Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eat an Oyster, Plant an Oyster

Or eat a crab or a fish for that matter:
Order Maryland seafood, help restore Chesapeake oysters with new restaurant promotion
The Oyster Recovery Partnership and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources are organizing the “From the Bay, For the Bay” promotion next week in Washington. Organizers say restaurants from Pennsylvania to Virginia are taking part in the promotion. Participating restaurants will donate $1 for every Maryland seafood dinner sold between Sunday and the following Sunday. The Oyster Recovery Partnership says each dollar donated allows it to plant 100 baby oysters in the bay.
If you need a guilt free excuse to go eat seafood, hey, go for it! However, given the percentage of oyster spat which survive to adulthood, it's not that big a contribution.  Moreover, the Oyster Recovery Partnership oysters are usually placed in areas where they will become available for fishing once they reach minimum size, so it's more like put and take trout fishing.

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