Monday, January 23, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Secret Scandal Growing

It Looks Like Biden's Classified Documents Scandal Is About To Explode, said PJ Media's Matt Margolis, hopefully. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hare, FBI "discovers" even more classified docs at Biden home. This is the Friday lot. At Da Wire, Experts Weigh In On FBI Search Of Biden Home: He Consented Because ‘There Was Probable Cause Of Crimes.’ At Da Mail, FBI is weighing up 'whether to seek searches' of Biden's other homes after DOJ finds six MORE classified documents at his Wilmington house: House Oversight Committee promises to probe President's finances in 'next phase' of its investigation, now that Joe and his lawyers have had a chance to scrub the Rehobeth house.  Althouse whines It's getting harder and harder to speak news alerts out loud these days. "As I'm writing this post, Meade calls out to me, "What's happening in the news?" So I say, "They found more documents." And he's all: "Yeah, I saw that." So I say — in the interest of taking this post in a fanciful direction — "But these are new new documents, they just found them." And he said: "WHAAAAAT?!"  So I questioned him about where that "WHAAAAAT?!" came from and he said he had this vision of Biden walking around and wherever he goes, papers are falling off him."

Nick Arama at Red State notes Biden Center Classified Docs Were at Another D.C. Location, Moved by Person Recommended by Hunter. Michael Shellenberger reminds us Classified Documents Were At Joe Biden Residence While Hunter Biden Took Millions For “Representing The F**king Spy Chief Of China,” "Hunter was intoxicated and having blackouts — and just feet away from classified documents — during period he was taking money from men tied to Chinese military intelligence." The Victory Girls note Biden Took Classified Documents While Senator. Sundance at CTH presents Sunday Talks, HPSCI Chair Mike Turner Discusses Latest in Biden Classified Document Issue.

Stacey Matthews at LI finds Talking Heads Strangely Quiet on Biden After More Classified Docs Found at Delaware Home. Insty  sees THE NEW SPIN: Biden doesn’t have a classified documents problem, the government has an overclassification problem. Huh, I don’t remember this argument being made on Trump’s behalf. Not strictly true, conservatives made the point with Trump, but the media pooh-poohed it. It's true, but until we know the nature of the documents in both cases, it may or may not apply. At Da Caller, Sen. Joe Manchin Says Biden’s Handling Of Classified Material Is ‘Irresponsible’ and at WaEx, Senate Dem Dick Durbin says elected officials bear 'responsibility' for classified materials. I think the FBI needs to raid all Senators homes, and see what they can find. I'll bet lots of them have done something similar. Also at WaEx, Liz Stauffer complains Not all special counsel investigations are created equally. Trump's SC given carte blanche, while Biden's is strictly limited to documents, and not Hunter. I'm still waiting for the classic photo of Biden's secrets spilled out on the floor, like they did with Trump.

Joe Curl at Da Wire ponders Are Democrats Trying To Take Biden Out Before 2024? Jazz Shaw speculates Huh. So Ron Klain is on the way out. Why now? "Seeing Klain head to the exits at just this moment projects the image that something isn’t right inside the Oval Office. It further feeds into the impression that things aren’t going well and Uncle Joe probably shouldn’t announce that he’s running for a second term."  Twitchy thinks Monica Crowley gets WAY too honest about why Ron Klain is REALLY bailing on Biden and Lefties can’t DEALMonica Crowley@MonicaCrowley "Biden’s Chief of Staff and longtime aide Ron Klain plans to resign. As we’ve been saying: they want Biden gone." NYPo, Jeff Zients to replace Ron Klain as President Biden’s chief of staff: report. At PM, Jeff Zients to replace Ron Klain as Biden's chief of staff. "Jeff Zients, who built the Biden pandemic playbook that has led to 700,000+ deaths on the administration’s watch, now coming back to presumably oversee more of the same,"  

Stacy McCain covers THE ATLANTA RIOT: Out-of-State Anarchists Torch Police Vehicle.  Georgia’s attorney general, Chris Carr@ChrisCarr_Ga "To the Atlanta Media: Peaceful protestors use words. Rioters smash windows, set police cars on fire & shoot law enforcement officers. Stop calling these people protesters." Nick Arama sees Media Claims 'Largely Peaceful Protest' in Atlanta, Mayor Quickly Demolishes That. At Twitchy, Katherine Clark’s tweet about ‘daughter’ Jared Riley Clark’s arrest for assaulting cop a REAL humdinger. "Democrat House Minority Whip Katherine Clark’s ‘daughter’, Jared Riley Clark, was arrested last night for assaulting a cop during the Antifa riots. Yes, Katherine is the Democrat who claimed her child had nightmares about the climate."Katherine Clark@RepKClark "Last night, my daughter was arrested in Boston, Massachusetts. I love Riley, and this is a very difficult time in the cycle of joy and pain in parenting. This will be evaluated by the legal system, and I am confident in that process."  I hear they're rioting in Portland, too, but nobody really cares anymore.

