Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Final Email Tranche from Clinton.com Is In

At least from the 30,000 emails that she admitted were State Dept. business, not the 30,000 additional that she claimed were personal, and deleted off her homespun basement/bathroom unsecured server before the FBI pried it out of her grasping claws. Those we haven't heard from, yet. . .

And as I expected, a higher percentage of the last group had to be classified and redacted before they could be shown to the American public (we can presume that Russia, China, North Korea and Israel already know the full contents). At least 2,079 Clinton emails contain classified material
At least 2,079 emails that Hillary Clinton sent or received contained classified material, according to the State Department’s final update from its review of more than 30,000 emails.

The State Department released a new batch of 3,871 pages of Clinton’s emails Monday evening in response to a court order. Of those, 261 contain classified information. Most were at the confidential level, which is the lowest level of classification. Twenty-three of them were at the Secret level.
The finalish breakdown: The Republican National Committee published the following tally, which differs slightly from the ones published by McClatchy and the Washington Times:
  • 2,075: Total number of emails found to contain classified material.
  • 22: Total number of emails found to contain material classified as “top secret.”
  • 44: Total number of emails found to contain material classified as “secret.”
  • 1,478: Total number of emails found to contain classified “foreign government information.”
  • 28: Total number of emails found to contain classified information on “intelligence activities (including covert action), intelligence sources or methods, or cryptology.”
  • 4: Total number of emails found to contain classified information on “vulnerabilities or capabilities of systems, installations, infrastructures, projects, plans, or protection services relating to the national security.”
  • 2,063: Total number of emails found to contain classified information on “foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources.”
In one amusing incident, Hillary asks a staff member to release some information on her email to New York Times reporters "if not classified or otherwise inappropriate ", thereby revealing that she knew, deep down in her heart, that some of the information floating through her system was classified. Two emails were withheld by State Dept, one, an email with President Clinton, was presumably due to executive privilege, and a second at the request of an unnamed law enforcement agency. The Bob Ross Journal gives us the Top 11 Emails From The Final Batch Of Clinton’s Private Server Emails. #1. Clinton received information now labeled “secret” that pertained to a North Korean missile launches. . . . #9. Clinton’s email went down during Hurricane Sandy, providing another example of how awful Clinton’s email set-up was at the State Department.

But it isn't over 'til the fat lady sings, or gets inaugurated. There Are 1,800 Reasons Why the Controversy Over Hillary Clinton's Emails Is Far From Over. What's next? Republicans to Target Clinton Aides After Last E-Mail Drop. Huma and Cheryl next. Could Huma Abedin be the undoing of Hillary Clinton in the end?
Few people have enjoyed the level of trust and insider status in Clinton World as Abedin. Those connections appear to have paid off handsomely for Huma as she landed multiple, lucrative jobs inside the government and in the private sector while Clinton’s career progressed. She also seems to have gotten very “lucky” when an embezzlement charge leveled against her by the Inspector General of the State Department was jettisoned without comment by Barack Obama’s Attorney General.
Hillary's Victories Mean Painful Legal Choices for DOJ, WH. Yeah, it's hard to know if you're supposed to enforce the law, or let her off the hook because she's a democrat and a Clinton.
If FBI Director Comey does recommend criminal charges, he will put DOJ and the White House in a very tight box. First, as a seasoned prosecutor, he will present only strong, winnable cases. Second, he won’t present one or two charges. He will present evidence of dozens and dozens of felonies. AG Lynch and her career attorneys won’t be able to say, “On the whole, there’s just not enough here to convict.” They will have to say that over and over, on each charge. Indictment on even a few felonies is a torpedo beneath the waterline for Clinton. Third, it is clear that CIA and FBI investigators already fear an administration whitewash and have leaked damaging information to the press.

If insiders think the administration is engaged in a full-fledged cover-up, they will resign, led by Comey. They won’t go quietly. They will spill the beans. And two hours later, it won’t smell good.

Knowing that, Lynch and her political bosses, Barack Obama and his closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, will have to decide which is worse, indicting their party’s presumptive nominee or risking their own Watergate?
And What if Clinton's indicted? Well, you can run while you're indicted, but it's not easy; just ask Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who dropped out of the presidential election early after having been indicted by a democrat DA in Austin Texas for having the the gall to use his veto to deny funding for a drunken DA. And it doesn't help voter enthusiasm. BEGALA: Enthusiasm gap ‘keeps me up at night’

A sign of the end times? Hillary could lose to Trump… in New York. "Yeah, he's an asshole, but he's our asshole, not a carpet bagger."

Don't want to answer the hard questions? Don't let them get asked: Number of Days Since Hillary Clinton Held A Press Conference: 87

And last, on the Bimbo Eruption front: Clinton Rape Accuser Thanks Lady Gaga For ‘Overwhelming’ Performance
Juanita Broaddrick is the Arkansas woman who says Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, and on Twitter Monday, Broaddrick thanked Gaga for her performance that was dedicated to victims of sexual assault.

“Thank you to Lady Gaga for her performance and tribute to victims of sexual abuse,” Broaddrick tweeted. “It was overwhelming.”
I wonder how long her Twitter account will last!

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