Saturday, May 14, 2022

Another Milk Run

Day 2, or so, of the baby formula crisis! At WaEx, The infant formula shortage is a national crisis. AllahPundit at Haut Hair proudly echoes Biden: We didn't move faster on the baby-formula shortage because we're not mind-readers, but admits it made the papers back in Jan. At Da Caller, Biden Admin Knew The Baby Formula Shortage Was Coming In February. Madeline Osburn at Da Fed says The FDA Was Making It Difficult For Moms To Get Baby Formula Long Before The Supply Chain Imploded. It's a basic function of bureaucracy to make the product it regulates less available. 

From Ace, Jenny Pflapjacks Claims Biden Has Been On Top of the Baby Formula Crisis But Biden Hasn't Ever Mentioned It And She Won't Even Say When He Was First Briefed On It, "You'd think the Secretary of Babysitting would be on top of this, but no. . . " Nick Arama at Red State claims a Must-Read: Abbott Fires Back After Alarming Psaki Claim About Their Baby Formula. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.13.22  Twitchy, Abbott torches Jen Psaki in an 11-tweet thread after she allegedly falsely accused the company of killing two infants. And now a totally different Abbott, the Gov. of Texas, Greg Abbott Blasts Biden Giving Critical Baby Formula to Illegal Immigrants. From Breitbart, GOP Rep Says Illegal Immigrants Receiving ‘Pallets of Baby Formula’. Fox, Wash Post fact-checker calls uproar over Biden sending baby formula to border amidst shortage 'faux outrage', shouldn't that be 'Fox' outrage? William Teach at Pirates Cove has a Hot Take: Pro-Life Republicans Want Illegal Alien Children At Border To Die.

Althouse cites Monica Hess at WaPoo, "With particularly dystopian flair, the formula shortage came to a head around the same time that a draft opinion leaked from the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade." and "If factory made baby formula is in short supply, health authorities need to do better than telling parents not to DIY."
"This is just another 'abstinence only' model that won't work. If babies are hungry, parents are going to feed them, guidelines be damned. The appropriate response then is for pediatric nutrition experts to publish safe recipes for emergency nutrition supplementation with explicit warnings to not deviate from the recipe with clear descriptions of the consequences that can result from doing so. If this is an emergency, treat it like one, with emergency stop-gap measures."

That's one of many comments making the same point — the point I made 2 days ago — at the NYT article "Why Doctors Don’t Recommend Homemade Baby Formula/Amid a nationwide formula shortage, some parents are D.I.Y.-ing recipes. But pediatricians strongly advise against it."

Erin Napier
Somehow, babies ate before formula was popularized. At Da Wire,  ‘Try Breastfeeding! It’s Free’: Bette Midler Annihilated For Snarky Tweet Amid Baby Formula Shortage. Once a woman's milk dries up, that won't work, but it does remind us that the original system worked well enough for a few million years. Breitbart shares another celebrity view, HGTV Star Erin Napier Shares Emotional Post About Baby Formula Becoming ‘Impossible to Get’. From HE, Unsocial Media Monitor: The left laughs at baby formula shortage concerns. Why do they hate children? 

On inflation, Rick Moran at PJ Media hears Biden Economics Advisor Thinks Causing Inflation Is 'An Effective Strategy Against the Pandemic'. Funny, that the cure is always what they sought to impose before the problem. Matt Margolis, Democrats Just Lost Another Inflation Talking Point. "Polls show that no one was buying the blame-Putin strategy, so Biden and the Democrats are now accusing oil companies of price gouging." From Twitchy a SIREN as Jeff Bezos calls on Joe Biden’s new Disinformation Board to review this economically illiterate tweet from Joe Biden on inflation

Spencer Brown at Town Hall says Vox Stumbles Upon Truth: Biden's Spending Binge Made Inflation Worse. Stumbling is the only way they'll find truth. AllahPundit hears my congresscritter, Steny Hoyer: Republicans should get off Biden's back about energy because "we're at war" "I’d like to blame this rhetorical misstep on age — Hoyer is older than Biden, which scarcely seems possible — but I think it’s more of a Kinsleyan gaffe." At the Wa Free Bee, These Two Cities Can Thank Their Dem Senators for the Nation’s Highest Inflation Rates. Phoenix and Atlanta. Mary Chastain at LI finds Rich CA Democrat Rep. Katie Porter Discovers Inflation Due to the Price of Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon!

