Sunday, January 15, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - More Biden Secrets Found

This is getting way past funny. Anytime they look around somewhere the Big Guy has squatted they seem to find secrets files scattered around, obviously in having been taken out of the boxes they were no doubt shipped in and used for some unknown reason. That's either 3 or 4 occurrences, depending on how they are counted now. Capt. Ed at Haut Hare, BREAKING: Still more classified documents found in Biden home. NRO, Five More Pages of Classified Documents Discovered at President Biden’s Home. Nick Arama at Red State, NEW: It's Getting Worse—Even More Classified Documents Found at Biden Home. Spencer Brown at Town Hall, White House Caught in Another Lie As More Classified Documents Surface in Biden's House. Sundance at CTH, Well, Lookie There, Another Batch of Biden Classified Documents Found and Announced Today. These keep getting found by "the President's lawyers", who for some reason have been tasked with cleaning up the mess, and not the FBI, which does not seem especially interested looking for them. Insty, cites COCKBURN: Ten other places Joe Biden should check for classified documents and the Babylon Bee, Yet Another Stash Of Classified Documents Discovered During Biden’s Colonoscopy.

Matt Margolis at PJ Media CONFIRMS Joe Biden Did Have Documents Classified as ‘Top Secret’. 'Bonchie' at Red State explores The Real Scandal Behind Joe Biden's Classified Documents Scandal. "Things get a lot worse when Hunter Biden enters the picture, and with this classified documents scandal, he has now entered the picture like the Kool-Aid man. Miranda Devine@mirandadevine, "In 2018 Hunter Biden claimed he owned the house where Joe Biden kept classified documents alongside his Corvette in the garage Via @jj_talking" and 

For some reason, Hunter Biden claimed that he was paying $49,910 in rent for Joe Biden’s Delaware residence. The house itself is only worth $2,000,000 in today’s market (and was built for a fraction of that). Why was Hunter Biden paying $49,910 in rent to his father? Where did all that money go? There’s been a lot of speculation about how Biden’s son, who is currently facing a criminal investigation for tax fraud, may have funneled cash to his father. That speculation picked up several years ago after a mention of “10 percent for the Big Guy” was found in one of Hunter Biden’s emails. Paying a comically large amount of “rent” to Joe Biden would seem to be a little suspicious, would it not?

Breitbart reports Biden Admin Officials Blame National Archives for Joe Biden’s Classified Document Scandal. Anybody but Biden.

Althouse, "Biden’s Document Blunder Is Nothing Like Trump’s Crime." "That's not sarcastic. It's sincere. It's Jonathan Chait (at New York Magazine)." Mediaite, CNN’s Chris Wallace Flat-Out Says ‘Joe Biden Absolutely Should Not Come Out At This Point’ And Talk About Classified Docs. At NewsBusters, ABC Laments Docs Probe ‘Interrupts’ Biden’s ‘Good Run’; CBS Continues to Hammer WH. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, Karine Jean-Pierre's Last Brain Cell Has Left the Building as Peter Doocy Reveals the Question the WH Was Trying to Avoid by Skipping Over Him (Nick Arama), “Why is President Biden going to Wilmington today, isn’t that a potential crime scene?” Matt Vespa at Town Hall hears Dem Allies to Biden on Classified Doc Scandal: What the Hell Happened, Old Man. At Fox, Former Mueller prosecutor: White House 'digging a hole deeper' by failing to answer classified doc questions."The WH keeps digging a hole deeper: they have failed to answer so many questions, which is very strange if this is all an innocent mistake," says Andy Weissmann? Also, Biden's 'irresponsible' handling of classified docs bigger 'leakage' risk than Trump's, experts say, "'There were absolutely no additional measures to safeguard and protect the information,' says one expert of Biden's storage of classified materials" Not true, the garage was locked, at least most of the time. At Twitchy, Mueller, She Wrote asserts that there’s no evidence that Biden possessed these classified documents "“To prove possession, you need to show intent.” Is she suggesting Biden’s so senile he never intended to stash classified documents from his vice presidency in his office at the Penn Biden Center and in his house and garage?" Seth Barrett Tillman at The New Reform Club has Some Biden-related questions no one seems to be asking?  "Can President Biden ratify his past conduct by retroactively declassifying the documents? Can the President pardon his own prior conduct, particularly where the conduct arises in connection with his former service in another administration? . . . " Lawyerly musings, usually settled by the Supreme Court, if at all. Mike Miller at Red State, Are the Walls Closing in on Joe Biden? At News Week, Josh Hammer opines, Is the Deep State Coming After Joe Biden? It's entirely possible. Insty, WHAT WERE THEY COVERING UP, EXACTLY?  Paul Sperry@paulsperry_ "AG Garland's decision to raid a former president's home will go down as one of the most ill-advised decisions in DOJ history Who was his counselor? Maggie Goodlander. Who's she? The wife of Biden's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who feared Trump had Iran nuke deal docs"

Althouse is appalled, Should Hunter Biden's daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, be allowed to change her name to Navy Joan Biden?
Hunter Biden — who is confirmed to be the father and pays child support — says no, reported in "Hunter Biden asks court to stop love child from taking his sullied surname" (NY Post).

The mother, Lunden Roberts, argues that the name change will be good for the child, because it is "synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute and politically powerful."

Hunter Biden's argument is that the name isn't good!

At Fox, Democrats push to amend Constitution so 16-year-olds can vote "House Democrats did nothing to advance similar proposal when they controlled Congress last year"  Insty quips "THEY NEED GUILLIBLE, UNINFORMED VOTERS: Democrats push to amend Constitution so 16-year-olds can vote. I would tie the drinking and gun-owning age to the voting age."

Ryan King at WaEx, Democrats renew calls for Jan. 6 memorial in Capitol. What, a statue of Buffalo Horns dude?

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