John Hinderacker at Power Line discourses on The Real January 6.
The January 6th protest was milder than any of the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots the summer before, and led to no serious destruction of Capitol artifacts. But the Democrats en masse pretended to be horrified. They denounced the protest as an “armed insurrection” and compared it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and other enemy attacks on the United States which resulted in thousands of deaths.

When it was pointed out that no arms were found on the protesters, the Democrats simply dropped the term “armed” but still referred to the demonstration as an “insurrection” – i.e., treason. They made no effort to explain how one could mount an insurrection without arms. Obviously one can’t. Nonetheless, they accused Trump of inciting the “insurrection” even though no Trump sentence could be twisted enough to substantiate the charge. Democrats condemned him and attempted to prosecute him and even consign him to public oblivion. They passed resolutions seeking to bar him from public office, also saying that no public building or monument should bear his name – not even “a park bench.”

To seal their indictment, they claimed that five Capitol police officers were killed during the protest. The actual number was zero. Two years later, Joe Biden and Hakeem Jeffries were making the same false claim. They even created a poster-boy to support their lie, claiming that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, was killed by a blow to the head from a fire extinguisher wielded by a protester during the January 6th event. In fact, no such incident occurred. Sicknick died on January 7th in his bed at home from natural causes.

Officer Sicknick was actually an ardent Trump supporter. This didn’t prevent the Democrats from staging a Potemkin-style funeral, bestowing the honor on Sicknick’s corpse of lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda while Democrat leaders praised and mourned him as a martyr killed by Trumpian insurrectionists while defending the Capitol.

Only one person was killed on January 6th – Ashli Babbitt – a forty-year-old five-foot tall unarmed woman and 14-year air force veteran. She can be seen on video tape standing among several Capitol Police officers threatening no one, when an outstretched arm holding a firearm is also seen on the same tape taking aim at Ashli and murdering her in cold blood.

Jazz Shaw again,  Santos: Okay, I dressed like a woman but I wasn't a drag queen, and judging from the pictures, he's pretty good at it. 

ET reports the Vermont Supreme Court OKs Noncitizen Voting in Municipal Elections. Camel's nose. 

At JTN, Nevada school district sued after 15-year-old girl asked to read sexual lesbian monologue in class, "Speech contained “obscenely violent pornographic” material, suit claims." Althouse finds "It’s politically weird to be a very liberal Democrat and find yourself shoved in bed with, like, the governor of Texas. Am I supposed to listen to Tucker Carlson?" "Said one parent, quoted in "When Students Change Gender Identity, and Parents Don’t Know/Educators are facing wrenching new tensions over whether they should tell parents when students socially transition at school" (NYT)."

NYPo hosts How Glenn Youngkin plans to end efforts to deny merit-based scholarships

In light of these recent reports, I proposed this week HB 2426 to eliminate the withholding of any recognition, award, or postsecondary scholarship eligibility earned by Virginia students. With this legislation, parents and students will be notified immediately about these honors without the risk of losing earned opportunities.

Sundance,  2023, The Year of The Great DC UniParty Getting Exposed – Example Coming with Biden and McConnell Making Deal on Debt Ceiling

Alex Bolton atop Da Hill warns Tensions between Musk, Democrats flare with Trump’s expected return to Twitter. At Based Politics, a rhetorical question, ‘Facebook Files’: Was the government pressuring Facebook to censor, too? Oh hell, yes. At HE, Jeff Bermant thinks It’s Time For A Truly Censorship-Free Search Engine

Make no mistake about it: Google is an enemy of free speech.

There are, of course, other search engines on the internet. For example, many conservatives have touted DuckDuckGo as a good alternative to Google - a search engine that supposedly doesn’t censor or manipulate its results.

But how different is DuckDuckGo from Google?

Well, their CEO has already admitted to manipulating its search function to push so-called “disinformation” down in the results. And a look at DuckDuckGo's search tabs also shows that conservative outlets such as the Daily Caller, Breitbart, and Newsmax have been completely banned in favor of liberal outlets.

The truth is, DuckDuckGo is hardly better than Google when it comes to political censorship.

It’s time for a real alternative. That’s why I’m launching TUSK Search, a search engine that puts free speech first.

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