Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yakin' in the Rain

Today is the last day John and Mary are out visiting from the Left Coast, and we decided to go try kayaking down in Solomons Harbor.  We rented one tandem kayak and a pair of singles, and headed down the harbor.  It was raining lightly virtually the whole time, but with a hat, it was easily tolerable.

We went down as far as the Tiki Bar, where we had a drink last evening.
For the majority of the trip, Georgia and I had the the single kayaks, and John and Mary shared the "divorce boat".  They had a lot of trouble steering initially. Georgia and I have noted that in the past but got to the point where we could operate together more or less effectively. 

I didn't bring a camera along because of the possibility of turning the kayak over (which didn't happen, thank you very much).  However, when we got back after an hour and a half, they went back out in the singles, and I got these pictures.

They concluded (as did we) that single kayaks are a whole lot easier to operate than tandems.

Tomorrow early, John and Mary head back to home.

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