Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

Baltimore's first family of corruption
WJZ13 Baltimore, Baltimore Lawmakers Ask City Council President Nick Mosby To Return Donations That Violate Ethics Law

A group of Baltimore city council members is asking Council President Nick Mosby to return the money collected by a fund that was created to cover his legal expenses, according to the Baltimore Banner.

The Baltimore City Board of Ethics said on Thursday that Mosby violated the city’s ethics law when he accepted the donations. His wife, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, benefited from the donations too.

All four members of the board found the donations violated a section of the ethics law prohibiting “a public servant from soliciting—or facilitating the solicitation of—a gift from a controlled donor,” according to a newly published report.

The group of local lawmakers—consisting of Zeke Cohen, Kris Burnett, James Torrence, Ryan Dorsey, Phylicia Porter, and Odette Ramos—sent their refund request to Mosby in a letter, which was obtained by Baltimore Banner staff on Saturday.

“The Ethic Board’s Administrative Order provides a clear and straightforward path for you to correct your multiple Ethics violations,” the letter states. “For the sake of the trust and morale of both the public and the City Council, we ask that you immediately and fully comply with the Order.”

Baltimore Banner reporter Emily Sullivan noted that the eight council members who did not issue a public comment on the ethics debacle were allies of Mosby “appointed by him to lead legislative committees or introduce bills on his behalf.”

If rules aren't enforced, don't they become just sort of "guidelines?"

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