At Am Spec, Josh Hammer wonders about Joe Biden Versus We the People, "Inflation, illegal immigration, allegations of domestic terrorism — is Biden trying to lead our country or destroy it?" Cloward PivenAshley Parker@AshleyRParker "Biden's attempt to reappropriate "MAGA" and "ultra MAGA" was the result of a six-month research effort by liberal groups. My latest w@michaelscherer. Don' throw him in dat briar patch! At Big League Politics, President Trump Says MAGA is Coming Back with a ‘Vengeance’ in 2024. AllahPundit psyched about MAGA vs. MAGA: Pence headed to Georgia to back Kemp against Trump. Pence is nowhere without Trump, but not vice versa. 11 Alive, Former VP Pence to come to Georgia to campaign for Gov. Kemp. "Former President Donald Trump is backing Gov. Brian Kemp's challenger, David Perdue. Rick Moran hears Democrats are Pouring $15 Million Into 'Blue Shift Florida' and thinks Pollyanna is Pleased. "Democrats in Florida have been hunting for a couple of decades and have yet to find the rainbow." At NYPo, Mark Penn claims NY Democrats need to realize Hochul can’t beat Republicans in the general election. From the Delaware Valley Journal, At Campaign HQ, Volunteers Stand By Barnette Amid Barrage of Attacks. At Da Caller,  Sebastian Hughes claims Roe V. Wade Has Completely Transformed The Midterms – Here’s How. I don't agree, but I could be wrong. David Solway at PJ Media warns Midterms 2022: Expect the Worst. Always sound political advice. 

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced Wednesday he is pausing the investigation led by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman. “We are pausing the investigation because it’s not like we’re going to keep looking into things we’ve already discovered,” Vos told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, per Just the News.  Vos said he is pausing the investigation until a series of lawsuits are settled.

 Another reminder from David Horowitz and John Perazzo at Front Page of  How Zuckerberg Used a Tax-Exempt Foundation to Help Biden Fix the 2020 Election "And got away with it." Margot Cleveland at Da Fed says If You Don’t Care About Election Integrity, You’re A Bad American. "In 2005, bipartisan leaders cautioned that systemic problems plagued American elections. The 2020 general election saw every problem they warned about come to fruition." It was supposed to be a warning, not a plan. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.13.22  from Hollywood in Toto, Game Changer? Indie Doc ‘2000 Mules’ Reportedly Snags $10 Million, "Rebellious election expose leans on free speech platforms to reach public"

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.13.22, atThe Lid, Biden’s Crooked FBI Labels Parents Who Speak Against School Boards ‘Terrorists’. At PJ Media Vicky Taft elaborates, FBI Used Terrorism Laws to Investigate 'Dozens' of 'Concerned Parents' Who Attended School Board Meetings. At CNN, Mary Katherine Hamm opines Democrats' support for school closings comes back to bite. From Fox, Rhode Island parents enraged at school board for removing honors classes in 'equity obsession', "A local resident, said, 'Equity' has become an unhealthy obsession, and parents are seeing the impact.'"

Chad Felix Greene at Da Fed warns about Left-Wing Teachers Ditch Teaching To Indoctrinate Kids About Sex Against Parents’ Will and Sarah Arnold at Town Hall warns Gender Transition Closets May Be Coming to a School Near You. Check out this post of Ace's, Secret Origins of the Libs of TikTok, also, Let Dr. Oz Tell You All About the Need for Transgender Reassignment Surgery for Young Children, "This is the MAGA candidate, I'm reliably informed by Sean Hannity and Ric Grennell and other people." At PM, Canadian kindergartners given masturbation homework assignment. Althouse, "Kindergartners sent home with masturbation assignment." "Reports Libs of TikTok, with an image of what is said to be the worksheet that the school gave to a 4 year old. ADDED: I wrote the post the way I did to convey some skepticism, but I want to underscore that by adding the tag "I'm skeptical."" Breitbart reports Marvel Promotes Executive Who Promised More Trans Characters in Disney Superhero Films. William Teach at Pirate's Cove  has a Poll that Shows Majority Against Giving Kids Transgender Surgeries And Puberty Blockers. The majority aren't stupid, just a loud minority. 

