Friday, May 20, 2022

Dems In Disarray, Oz Hangs In, Nadler Faces Extinction, Economy Continues Slump as Gas Soars, and More!

Guy Benson at Town Hall peeks and sees Dems in Disarray: Internal Polling Looks Devastating. Athena Thorne at PJ Media finds Yet Another Omen of Impending Democrat Doom in the 2022 Midterms, voter turnout in primaries. Fox, Biden's Hispanic approval ratings plummets to 26% in new poll, "Biden approval rating among Hispanics was at 55% last year". Capt. Ed at Haut Hair hears the  Beltway's big question: Biden's not really running again, is he? They probably haven't told him yet. Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great wonders Is Biden’s ‘Success’ Our Mess? "What Americans see as an abject catastrophe, the Biden Administration cheers on as stunning and planned progress."

Speaking of turnout, Fox reports Georgia early voting shatters records despite election reforms Dems labeled 'voter suppression,' "Georgia early voting outpaces 2018 and 2020 elections despite passing election security law." At TNP, DATA: Mail-In Ballot Use Down 90% In Georgia. Fox News Poll: Georgia’s GOP primary race for governor sees Kemp holding wide lead over Perdue, "Former NFL star Herschel Walker dashes ahead by 58 points in Republican Senate primary contest." AllahPundit at Haut Hair is pleased as punch that Kemp leads Perdue by 32 in new Fox News poll of Georgia (Peerdue is being supported by Trump). Ronald Brownstein at the Slantic (cited at Haut Hair) whines Trumpism no longer needs Trump. Salena Zito at Am Great, Sarah Palin Dishes on Trump, Her Congress Run, and Love With Ron Duguay.

In Pennsyltucky, AP says Oz, McCormick still neck and neck in Pa. GOP Senate primary. At Da Wire, Two Days Later, Pennsylvania GOP Senate Race Is Still Too Close To Call — But Trump Wants Oz To Declare Victory. Never-Trumpeter Allahpundit at Haut Hair hears a rumor.  "Agitated" Trump reluctant to endorse more candidates after Oz underperforms in Pennsylvania. Plotico claims inside knowledge, Inside the last-minute Trump endorsement that enraged Pa. Republicans, "There was no soldier more loyal to the cause than Doug Mastriano. Trump and his lieutenants privately disparaged him anyway." There will be is  an effort by the media to sell him as ultra-MAGA. We'll have to wait and see if that helps or hurts. For example, NYT at Haut Hair, Republican panic grows after Mastriano wins. But the Democrats have their own problems; at Wa Free Bee, Black Voters Skeptical of ‘Cool’ Democrat Who Held Innocent Black Jogger at Gunpoint, "Revered by white progressives, John Fetterman got trounced in heavily black sections of Philadelphia."

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.19.22 (Afternoon Edition), the Weasel Zipper note Ballot Problems Abound In PA …Again. Why would we expect otherwise? Ryan King at WaEx reports Kansas Supreme Court upholds GOP-friendly congressional map, worth one extra seat probably. Meanwhile, the NY Supreme Court ruling against the Democrat Gerrymander there is being called an 'Extinction Level Event' Looms as the New York Redistricting Map Forces High Profile Democrats to Face Each Other in Primaries, by 'streiff' at Red State. At WJ, Nadler in Fight for Survival, Scrambling to React to Massive Court Decision. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh. I don't have one. Atop Da Hill reports Southern states suffered census undercounts, bureau says. John Sexton at Haut Hair looks at the states Census miscounted populations of 14 states and the breakdown is interesting. There are a few exceptions, but red states tended to be undercounted, and blue states over counted. Bias by the Census Bureau, or methodological error? I don't trust them, and neither should you. The federal bureaucracy is too dominated by Democrats. A commenter at Althouse analyses:

Using all figures, Minnesota would have lost a House seat (and electoral vote) to Florida, Rhode Island would have lost a seat to Texas, and Colorado would have lost a seat to Tennessee.

And another 3,300 Idahoans would have given that state one from California. the next seat to move would have been for California to lose a seat to Idaho.

If I only use the differences considered "Statistically Significant", only the first two changes would have happened: MN -1, RI -1, FL +1, TX+1. And 8500 more Tennesseans would have taken a seat from NY. So the miscounting helped Blue States at the expense of Red States.

At Am Mind, The Haunting of the American Mind, "A conversation with Dinesh D’Souza about his documentary, 2000 Mules." Monica Showalter at Am Think finds Mexico messing in our elections, Elections: Speaking of foreign intervention.... Well, they have a lot at stake. 

At WaT, Majority of Americans think a recession is coming, says poll, "GOP says Wall Street turmoil, high gas prices suggest they may be right." I&I, Economic Optimism Has Collapsed Under Build-Back-Better-Biden: TIPP Poll WaPoo, cited by MSN, U.S. may be barreling toward recession in next year, more experts say. At SLAY, Wells Fargo CEO Warns Worst Is Yet to Come for Americans: ‘No Question’. From Town Hall, Cutie Pavlich warns White House Isn't Paying Attention to Americans Getting Their Retirement Plans Wiped Out. "Karine Jean-Pierre: The stock market is "not something we keep an eye on every day." Market Watch, U.S. unemployment claims climb to four-month high of 218,000. Joy Pullman at Da Fed notes If Biden Were Trying To Destroy America On Purpose, He’d Do Nothing Differently.

At Da Fed, Tristan Justice sees Soaring Gas Prices Reach New Record High For 12th Day Straight. A trend likely to continue for a while. Steve Hayward at NYPo opines Biden’s road to record-high gas prices may soon lead to rationing. Fox Business, Gas prices reach new record high as GOP senators blame Biden for holding production back. Spencer Brown at Town Hall claims Sen Hawley Destroys Biden Energy Secretary on Soaring Gas Prices. ZeroHedge, "Utter Nonsense": Hawley Eviscerates Energy Secretary For Blaming Inflation On 'Putin Price Hike'. And it's not just Democrats. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Manchin: Why is Biden begging other countries for oil production while stifling it here?. At Town Hall, Matt Vespa calls Manchin The Senator Who Left Biden's Interior Secretary Speechless

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.19.22 (Afternoon Edition), Babalu Blog: The Castro Regime Tightens Its Grip As Biden Relaxes Restrictions, also, Biden Announces U.S. Will Now Ease Restrictions On Venezuela. Capt. Ed, NYT: Three months after Ukraine invasion, Biden ready to target Russia's oil industry.

Asra Q. Nomani at Da Fed, How Shaming My School Board’s Racism Cost Me My Job, But Not My Stand, in Fairfax VA. From  the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.19.22 (Afternoon Edition), Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI reports that UCF Prof Fired After Tweeting “Black Privilege Is Real” Ordered Reinstated With Tenure & Back Pay "Arbitrator finds no “just cause” for termination. Negy: “UCF Administrators (and all university administrators) need to get the message that they cannot simply ‘purge’ or even discipline professors who do not conform to the DEI ideology that they are imposing on entire university campuses.”"

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