Thursday, September 29, 2011

EPA Inspector General: We Cheated to Make CO2 a Priority

EPA cut corners on climate finding
The Obama administration cut corners before concluding that climate-change pollution can endanger human health, a key finding underpinning costly new regulations, an internal government watchdog said Wednesday.
The report said EPA should have followed a more extensive review process for a technical paper supporting its determination that greenhouse gases pose dangers to human health and welfare, a finding that ultimately compelled it to issue controversial and expensive regulations to control greenhouse gases for the first time.

"While it may be debatable what impact, if any, this had on EPA's finding, it is clear that EPA did not follow all the required steps," Inspector General Arthur A. Elkins, Jr. said in a statement Wednesday.
But they already knew the answer they wanted.  The rest was just detail.  Save the people a little money and skip the dirty work.

How convenient that the EPA believes it needs to hire 230,000 more people (and spend $21 billion, with a "B" annually to enforce it's CO2 regulations, increasing it's number of employees more than 10-fold.

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