Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Beach is Almost Gone

After two days of rain from the Nor'easter that hammered the coast, and gave us 3 inches of rain and 30 mph winds, the sky finally cleared, the temperatures dropped to sensible seventies with low humidity. I didn't struggle too hard when Skye wanted to go walking before lunch.
The tide was high, above normal due to the winds, which were still 15-20 from the NE when we set off. As you can see, the waves have nearly eaten the beach back to the beginning of the dunes, the water is muddy, and the waves are still crashing. It will take a while for the beach to build back up.
We couldn't even get around the rocky corner at Calvert Beach, and had to turn around for home.

We did find one Zebra Swallowtail braving the winds to puddle

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