Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mom's Prius Problem

When Mom got back to California after her trip out here to Alex's wedding, she found her Prius dead in the parking lot.  Apparently, the Prius uses a standard 12 V auxiliary battery to "start" (or at least operate many systems).  However, there is such a constant drain on the system that "starting" battery can be drained in a few days of being parked:
A call to Toyota Agency in Stockton revealed a STUPID FLAW in the Prius.

It has only a 12 volt auxiliary battery which starts the car, then the big battery takes over. It is not uncommon for people leaving a Prius at an airport to come back and find it dead! To me, the solution is do not take it to the Airport. But if you leave it home, you should have someone disconnect the battery, otherwise it will die at home...was the advice of the Service Manager. If not driven 3 - 5 days, it is not uncommon for this to can also be jump start by another car.

Bottom line is that I do feel much better...I do not have to be afraid of driving it around here.
That seems like a pretty important flaw.  If nothing else, they should provide a "cut-off" for the small battery so that you can easily leave it shut off over an extended period of inactivity and then easily reconnect it later.


  1. Speaking frankly I would not trust them. The various branches of the .Fed have a history of saying one thing, perhaps even putting it in writing, and then prosecuting later anyway.

    The .Feds have deep pockets for lawsuits.

  2. Why that comment ended up here I have no idea. It was posted under (or so I thought) the post below entitled

    "Feds Promise Not to Persecute Guitar Owners"