Tuesday, May 24, 2022

"The Doom Loop . . . Has Begun"

Kevin Downey at PJ Media says My Biden-Voting Friend Had 'No Idea' Things Could Get This Bad. Buckle Up, Buddy, We're Just Getting Started. "My response to him was, “You get what you vote for.” “But I didn’t vote for this,” he argued. Yes, he did." Ace, ¡Aye, Dios Mio! FJB Hits 60% Disapproval With Lantinexexexes, "¡Ayúdemi! Joe Biden se ha caido y no puede levantarse!" (NYPo, Biden job disapproval among Hispanics hits 60%, just 26% approve). From Breitbart, 69% of Americans Say The Economy Is Bad. Where do the remaining 31% live? Matt Margolis at PJ Media on a possible WuFlu return in Fall, Is This How Biden Hopes to Save the Democrats in the Midterms? "Will a new surge in cases have Democrats dusting off the 2020 playbook to reimpose mass mail-in voting and other measures that will make our elections less secure and minimize the Democrats’ losses? I wouldn’t put it past them." Matt Margolis at PJ Media observes Biden Continue to Prove His Masking Is Pure Theatre. At WaEx, Jeffries: 'Decisive' Democrats don't need to consider new leadership, because inflation was the plan. 

Da Wire reports DeSantis Wins Wisconsin GOP Poll Of Possible 2024 Presidential Candidates. OK. Anxious anxiously supports Pence open to 2024 run against Trump. I don't believe he's viable without Trump, but that's just my opinion. From the Slantic, cited at Haut Hair, Is Larry Hogan living in a fantasy world?. He is if he really think there's a nationwide market for his brand of Republicanism. It's the best we can hope for in Maryland, though. At Da Caller, Trump Releases Ad Going After Clinton Following Bombshell Testimony From Former Campaign Manager

Breitbart thinks Primary Races Foreshadow a Blockbuster November in Georgia. At Haut Hair, AllahPundit whines Gloves off: Trump spokesman slams Pence before rally with Brian Kemp in Georgia, "It’s not really all-out war until Trump himself posts something nasty on Truth Social. It’ll happen tomorrow for sure, if not tonight." At CTH, sundance comments GOPe and Media Narrative Engineers Set Stage for Tuesday Georgia Election as Referendum on Donald Trump Influence.

At Da Caller, Remember ‘Jim Crow 2.0’? Voting In Georgia Surges After Democrats Complained About ‘Racist’ Republican Rules. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media calls it. Democrats' Georgia Lies Are Being Laid Bare. Also at PJ Media, Chris Queen Stacey characterizes Abrams' Pitch: 'Georgia Sucks, So Put Me in Charge of It'. When you put it that way . . . Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair wonders What about that "racist jab" at Stacey Abrams?. Perdue said if she didn't like Georgia she should go back to where she came from, which turns out to be either Minnesota or Mississippi, depending on how far back you go. WaPoo whines Perdue makes racist remark about Abrams: She’s ‘demeaning her own race’

Jim Troupis at Am Mind explores The Cancer of Election Fraud, "For those paying attention to detail, Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules provides evidence of what virtually everyone knows. Under the cover of COVID, and with the enormous boost from undisclosed financial backers, efforts were taken to deliver for tabulation as many ballots as possible, without regard to their source." J. Bob Smith at Am Think thinks about Salena Zito’s Big Miss about Pennsylvania’s Midterms

Salena’s Zito’s latest analysis for the Washington Examiner (“The conservative populist coalition has grown in Pennsylvania. What that means going forward is important”) correctly describes the trend that has been ongoing in the Keystone State for the past decade. What it misses, though -- and it’s a big miss -- is that Democrats are at it again in the commonwealth’s 2022 midterms elections. They’re tilting the playing field in their favor.

This autumn, the “No Questions” mail-in balloting returns have the potential to blunt a favorable GOP trend with a deluge of Democrat ginned up mail-ins, which will impact critical statewide contests and competitive congressional and state legislative races.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.23.22 Am Power notes how CNN whines about 'Stop the Steal' Republicans Now Dominating State Legislators. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair sees Kelly Ann Conway: Let's face it -- Trump lost in 2020, Not so much an admission that there was no cheating, but that they got away with it before it could be fixed. 

