Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Stale Link Dump!

Is that small a dead mouse in the wall, or all those old links I never got around to making a real post out of?  Time to get a bunch of these out before they liquefy.

165 People Missing off Cruise Ships - I smell a bad movie plot in the making.

Is Yawning a Way to Cool the Brain? - My brain must run hot.

Why Older Women Lust - A BS explanation of the 'Cougar' phenomenon.

Do TIGERS like catnip? -The one in this video does.

'Buffett Rule' Wouldn't Bring In Much Revenue - But then, that's not the point, is it?

Times Atlas is 'wrong on Greenland climate change' - Can you guess which direction?

Shark Molecule Kills Human Viruses, Too - Of course, massive doses of it make you eat everything.

Guns Better Than Gold? - Some of them.

Boys reach sexual maturity younger and younger - Too soon oldt, too late schmart.

Can Lack of Sleep Ruin Your Marriage? - Maybe not, but it can get it part way there.

Accidental sea turtle deaths drop 90 percent in U.S. fisheries - The excluder devices really work.

Birth control pills affect memory - Your brain is chemical, not an electronic hard drive.

Are carrots orange for political reasons? - Well, that's one theory.  They used to have purple ones.

Raising a child -Village not required, may not even help.

Humpback Whale Sex - 10 ft penises and vaginas covered with barnacles - Fun!

Scientists discover switch that turns white fat brown  - Brown fat burns calories.

Evolutionary mystery of female orgasm deepens  - Adaptive value, or a vestige of male orgasm: Who cares?

Setting the record straight about MMR vaccinations and autism - No, vaccinations don't cause autism, just stop, please!

Team finds new 'evidence' of dark matter  - If this theory is right, the universe is full of WIMPS.

Clouds help cool the Earth - And it seemed so obvious. 

“Most people are simply not designed to eat pasta” - And yet so many of them do.

Strippers Help Australian Youth Football Team Celebrate A Big Win  - Australians, almost as odd as Japanese...

The Loneliest Plant In The World  - But it never complains.

Why we're right to trust our gut instincts - Because our instincts are better than our brains?

Ladies, Be Prepared To Fall In Love If You Have Sex  - Damn hormones.

Women Gain Weight After Wedding, Men After Divorce - I got nothing on this one.

Men believe discussing problems is a waste of time - Well, duh!!!! 

The statistical error that just keeps on coming  - One reason for Fritz's Law.

Did Amy Winehouse die trying to come clean? - Amy Winehouse: Dad Speculates on Cause of Death.

Can Vitamin C treat Alzheimer's? -  Treatment with vitamin C dissolves protein aggregates in Alzheimer's disease

Well, that should help a little. 

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