Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday Travels with the Wombat

Some interesting and amusing new excerpted from Wombat-socho's "Live at Five: 12.02.14"

Holder Announces Plan To Target Racial Profiling - I deeply distrust any attempt by Eric Holder to meddle in the racial affairs in America. It's pretty clear his method to "fix" problems is to inflame the situation as much as possible to justify his actions.

To wit, this link from Gateway Pundit:  17-Year-Old Charged As Adult In Brutal Hammer Beating Death Of Bosnian Refugee - More "Gentle Giants"? Can we expect to see civil rights charges here?

Angelina Jolie’s Sunday Night Smash - My favorite actress has a late night car crash:
On the way home from a screening of her latest film, “Unbroken,” the actress, 39, was a passenger in an SUV that lost control on a slick Los Angeles road, smashed into the median and blew two tires, reports TMZ.

According to the website, the driver of the vehicle lost control and hit the curb, with at least one tire exploding on impact.

Brad Pitt‘s better half appeared to be unharmed, and left the scene of the accident in another vehicle before authorities arrived. Members of the actress’ entourage are said to have told cops they were being harassed by paparazzi.
But the good news is that it rained in L.A.!

OPEC Squeeze On Oil Spares Renewables Mostly due to subsidies and other baksheesh - When you get paid regardless of what price the energy actually costs to produce, it's easy to make money.

So, just what kind of drugs were they?
So who wants to see a semi-naked 56 year-old washed up pop star? Madonna Poses Topless, Talks About Past Drug Use. Actually, she doesn't look that bad, which is a real testament to the power of Photoshop. The truly NSFW picture at the link.

EPA Staffers Linked To Allegedly Serious Misconduct - It seems eight EPA staffers have been on long term paid leave due to accusations of serious misconduct. Who says it's hard to get rid of government. It would be interesting to find out what those cases of serious misconduct were, but that information is even more deeply buried.

Lawsuit Claims ICE Purged Senior Officials Amid Immigration Policy Changes - However, the administration does know how to do it, when it suits their purpose.
The attorney, Patricia Vroom, made the allegations in a lawsuit filed last month. The lawsuit is getting renewed attention in the wake of President Obama's executive actions to let potentially millions of illegal immigrants stay in the country and work.

In the suit, Vroom claimed she was rebuked for her "push-back" on a prior effort to drop cases against illegal immigrants with identity theft convictions, and received a low performance rating at the time.

"It was part of an orchestrated, coordinated effort ... to purge [the ICE Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, OPLA] of senior Chief Counsel so that much younger, much less experienced, and thus much more impressionable individuals who were beholden to them, could be installed in their place," the lawsuit alleges.
The administration is in favor of identity theft, as long as it benefits one of their special interest groups.

Some moderately decent Rule 5 material here: FKA Twigs: “I’m Appealing To People Who Want Something Different” - I had no idea who she was before, and I don't know that much now, but I'll keep my eyes open now.

Landrieu Trails In Runoff Polls - Down 15 points, and the election is Saturday. Why in the world would Louisiana put her back in to join the out of power, anti-energy party? I'm sure she'll find a good job somewhere in her natural habitat, K street. Good riddance.

The "Ass that Broke the Internet" (heck, it didn't even have to flex much. really) goes abroad: Kim Kardashian Pays a Visit to Overseas Troops in Skintight Camo (PHOTOS). Clearly written by a woman, who thinks brown clothes equals camo. 

Well good for Kim the unmentionable Armenian. She may be a waste of skin, but it's such nice, well tended skin.

Ray Rice Hits Manhattan Nightclub After Winning Appeal - Are you sure that's a good idea, Ray? Remember what happened last time?

Wombat-socho has the father of all Rule 5 posts, "Rule 5 Sunday: Ton O’ Luv" ready at The Other McCain.

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