Breitbart gets around to the finding that the Census Bureau Undercounted 5 Red States, Overcounted 6 Blue States "The data suggests that voters who twice voted to elect Trump over Democrat candidates were more likely to be undercounted in the 2020 Census than voters who backed Democrats against Trump in the last two elections."

At NYPo, Biden praises high gas prices as part of ‘incredible transition.’ At Da Caller, ‘An Incredible Transition’: Biden Suggests Soaring Gas Prices Are Part Of Green Agenda. Sundance, Biden Admits U.S. Gas Prices Driven by Incredible Transition Away from Fossil Fuels. Insty, BUILD BACK BRANDON: It’s not just electricity. We’re heading for shortages of diesel, jet fuel and gasoline. At Da Caller, Biden Considers Draining Yet Another Key Emergency Fuel Stockpile, "Biden recently asked officials to begin preparing a plan to order a release of fuel from the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve (NEHHOR), a government stockpile of ultra-low-sulfur diesel last tapped in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, a senior administration official told CNN." Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.23.22 Weasel Zippers display Biden’s Energy Secretary Snaps When Asked About High Gas Prices. At City Journal, Fight Inflation with Energy, "If President Biden wants to tackle higher prices, he should forget about more tax hikes and instead reverse his policies on domestic oil and natural gas production." He should, but he won't. 

From EBL via the Wombat
The Conservative Brief notes Fox’s Hilton Calls For ‘Incapacitated’ Biden To Be Removed Over Baby Formula Crisis, "Hilton argued that the baby formula crisis is the latest example that Biden is unfit for office and his “obvious inability to perform the duties of president properly” should lead to the removal of the “incapacitated” leader from office." Breitbart echoes Mika Brzezinski? White House Touting Delivery of 78,000 Pounds of Baby Formula ‘Not Something to Brag About’ — ‘Not Enough’. KT at Haut Hair finds out First shipment of formula arrives from Germany and it's not going where you might think "It’s going straight to pharmacies and health care facilities including hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics," instead of to consumers. That's probably good, but it underlines how little this actually accomplishes. WSJ wonders Why Is the FDA Seizing Baby Formula During a Baby Formula Shortage? It's what regulators do; they don't promote, they throttle back. 

At NYPo, It’s not just spending — Biden’s record regulations are driving inflation too. See above. 'Adam Mill' at Am Great claims The Economic Doom Loop Has Begun. I hope he's wrong, I fear he's not. USA Today, 4% rule about how much to spend each year of retirement no longer works, creator says. The Intelligencer, Buy Now. Pay (and Pay, and Pay, and Pay) Later. ZeroHedge claims Americans Have Lost $20 Trillion Since The Start Of 2022. Thanks, Brandon! At Ace's Morning Rant, 'Buck Throckmorton' calls Globalism’s Gift To America – Mutual Assured Scarcity. 'Bonchie' at Red State is more succinct They Want You to Suffer.

 Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.23.22, Mike LaChance at LI discusses how Princeton University Fires Professor Joshua Katz, suspiciously after he criticized BLM. At Behind the Black, Pushback: Professor fired for having opinions wins total victory. At the College Fix, a Canadian university pulls LGBTQ poster after Muslim community complains, establishing their dominance. 

From Da Caller, New York’s Department Of Education Recommends School Children Read Books On Transgenderism, Racism And Liz Warren, but, no agenda, right? Also, 1.2 Million Students Abandoned Public Schools Since The Pandemic. At the Political Hat, School Smut Hypocrisy, Vegas Edition. Also via the Wombat, Victory Girls, State Farm: Creepy Grooming Neighbor Is There, "The insurer is reportedly recruiting agents in Florida to distribute LGBTQ-themed books to children as young as five years old, according to the non-profit organization Consumers’ Research." At Front Page, Prager U Video: a California Teacher Talks About Why She Quit Her Job

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