Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Moose Saved In South River

 Bay Mag, Navy Coach’s Dog Rescued From Icy Water After Community-Wide Search

When Moose the dog escaped from a waterfront neighborhood over the holidays, several hundred members of the community around Annapolis were trying to help find him. The Aussiedoodle was finally spotted in a bad situation—trapped in ice.

His owner, the Naval Academy’s head water polo coach, is a very strong swimmer. But as Cheryl Costello learns, even strong swimmers risk their lives going into an icy cold waterway. 

I hope I would have looked around quickly for a better solution. 

One time, many years ago, my son and I (and our first dog Sybil, half shepherd and half husky) ventured out on the ice at the beach. It was plenty thick enough to hold us up, but while we were out there, the tide lifted the ice off the shore. It was only about a 10 foot gap, and less than waist deep, but that was one cold walk home, in the days before cell phones. Sybil was just fine.

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