Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Primary Results, Hunger Games, Gas Prices Hit New High, Inflation Stagnates

A pretty full bag today. As we noted yesterday, it was primary day for the 2022 midterm. There are lot's of sites to get the rundown, Red State, LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, and Oregon Primaries, PJ Media, LIVE RESULTS: Primaries in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, and Oregon, Sundance at CTH, Primary Elections in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania – Results and Open Discussion, Twitchy, PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS: PA, NC, KY, ID, and OR. AP, Midterm updates. AllahPundit at Haut Hair, Live results: Girondins vs. Montagnards in Pennsylvania. Which brings us to the race of most interest (IHMO), the GOP Senate race in Pennsylvania, touted as at test of Trumps power of endorsement, JTN's Nicholas Ballasy,  Trump support of Dr. Oz puts kingmaker status to the test in 3-way Pennsylvania GOP primary race. In this race TV hucksdoctor Mehmet Oz, noted insurrectionist and racist, Kathy Barnett and plain vanilla Republican Dave McCormick were pretty close in the last polls, with Oz on top, closely followed by Barnette and McCormick. Currently, Oz and McCormick are dueling it while mail in vote comes in, with Oz at 32.26% and McCormick with 32.06%, and Barnette stuck in the 20% range.  This report from Breitbart appears to have played out, Poll: Kathy Barnette Losing Support, Voters Shifting to David McCormick, Carla Sands. At PJ Media, Bob Spencer wonders Does Dr. Mehmet Oz Believe in the Freedom of Speech? Now Dr. Oz Wants His Senate Race Opponent Barred From the Race for Thoughtcrime. From the Wombats In The Mailbox: 05.17.22  Da Tech Guy: A Black Woman For The GOP. Or not. 

Another race of note was that of the young and 'controversial' but Trump endorsed Republican Matthew Cawthorn in NC. Insty, BREAKING: Madison Cawthorn Projected to Lose Primary After Series of Scandals, Per Projection. UPDATE: Cawthorn concedes North Carolina GOP House primary after string of missteps. NYPO, Rep. Madison Cawthorn loses North Carolina GOP primary after public stumbles. Althouse cites the NYT, "The defeat for now ends Mr. Cawthorn’s brief political career, which began with the promise of being the youngest person ever elected to Congress." 

When I saw the news about Cawthorn, I did not think: Where will his meteoric career zoom next. I thought: Okay, now I don't have to think about Madison Cawthorn anymore.
Was she worried Democrats might assassinate him?

Overall, though, Trump recommendations seemed to still carry weight, which will have the Democrats and media (but I redund) shrieking with rage. WaEx, Trump-endorsed Rep. Ted Budd wins GOP Senate nomination in North Carolina and PM, Trump-backed candidates dominate in Kentucky primaries.

POLL: Democratic Party Has Lowest Net Favorability Rating Compared to Eight Other Political Figures, Institutions. NewsMax reports Musk: Ineffective Biden, Democrats Controlled by Lawyers, Unions. KT at Haut Hair. Elon Musk rips Biden as the Anchorman president on the teleprompter. And from the Wombats In The Mailbox: 05.17.22 Twitchy: Elon Musk Will Vote Republican For The First Time. But I'm they can find a way to disappoint him. ADN America, Democrats Surrender Florida: Republican lawmakers slam Biden's 'concessions to brutal Cuban dictatorship' "Biden administration waves white flag, surrenders Florida by easing Trump era sanctions by risking huge Cuban American vote of millions." Scott McKay at Am Spec, Ultra-MAGA? More Like Ultra-Incompetent.

Politico, is ‘Absolutely stunned’: New York House map sets off chaos, backbiting among Dems. Althouse, "Fearing ‘Extinction-Level Event,’ N.Y. Democrats Turn Against Each Other." "That's a headline in the NYT. Subhead: "Newly drawn congressional maps have led some House members to quickly lay claim to certain districts, even if it means challenging fellow incumbents." Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI, sees New York Redistricting Turns From Dem Triumph To Dem Washout, "Draft map proposed by court-appointed Special Master is a disaster for Democrats, including pitting two big Dems — Nadler and Maloney — against each other."

On the baby formula crisis, Da Caller note Now Even MSNBC Is Grilling Biden Officials Over Formula Shortage: ‘Soon’ Sounds Good If You Don’t Have A Baby Who’s Hungry.’ Breitbart, FDA, Abbott Nutrition Agree on Plan to Restart Michigan Baby Formula Factory and Nolte: Joe Biden’s Baby Formula Locating Website Is a Disaster. I don't care how good or bad the website is; if the formula supply is only 50-70 of the demand, some babies are going to suffer. Babies don't drink websites. Athena Thorne at PJ Media notices something odd, Wait, What? HALF of Infants in the U.S. Are on WIC?! Starting the culture of dependency early. Gabi was in the WIC program because her parents had low incomes at the time. PM, Biden admin to issue approval for imported baby formula in lackluster response to shortage. If it was bad then, why isn't it bad now? Of course, it was just mostly protectionism. I&I asks What’s Wrong With Price ‘Gouging’ In Baby Formula Crisis? "Gouging" is a weasel word, short supply will always lead to higher prices. From the Wombats In The Mailbox: 05.17.22  American Power, The Age of Rationing, "From David Dayen, at the American Prospect, "From pandemic supply chain snarls to baby formula shortages, we forgot that physical production isn't magic, and we need to engineer it for stability."

