Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Oregon, My Oregon

From the Post Millennial, Oregon pledges to affirm sex changes for kids as reading proficiency plummets

On Thursday, the Oregon Department of Education released guidance for schools to better support "Gender Expansive Students" that include bathroom and pronoun policies aligned with radical gender ideology and include links for minors to seek "gender-affirming healthcare"

LibsofTikTok posted "Oregon Dept of Education released new guidelines on affirming LGBTQ+ students. They promote the use of pronouns, using bathrooms based on gender identity, and support 'gender affirming care' for minors. It also provides links to kids with info on 'tucking' & 'chest binding'." 
Oregon Department of Education Director Colt Gill said, "It is our responsibility to move beyond mere tolerance and inclusion toward respectful, affirming, and celebratory school communities where all students belong and succeed."

The new guidance comes as a growing number of Oregon students are falling behind in their reading proficiency.

According to Oregon Live, "A staggering 61 percent of third graders and 54 percent of seventh graders aren’t fully proficient at reading, including 30 percent of seventh-graders found to be substantially below grade level" in the Beaver State.

The measures of success according to the guidance include telling students, "You have the ability to change your first name in your school record and student information system, without legal documentation" and "You have the ability to change your sex/gender marker in your school record and student information system." "You have the ability to use school restrooms and changing rooms that align with your gender identity or safety needs," according to the guidance.

The guidance also includes informing students they can "date who you want, if you want" and can form student groups focused on LGBTQ2SIA+. The plan offers textbooks and guidance to students so they can learn "inclusive and affirming information about the LGBTQ2SIA+" community and inform the students they can participate in "sports, PE, and school activities according to your gender identity."

"If you are 15 or older, you have the ability to seek gender-affirming healthcare from an Oregon medical provider," according to the list of resources, which also remind students they can seek mental health resources if they are 14 or over and get birth control if they are "any age."

They continue to vote poorly.  

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