Sunday, January 1, 2023

The Counting of the Year Jar

By a rough count, 4012 teeth, weighing 4 lbs 1 oz (or for metric buffs, 1.83 kg). Fewer teeth than last year, by a lot, but more weight, thanks to Georgia's Megs.

There may be several reasons for fewer total teeth. The log across the top of Matoaka has kept us from walking as far as we usually did before, and frankly, the high tides and sandy beaches have been less generous. Still, that's a lot of stuff.
Also, numerous other things, sting ray barbs, mouth plates and scutes, dolphin teeth and ear bones and a cookie, Geoduck pearls, shark and fish vertebrae, fish tails, drum and other fish teeth, and many, many crab claws (largest and smallest shown). 

1 comment:

  1. With all those shark's teeth, you could really use a better story than you "found them".
    Maybe start out out "back in the day..." and/or "I was an on a tramp streamer in the south Pacific...".
    You can mention knives, swimming, palm trees & the sharks themselves, native girls are never out of place in those stories ... you get the gist.
    Now if you had a good scar ... :-)

    Thanks for helping my 2022 and have a great 2023!