Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ATF Bought Guns for Mexican Drug Gangs

U.S. Gov't used an ATF employee to buy weapons with taxpayer money & walk them

The "Gun Walker" scandal just amped up a notch.  ATF agents actually bought weapons from gun shops to provide to Mexican drug gangs.  This is more direct involvement than previous reports that merely had the ATF giving gun shops the permission to sell to "straw" gun buyers.  When the agent who bought the guns attempted to follow where they went, his superiors stepped in and stopped him.

At this point, 1 US Immigration and Customs officer, and as many as 300 Mexicans are suspected of having been killed the guns which ATF allowed to slip across the border.  No rationale for allowing the guns into Mexico, but not tracing them further has been made public.  As of yet, Mexico has received no official word from the US Govt regarding Gun Walker.

Cynics (like me) strongly suspect the US administration was trying to make the case for increased gun control by pointing to the guns bought in the US appearing at Mexican crime scenes.  At this point the only real question is how far up into the Justice Department did actionable knowledge of this program go.  Heads should roll.

Read the article for more horrible examples of ATF malfeasance.

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