Monday, May 23, 2022

‘I Don’t Know How Much Worse It Can Get’

At the Wa Free Bee, ‘I Don’t Know How Much Worse It Can Get’: Democrats Turn on Biden as Poll Numbers Plummet Yet Again. On Sunday Talks sundance at CTH notices even Face the Nation Cannot Spin Away from Their CBS Poll Highlighting Major Disapproval for Biden Policy, 74 Percent Feel Things are Going Badly. At NYPo, Most Americans say things going badly under ‘distracted’ and ‘incompetent’ Biden: poll. I'm surprised at Biden's continued slide; I would think he would hit the rock bottom of ignorance and intransigence by now. Alex Berenson, at Unreported Truths, Yay Joe Biden! "Uncle Joe is finally best at something! With a net negative approval rating of -13 percent in the 538 polling average, he is the MOST unpopular President ever recorded at this point in his term. Worse than Trump, Carter, Ford, or anyone else since modern polling began."

At Da Wire, Rick Scott: Midterms Are All About Inflation, Biden Is ‘Slow To React’, ‘Behind The Problem’. At WaEx, RNC outraises DNC in month of April by over $1 million. At Am Great, Jeff Younger asks Are Republicans Finally Standing Up?, but Jack Kerwick wonders If Voting Republican Is the Answer, Why Has It Never Worked Before?. Voting conservative/Republican has in the past been an inherently reactive response; Republicans resist the changes Democrat/liberals demand. Changes go forward, but at a reduced rate than if Democrats were unopposed. I would like to say only Trump pushed back hard enough to make progress, but I don't think that's really true. Victor Davis Hanson has a treatise at Am Great, Joe Biden and Racial Demagoguery, " Joe Biden’s cognitive challenges have stripped away his political savvy and left him in the raw, revealing his real essence—a racialist of the first order."  NYT cited by Haut Hair, thinks Pence, tiptoeing away from Trump, lays groundwork for 2024 run. Pence without Trump is nothing; the reverse is not true.

Politico reports McCormick and Oz joust over counting of undated ballots. Mail-in ballots continue to clog the system. Joh Levine at NYPo claims Eric Adams eyeing White House run in 2024: sources, and Ace reacts, The Left Has Lost Its Mind...Are They Really So Out Of Touch That Eric Adams Thinks He Has A Shot? YES!. More fallout from the Democrat Gerrymandering debacle in NY, Rick Moran at PJ Media says De Blasio Readies Run for Congress as Democratic Incumbents Panic Over New Map. It could get worse, At Da Wire, Stacey Abrams Calls Georgia The ‘Worst State In the Country’ As She Runs For Governor. Ed Driscoll at Insty, GOVERNOR OF GEORGIA HAS HER “DEPLORABLES” MOMENT: Stacey Abrams Calls Georgia The ‘Worst State In the Country’ As She Runs For Governor. "Not only that, I’ve heard from the president of United Earth that it’s the worst state in the entire United Federation of Planets, to boot." NYT cited at Haut Hair thinks they know What Donald Trump didn't count on in Georgia. I don't trust the NYT to have the pulse of Georgia voters, but it sure looks like Kemp will beat Perdue, and I'm OK with that. 

John Solomon at JTN reports In key Wisconsin battleground, law and order becomes Achilles heel for Democrat incumbents "While most of the country braces for a pocketbook election driven by runaway inflation, record gas prices and baby formula shortages, Wisconsin is seething over a crime wave." The first duty of government is to protect the citizens. Rick Moran at PJ on The Last Stand of the Bush Dynasty in Texas. George P. running pro-Trump.

At the Dispatch, Fact Checking Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2,000 Mules’, they're really not checking the facts, just telling us they don't matter: "Even if a vote is illegally harvested in a state where harvesting is illegal, but the vote itself has not been tampered with in any way (i.e. it is signed and sealed) the vote itself would still be considered a legitimate legal vote. " Yes, we know. There's nothing we can do about 2020, but we can prevent it in 2022 and beyond. Deroy Murdock at Am Spec, This Opinion Just In: 2,000 Mules Offers Vivid Proof of Vote Fraud. Athena Thorne at PJ Media report the Arizona Sheriff's Office Investigating Active Organized Voter Fraud in Yuma County. Democrats hurt worst. At CNS News, Shortage of Paper for Election Materials Has Some Jurisdictions Scrambling, Witness Tells Congress.

Jonathon Turely takes on the NSTA Guide Advises Against the Use of “Parent,” “Male,” Female,” “Mother” and “Father”

It is important to keep this guide in its proper context. The guide does not call for mandatory rules in schools barring the use of these terms. The guide is not calling for Father’s Day cards to be converted into “Happy Person with Testes Day.” However, we have seen such guides cited as the basis for sanctions, including allegations of hostile classroom environment or micro aggressive speech.

"Sasha Jane" Lowerson
Kylee Zempel at Da Fed warns that Under Biden’s Title IX Changes, Wisconsin’s ‘Sexual Harassment’ Circus Over Trans Pronouns Would Ensnare Students In Every State. From Summit News, Biological Man Powers To Victory In WOMEN’s Surfing Event, "Would have won in the men's division with the score ‘she’ recorded". Also, School Board Director Plans ‘Queer Night’ For Children Hosted Inside Sex Shop, "Not creepy at all." 

Anastasia Ashely for the palate cleanser

MB Matthews at Am Think thinks it's all A New Kind of Child Abuse "You would not take a child's opinion seriously on any matter of national defense, marriage, the economy, surgery, or cosmology.  Why would you assume that they know what they want, sexually, before their brains are psychologically or physically mature?" Gil Gutknecht at Town Hall is hopeful that The Day of Reckoning For Woke CEO’s is at Hand. We'll see. 

From Da Caller, University Quietly Alters Application That Excluded White People After Professor Files Complaint. Also, Here’s The New Left-Wing Theory Parents Are Fighting In Schools "“It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that SEL might be a delivery mechanism for hard left ideology, because the central SEL organization (CASEL) has embraced this ideology,” Max Eden, research fellow for the American Enterprise Institute, told TheDCNF."

Some DIY on the economy, oil prices and baby formula:

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and free speech and censorship:

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