At Da Wire, Netflix Fires Major Warning Shot At Its Woke Employees With New ‘Culture Memo’. Politico whines that Liberals Should Be Worried About the Conservative Comedy Scene "The authors of a new book on right-leaning humor say conservatives, long dismissed by liberals as “not funny,” are making humor work for them — and that could make a difference in the polls."

Althouse,"Twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users." "Tweeted Elon Musk, quoted in "Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter deal is temporarily on hold/The Tesla CEO, who has been seeking Twitter investors as his EV company sheds $400 billion in value, later says that he’s 'still committed’ to the acquisition" (WaPo). Reuters, Twitter estimates spam, fake accounts comprise less than 5% of users -filing. But nobody believes them. At Da Wire, It Begins: Heads Start To Roll At Twitter As Two Top Leaders At Company Out. At Front Page Larry Elder notes The Conservative Surge in Twitter Followers, "The Elon Musk effect?"

Ready to fix that, Biden's Disinformation Czar Just Said the Quiet Part Out Loud About Twitter (Rick Moran), "She thinks “verified” Twitter users should be allowed to “edit” tweets for content — just to make sure no “disinformation” ends up on the internet." Shouldn't that be Czarina?  Summit News, Head of Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Previously Compared Free Speech to “Fairy Dust”. "Hinting she doesn’t believe it should even exist." Benjamin Weingarten and NYPo says You couldn’t have picked a worse Minister of Truth than Nina Jankowicz. It seems true, but never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to fuck things up. From Bob Spencer at Front Page, FDA Commissioner Claims ‘Misinformation’ Is Now America’s Leading Cause Of Death, "Welcome to the Left's all-out war against the freedom of speech."

Kennedy Kruse at Da Fed, White House Press Secretary ‘Encourages’ Angry Mobs Surrounding Supreme Court Justices’ Homes. At the Slantic, What’s the Point of Going to Brett Kavanaugh’s House? "Demonstrators have largely given up on changing the Supreme Court justices’ minds. But they’re still showing up." It's virtue signaling. At Breitbart, Bill Maher: There Is a Government Position on Protesting at a Justice’s House ‘It’s Against the Law’. But nobody is being arrested for it, for some reason. At the PI, Democrats Push Court Packing Temper Tantrum After Leaked Supreme Court Draft Opinion

Jeff Lord at Am Spec hears the Corrupt Jan. 6 Committee Issues Subpoenas to GOP Congressmen, "But protects committee members and Pelosi." Don't worry, their turn in the barrel is coming. At Da Caller, Two Out Of Five House Republicans Subpoenaed By Jan. 6 Select Committee Say They Won’t Comply. They should just do the full "Lerner." Show up, deny doing anything wrong and take the 5th. Oh, and flip Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger off. 

Mick LaChance at LI reports on BLM Privilege: Federal Prosecutors Seek Lenient Sentences for Molotov Cocktail Lawyers, "It’s a good thing these two didn’t walk through the Capitol on January 6th. They’d currently be in jail, rather than home confinement, and no one would be asking for leniency on their behalf." The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great, Whitmer Hoax Defendant: ‘We Beat Them. We Got Justice’ "Historically, American juries have hesitated to find the nation’s top law enforcement agency guilty of setting up other Americans. But Brandon Caserta had the goods." At Breitbart, Project Veritas: Whistleblower Says FBI Targeting ‘News Media’

At Am Think, Blain Pardoe worries There Will Be Blood.

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