Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lady Golfer Protests LPGA Dress Code

Professional golfer who was 'slut-shamed' by the LPGA hits back at the decision to bring in stricter dress code rules which bans plunging necklines and shorter skirts
Professional golfer Paige Spiranac hit back after the LGPA released new dress guidelines eliminating short skirts and plunging necklines.

According to the rules, which went into effect on July 17, banned items also include leggings, unless worn under shorts or a skort; joggers; and racerbacks without collars.

The penalty for violating the dress code will be $1,000.

Which is a pittance if you're a winner, but prohibitive if you're up and coming.

The Association claims the policy change is to institute professionalism, but 24-year-old Spiranac says it takes aim at just a few distinct players.

The San Diego native has been criticized in the past for her revealing outfits on the course, and has attracted more than one million Instagram followers.

But she was scathing of the new rules, and insists it singles out 'curvier, fuller-figured' women.

She isn't rail thin, but I wouldn't exactly call her full-figured.

'As both an ambassador for golf and an advocate for the continued progress of women's rights and equality in society, I fear that these new rules are stifling the growth of the women's game,' the San Diego native wrote in Fortune.

Many took issue with what they regarded as a double standard between the men's league and the women's league.

Spiranac, who doesn't currently have a LPGA card, goes on to explain how other female athletes, such as pole vaulters and tennis players, have been allowed to reduce the amount of clothing they wear in order to achieve better movement.
I buy that. But I'm easy. You go, girl! Fight the power!

H/T American Power Blog. Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Tuesday Weld" ready for business.


  1. Good takes. Just discovered the Beach. I can't even stand to watch the LPGA Tour anymore. It's filled now with fat Hispanic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese anchor babies and their parents. It is THEY who are offended, not the "fans" of which there are already few. This should hurt them more. We have an American tour filled with Nationals from other countries and it's unwatchable. By all means, eliminate the last vestiges of feminine beauty from American sports. But 12 and 14 year-old gymnastic stars in their underwear, they LOVE that.

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  3. I certainly don't have a problem with it! Women golfers should be able to wear something a bit nice and bring a younger audience to the game. Who really has an issue with this?