Matt Margolis at PJ Media sees Historic! Gas Prices Are Over $4 a Gallon in All 50 States for the First Time Ever. Breitbart, Biden’s America: Gas Prices Reach Another All-Time High. Walleye Pete told me he had a $1000 a week gas bill. Tampa Freep notes how Biden Turns To Venezuelan Dictator For Oil After Canceling US Lease Sales   PM, Biden admin to ease sanctions on Venezuela to facilitate oil imports. Heaven forfend the US should drill it's way of this crisis the way we did under Trump. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, observes Man, liberals are desperate to blame the GOP for gas prices. Anything but accept responsibility. From the Wombats In The Mailbox: 05.17.22, Leslie Eastman at LI, Seventeen States File Lawsuit Against EPA Because it Allowed California to Set Vehicle Standards, "The lawsuit claims that Michael Regan, the agency’s administrator, violated a doctrine in the U.S. Constitution granting states equal sovereignty." wretchardthecat@wretchardthecat, "While it's true the future can't be foretold, in retrospect canceling nuke powerplants, abandoning pipelines and stopping oil drilling was probably a dumb thing to do, seeing the shortage we're in."

"Putin deserves the blame for a lot of things, but not skyrocketing inflation." At Da Caller ‘That’s Not How You’re Going To Solve Inflation’: CNBC Host Calls Out Pete Buttigieg To His Face. At WaPoo, the occasionally sensible Megan McArdle opines Biden is doing nothing to fight inflation. We should be grateful for that. Almost certainly true. 

At WaEx, WATCH: Dinesh D'Souza's 2000 Mules returns to theaters for a typical release. Wash DC Bus Daily, Swing state election officials quiet on '2,000 Mules' documentary. Mark Tapscott at Insty, GOP SENATOR’S SON SINKING MICHIGAN VOTER ID EXPANSION: Odds are you’ve never heard of Andy Blunt. He’s the son of retiring Sen. Roy Blunt, Missouri Republican. "Andy Blunt and two of his Republican consulting firm partners are partnering with one of the many George Soros-funded leftist dark money groups to oppose efforts to strengthen Michigan’s voter ID requirements, according to the Washington Free Beacon’s Collin Anderson."

Althouse, "As a practical matter, personal loans will sometimes be the only way for an unknown challenger with limited connections to front-load campaign spending."
"And early spending — and thus early expression — is critical to a newcomer’s success. A large personal loan also may be a useful tool to signal that the political outsider is confident enough in his campaign to have skin in the game, attracting the attention of donors and voters alike."

Wrote Chief Justice John Roberts, quoted in "Supreme Court Rules for Ted Cruz in Campaign Finance Case/The Texas senator challenged a federal law that put a $250,000 cap on repayments of candidates’ loans to their campaigns using postelection contributions" (NYT).

Laura Hanford at Da Fed catches Fairfax, Virginia Schools May Expel Elementary Students For ‘Misgendering’ People "In Fairfax County, Virginia, changes set to be approved May 26 would punish ‘malicious misgendering’ at the same level as assault and battery." Whatever happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?" At the Right Scoop, Mom reads daughter’s homework assignment and immediately gets shut down by school board

NYPo, Pennsylvania teacher busted for sexual relationship with student after husband alerts principal "Remarkably, Ortz’s predecessor as the school’s music director, Jonathan Priano, 37, is facing similar charges of sexual misconduct with students."

Ace hears Ketanji-Brown Refuses to Condemn Supreme Court Leak, Refuses to Condemn Intimidating "Protests" of Justices at Their Homes. PM, Biden, Harris 'energized' to see pro-abortion protests. As Mia Cathell at Town Hall observes, Pro-Abortion 'Summer of Rage' Already Turns Violent. Ace, again, Unifying Healer and Restorer of Norms Joe Biden Decries "Politics," Then Links Buffalo Shooting to January 6, "And calls for, what else, gun confiscation." As the redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great notes No Data Supports Threat of ‘White Supremacists’ "Joe Biden will use the blood of innocents to paint millions of Americans as “white supremacists” and wannabe terrorists simply for supporting the opposite political party." At RCP, Sen. Gillibrand on Buffalo Shooting: "You Don't Have To Regulate Speech, You Can Regulate Misinformation". Even AllahPundit appalled at New York governor: I'll protect free speech but I won't protect hate speech

And some DIY on the "Ministry of Misdismal Information" and Elon Musks Twitter bid:

Busted: Biden's "Minster of Truth" Nina Jankowicz Participated in Secret NATO-Funded Cabal to Subvert Western Democracies Using Disinformation as Cover - Revolver
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