Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Virginia Reinstitutes Winter Crab Dredge Ban

Virginia regulators have placed a ban on dredging blue crabs during the winter months.
The Virginia Marine Resources Commission approved the ban on Tuesday in an effort to help rebuild the Chesapeake Bay's crab population.

The century-old winter harvest involves the dragging of steel-toothed dredges that scoop up hibernating crabs. It primarily targets female crabs.

Scientists say that ending the winter dredge fishery has helped improve crab stocks the past few years

The ban was instituted over the objection of commercial crabbers and others in the seafood industry. They contend there are plenty of crabs in the bay and that limiting when crabs can be caught damages the local and state economies.
Good.  That may be the dumbest fishery ever devised, and that's a low bar. Previous article on crab dredging here.

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