Tuesday, March 1, 2016

One Fish, Two Fish

Ron (aka One Fish) invited me to go fishing this morning. We got out about 8:30, to a bright sunny day, a light but rising SE wind, and temperatures in the low 40 (although there was frost on the docks in shadows).
Pete was coming in as we were leaving, and his report was a lot of boats, and not to too many fish.
And he was right. Although several boats had already left, there were six, counting us, when we arrived. And nobody was catching too much, though I believe I caught this gentlemen in the act of bringing one in
There were huge flocks of ducks out just beyond the shore. Oldsquaw is the old, politically incorrect name, Long-tailed Duck is the new one. They'll be gone soon, and the Ospreys are due back in a week or two (St. Patrick's Day is traditional, but a friend reported seeing one yesterday).
 Eventually, however, we lucked onto fish. Not big and not numerous, but one for each of us. One fish for One Fish and. . .
One fish from me.

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