Saturday, September 17, 2011

We Survived (So Far)!

The wedding ordeal, that is.  Thursday, Georgia took my mother, her sister and brother-in-law, and Ted's wife up to Frederick to visit Mom's kin, while I stayed home to buy liquor for the wedding reception and to take Skye to Megan's Doggy Spa for the weekend.  On Friday morning I dropped Skye off, gassed the Subaru, and dropped by Beuhler's for the last 50 bottles of beer the car could hold. 

With the poor car struggling like a drunken turtle, I headed off to meet up with the merry band, fresh off the graveyard tour in Frederick.  We met at the rest stop between Frederick and Hagerstown, redistributed passengers (I got 1) and proceeded to Pennsylvania.

The wedding rehearsal was scheduled for 5 PM in a park in Canonsburg, and when we got into a traffic jam on I79 outside of WashPA, it was evident we were going to be close.  After a few cell phone calls (what was the world like before them?) we found an alternate route, snuck into the hotel at the Meadowlands in time to drop non-participants off, and rush to the rehearsal dressed in our grubby, liquor loading traveling clothes.

We were only a few minutes late, and everyone was gracious about it. After the rehearsal, we ran back to the motel, dressed, grabbed everyone else, and headed back to the rehearsal dinner.  I gave my "father of the groom" toast, we ate drank and made merry until 9:30 ish. At which point the group split several ways.  Kelly and the girls went somewhere girls go, while Alex and his friend left to go to a bar with what they hoped was good music WashPA.  Us old farts decided to go back to the hotel, get less fancy clothes back on, and go over to the casino across the street to have a couple of drinks, and listen to the band de jour.  The band of the night was "Bon Journey" and you might be able to guess what kind of songs they played.  They were pretty good, for what they did, which wasn't really my era of music.  Drinks were had, and we made home around midnight.

Today, we're off to the wedding venue to figure out what to do with all the booze, set up chairs.  But first, we're off to Penny's Pike Street Diner for breakfast.

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