Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MD to Revoke Recreational Fishing Licenses

MD to yank 60 recreational anglers' licenses
Maryland's Department of Natural Resources announced today it's moving to suspend the fishing privileges of 60 recreational anglers for fishing and crabbing violations.

Among the infractions alleged: taking fish during closed seasons, taking fish during spawning seasons, taking fish in closed areas, exceeding daily catch limits and possession of female crabs. Violators can be suspended from one month to a full year, but the accused have a right to request a hearing before an administrative law judge.

DNR Secretary John R. Griffin called the violations a breech of the public's trust and said he hoped the suspensions serve as a warning to would-be violators.

The crackdown on sports anglers comes after DNR got lawmakers to approve stiffer penalties and suspensions for recreational fishing violations as well as commercial infractions.
It's about damn time.  One of the contentions that commercial fishermen always raise when conservationists want the licenses of serious commercial violators revoked is that (in the past) only commercial fisherman have faced license revocations.  This, at last, may remove that objection.

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