unretirement’. Not here, not yet, but that fat nest egg is looking a little slimmer. Breitbart has a Poll: Economy the Top Issue in the Upcoming Midterm Elections as the Dow Plunges 1,063 Points in Widespread Sell-Off Led by Tech Stocks. The Asia Times worries that the Stock plunge could become dollar death spiral. Paul Bedard at WaEx  reports the GAO warns of ‘unsustainable fiscal future,’ debt reaching over 200% GDP. Debby Downers. Charlie Gasparino at NYPO, Market panic ensues because of Biden and Powell’s inflation incoherence. The Peacock warns ‘We are nowhere near the bottom,’ top economist says as global markets crater. Good news bad news from sundance, Good News 428,000 Jobs Added in April, Bad News April Employment Drops by 363,000 Workers, blames "job jumping " and warns of Fertilizer Prices Continue Rising, Increasing Fears of Global Grain Costs and Shortages. ' Buck Throckmornton' does Ace's Morning Rant: Samantha Power and the Catastrophe of Government-Imposed Organic Farming. Breitbart, OPEC Sticks with Modest Oil Production Increase, Rebuking Biden’s Calls for Greater Output. WaEx, DeSantis authorizes largest tax relief in Florida history.

At Wa Free Bee, Biden Lacks Authority To Cancel Student Debt, Obama Admin Lawyer Says. When has that stopped either Obama or Biden? At WPoo, Matt Bai opines If Biden wipes out college debt, why work hard and play by the rules? Not a novel argument exactly. NYTs David Brooks (cited at Haut Hair) wants to split the baby, We should cancel student debt, but only for some; blue-haired chicks who majored in gender studies, but not surgeons who save your life. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair must watch  The View, guest host to Warren: I paid off my student loans. Where's my reimbursement?. Twitchy, View guest Elizabeth Warren short-circuits when Lindsey Granger asks her about reimbursement for people who paid off their student loans

And a judge did the right thing, and quashed the Lawfare against MTG. WaEx, Georgia judge says Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene qualified to stand for reelection. AP whines Challenge over Marjorie Taylor Greene’s eligibility fails. Sundance, Judge Rejects Lawfare Effort to Keep Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene from Ballot. Jazz Shaw, Judge: Marjorie Taylor Greene stays on the ballot. SecState agrees. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene@RepMTG, "Today and everyday is 1776. Never give up our freedoms. Never let the left steal them away. Be a watchman on the wall and stay on guard every single second of every single day because the left will stop at nothing until they destroy our faith, our families, and our freedoms."

In random political stuff, Town Hall reports Kamala Harris Panics as Her Approval Rating Plunges. Can anyone think on anything she has done to improve it? At Breitbart, J.D. Vance on ‘Kamala Harris Stooge’ Tim Ryan’s Late-Term Abortion Stance: ‘Barbaric Anywhere in the World’. Chris Bedford at Da Fed thinks J.D. Vance And The New Right Are Racking Up Wins, While The Establishment Stabs At Their Backs. AllahPundit snarks Pompeo vs. Trump: Is Dr. Oz too close to Turkey and Erdogan?. At the Wa Free Bee, Oz Voted in Turkish Election Days After Skipping Vote in America, Records Show but at least we can all agree on something, Democrats, Republicans Agree: The Lincoln Project Sucks, "Neither side wants disgraced super PAC to get involved in Ohio Senate race.

Jordan Boyd at Da Fed highlights a Study: Red States Protected Working-Class Minority Children Against Dems’ Covid Overreach. Ace, New York Times Reporter: Studies Show That School Closings Seriously Harmed Children -- And Were Driven By Partisan Democrat Politics, "We knew both of these. It's a bit shocking that the second is being admitted.... by the New York Times, of all partisan propaganda mills."

An Ace 'Quick Hit'
From Bounding into Comics, Journalist Who Exposed Disney’s Twisted Agenda Launches “Drop Disney” Campaign To Target Company’s Stock Price, Could Already Be Working. Christopher Rufo. 

Sundance, Tucker Carlson Interviews Catherine Englebrecht About Ballot Harvesting Evidence, "It is, however, weird that Tucker Carlson would have Catherine Englebrecht talk about all of the data and video evidence, without once ever mentioning the recently released documentary “2000 Mules” that showcases the evidence. WATCH: "

Matt Margolis, Threats Force Justice Alito to Cancel Public Appearance. HE, GOP Sen. Introduces Legislation to Expand Security for Supreme Court Justices Amid Roe v. Wade Leak. Insty, QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: J. Christian Adams: Do the Unhinged Protesters Know It’s a Crime to Protest at a Supreme Court Justice’s Home?. "No. They only know that it’s a Saul Alinsky approved tactic, and that’s good enough for nationalizing the socialist government work."

Jon Gabriel@exjon. Seems insurrectiony. "Nate Hochman
@njhochman "Crowd of protesters is growing quickly, and pushing toward the barricade that the handful of guards put up earlier tonight. Chants of “fascist scum have got to go,” interspersed with the names of the conservative  justices"  Ace, As Threats to Kill Supreme Court Justices Increase, an Antifa-Style Group Publishes the Addresses of the Justices; Jen Psaki and the Biden Administration Refuse to Condemn. Volokh Conspiracy, Federal Statute Bans Picketing Judges' Residences "With The Intent of Influencing [the] Judge." Even AllahPundit notes The White House reeeeeally doesn't want to condemn the SCOTUS leak. Breitbart reports Dem Sen. Warner Denounces Threats from ‘Outrageous Extremists’ on SCOTUS Justices. Tristan Justice at Da Fed wants you to Meet The Shady Left-Wing Group Targeting SCOTUS Justices And Their Families "A shadowy left-wing group operating under the moniker ‘Ruth Sent Us’ is asking activists to target Supreme Court justices at their homes." and paying demonstrators. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great wonders about Roe Ruling: Making Protest Lawful Again. "Will pro-abortion protesters who disrupt the Senate be charged with felony obstruction?" Mediaite reports Map Doxxing Supreme Court Justices Taken Down for Violating Google’s ‘Terms of Service’ Too little too late.

House Judiciary GOP@JudiciaryGOP "#NEWS: Whistleblowers alert that the FBI appears to be attempting to terminate the employment of employees who were engaged in protected First Amendment activity on January 6, 2021. The employees did not enter the United States Capitol and have not been charged with any crime." PM, Whistleblowers claim FBI is targeting employees that engaged in First Amendment activities on January 6, "Jim Jordan said that this reasoning implies that "the FBI believes the employees who attended protests on January 6 are no longer loyal to the United States." NYPo, FBI pulls clearances of employees at Jan. 6 rally before Capitol riot: Rep. Jordan. At Da Wire, FBI Taking Action Against Employees Involved In January 6 Rallies, GOP Letter Says.  Now, do the same for BLM. Atop Da Hill, Giuliani backs out of scheduled Friday interview with Jan. 6 panel. Screw 'em. It's a totally partisan affair. AP reports Man who stormed Capitol in caveman costume gets prison. "Mostofsky was carrying a walking stick and dressed in a furry costume when he joined the mob that attacked the Capitol. He told a friend that the costume expressed his belief that “even a caveman” would know that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former President Donald Trump." Nicholas Ballasy at JTN, Congressman says watchdog found police entered his office for 'criminal' probe, not open door ""I exposed the Capitol Police leadership team for failing to do their damn job. And if they would have done their job, J6 would have never ever happened" – Nehls" I wonder how many other 'fishing expeditions' they carried out.

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