Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Murphys Butterflies

Not a lot going on today, but I did get out to check out the butterflies visiting Dad's Butterfly Bush.  Here is a nice Painted Lady. I had been hoping for a West Coast Lady, but even this is new for the year, as I have not seen anything but American Ladies at home. In that bush the pattern is almost camouflage. Maybe tomorrow.
This is my greatest puzzle. It's either a Funereal or a Mournful Duskywing, from the wide white fringe on the end of the wing, but the descriptions don't do much to distinguish them. I'll send photos to BOMA for ID, but if it's like last year they won't be able to tell either. Maybe I've got both.

The most common is a Fiery Skipper. There are usually several males fighting over the perfect perch to watch for the ladies. Alas, there are no ladies.

An Orange Sulphur, which I might have called a Clouded Sulphur, except that they are not supposed to occur here. I also had a frustrating enounter with either a California Sister or A Lorquin's Admiral, who stopped briefly, but not long enough to photograph, or even tell the difference.

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