Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Durham Digs In

As promised, the trial of Michael Sussman on the charge of lying to the FBI on behalf of the Hillary Clinton, for the purpose of deceiving them into starting an investigation into the Trump campaign in order to discredit him started on Monday. NYPo, Trial opens in Trump-Russia case of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Alfa Bank’ lawyer. Vicky Taft at PJ Media says It's Show Time for John Durham. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed thinks This Week’s Spygate Trial Is Bad News For Hillary Clinton.  Andy McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor and never-Trump conservative explains how One lie that hides an enormous conspiracy: Inside the trial that exposes Clinton’s plot to slander Trump. At The Treehouse, Sundance  presents Sunday Talks, Bartiromo Interviews Nunes and Patel About Sussmann Trial

The first day was consumed by jury selection, and as expected in a city where about 90% of the electorate voted for Hillary Clinton, the results may have been less than favorable to the prosecution. Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, Sussmann jury selected as Durham makes rare appearance
Many of the members of the broader jury pool, as well as some selected for the jury itself, expressed strong disdain for former President Donald Trump and/or support for Clinton. Most said they hadn't heard of the Sussmann case until the judge told them about it last week.

“I remembered that the 2016 election was kind of a mess and that there were a lot of shenanigans,” one of the selected jurors told the court. She said she “strongly” disliked Trump and that she didn’t think she could be impartial if the case was about someone on his team but noted that "if it’s not directly about Trump,” then she could be impartial.

Another selected juror, a man who works for the Treasury Department, said he had donated money to the Democratic side during the 2016 primaries but said he believed he could be fair. He was also aware that Robby Mook, one of the names listed on a jury questionnaire, had worked for the Clinton campaign. (Mook was the campaign manager.)
. . .
Judge Christopher Cooper said the "case certainly has political overtones” and that “we’re not here to relitigate the 2016 election.” Cooper repeatedly told jurors, “Donald Trump is not on trial. Hillary Clinton is not on trial.”

The case will be a big test for Durham. The nation’s capital, and thus many of its jury pools, is overwhelmingly Democratic. Clinton received 90.9% of the vote, while Trump received 4.1% in 2016. In 2020, President Joe Biden got 92.1%, while Trump received 5.4%.

John Sexton at Haut Hair, With jury selection complete, opening arguments in the Sussmann trial will start tomorrow morning. NYPo, Judge allows Hillary, AOC donors in jury pool for ex-Clinton-lawyer’s Russia trial. Aaron Kliegman at JTN also notes Juror donations, judge’s family ties at Sussmann trial spotlight DC's liberal leanings, "Presiding judge's wife represents former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, whose texts critical of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump led to her departure."

On the second day, yesterday, the prosecution began to present it's actual case. Brooke Singman at Fox, Sussmann-Durham trial: Prosecution says Clinton lawyer used FBI to create an 'October surprise' against Trump. Sundance, Special Prosecutor Frames the Background of the Sussmann Case, The FBI Was Manipulated, Duped by Clinton Campaign. John Sexton at Haut Hair, Prosecutor says Sussmann tried to 'use the FBI as a political tool'. Techno Fog, Day 1 of the Michael Sussmann Trial. Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx again, FBI agent at Sussmann trial says he rejected Alfa-Bank claims within days.

I still maintain that the FBI under Comey, Strzok and Gray was raring to go to get Trump, and was willing to overlook little things like lack of coherence in the evidence, the fact that it was sourced from the Clinton campaign in order to get moving on, first, preventing Trump from winning the election, and having failed at that, hamstring him as much as possible with investigations, including providing the Democrats with excuses to impeach.

And that, in my mind, is far worse than any dirty trick by the opposition party. 

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