Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - DOJ Bombs in Abortion Dad Case

I'm going to Capt. Ed at Haut Hare first, BREAKING: Federal jury acquits pro-life activist of DoJ's FACE act charges "Good. It’s a just verdict in a case that never should have been brought in the first place. A jury has acquitted Mark Houck of violating the FACE Act after an altercation near an abortion clinic so minor that local authorities refused to prosecute."  Greg Price@greg_price11 "The Biden administration sent 30 FBI agents to Mark Houck's house and arrested him in front of his wife and seven children. The case had been thrown out of a district court the year prior. Today, he was found not guilty." Da Caller, Father Raided By FBI Found Not Guilty Of Federal Charges Alleging He Assaulted Abortion Worker. PM, Pro-Life activist Mark Houck found NOT GUILTY in Philadelphia. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, The Biden/Garland Rogue FBI Takes One on the Chin. At Catholic News Agency, (cited at Haut Hare), "I'm George Bailey today". It took me a while to figure that one out; I was never a big fan of the movie. Look, abortion isn't my thing, but I think that after Dobbs, DOJ went hunting for anti-abortion scalps, and found a convenient one in Mark Houck, and they stretched the FACE act to charge him. This is a well earned rebuke to the Biden/Garland DOJ.

'Bonchie' at Red State thinks a Legal Filing Exposes FBI Involvement in January 6thKyle Cheney@kyledcheney "Proud Boy Ethan Nordean’s attorney reveals that prosecutors filed a sealed motion last night asking the judge to restrict defense questions about FBI confidential sources and their involvement w the group ahead of Jan. 6"  "So they want to use information from these informants to help throw a person in jail, but they don’t want to allow the defense to question said informants or how they got their information. How very on-brand for the federal government." WaPoo happy that For one Proud Boys tracker, trial offers long-awaited accountability "For years, Megan Squire warned about the Proud Boys’ mobilization to violence. Now, she’s watching them stand trial over the U.S. Capitol attack." If she were right-wing she'd be called a conspiracy theorist. At Am Great, the redoubtable Julie Kelly says Tyre Nichols Isn’t the Only Victim Entitled to the Truth " Americans deserve to see all of the police body camera footage from January 6, not just cherry-picked excerpts confirming the government narrative." At JTN, FBI still seeking help identifying hundreds suspected in connection with Jan. 6 Capitol breach. "The FBI is racing against the clock as the statute of limitations for most federal criminal offenses is five years."

According to John Sexton, 'Forest Defenders' aren't heroes no matter how hard the media tries, citing an article from Teen Vogue. But the WaPoo has one that's nearly as awful, In Atlanta, a deadly forest protest sparks debate over ‘domestic terrorism’ Sister Toldja at Red State finds Lauren Boebert Drops Inconvenient Truths on Maxine Waters After 'Domestic Terrorist' Swipe. “Maxine Waters says that we have House Republicans who are domestic terrorists. Interesting, as I don’t remember anyone in the House who has called for more violence than Maxine Waters,” Boebert tweeted. At Da Fed, Tristan Justice reveals Records Show Interior Dept. Officials Knew Climate Protesters Might Turn Violent But Didn’t Stop Them. Protestors invade the DOI building in DC, and injured numerous policemen. I don't remember a media fuss, do you?

At Ace, Bill Kristol's Money-Grifting Gollum Jonathan V. Last: You Know Who's Really Implicated by The Arrest of Crossfire Hurricane FBI Agent Charles McGonical for Taking Money from a Russian Oligarch? Donald Trump, That's Who.  At Techno Fog's Substack, The New York Times’ attack on Special Counsel Durham. "Revisionist History from Collusion Perpetrators."

At Fox, Biden tells Congress he'll end COVID-19 emergencies on May 11 "House Republican plan to vote on resolutions this week that would end COVID-19 emergency declarations immediately." AP, President Biden to end COVID-19 emergencies on May 11. Why not now? Having an emergency is so handy.

At the Free Bacon, Senior Biden Official Stood To Profit From Canceling Alaska Oil Leases, Watchdog Charges, "Nada Wolff Culver's failure to divest was an 'egregious’ ethics violation, according to complaint." According to Straight Arrow News, US lost 287,000 jobs while government was reporting +1 million in gains. Lies, damn lies and statistics. At Twitchy, Several House Republicans join pile-on that’s crushing Biden’s EV ‘savings’ tweet

At PJ Media Matt Margolis fears Warning Signs Indicate a Great Depression May Be Coming. “To keep up with inflation, consumers are depleting their savings and burning through the ‘stimulus’ checks they received during 2020 and 2021. Credit card debt continues growing, while savings plummeted $1.6 trillion last year, falling below 2009 levels.” David Strom at Haut Hare makes the case that Biden poll numbers are more abysmal than you think.

At Am Think Russ McSwain thinks he makes The Case against Trump 2024 and Vince Coyner wonders 
Is Donald Trump Worth The Fight? At Haut Hare, Jazz Shaw wonders is this The DeSantis "knockout blow" for Trump? Vaccines? I'm leaning DeSantis; I believe Trump has too many negatives, but vaccines aren't the reason.

Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed reports Virginia Committee Passes Parental Rights Bill After School Coverup Of Teen’s Dysphoria Enabled Sex Trafficking. Summitt News, Video: Mother Reads Shocking Gay Porn Material Found In Minnesota School Direct To Board Members "Disgusted officials call for emergency intervention after hearing graphic passages" This needs to be done over an over, at all schools. Insty, JESSE SINGAL: On Teachers Letting Kids Transition Gender While Keeping It A Secret From Their Parents. "I have a simple solution: Teachers and administrators shall be personally liable, with no applicable governmental immunity, for damage done to children due to negligence, malfeasance, or misfeasance, but no such liability shall apply to any circumstance about which parents have been fully informed." Cathy Salgado at PJ Media, Utah Educators and Union Officials Caught Boasting of Secretly Teaching CRT. Dave Catron at Am Spec thinks DEI Has Already Killed Public Education "Leftist indoctrination begins in elementary school and continues through college graduation."

Ace rolled over and noticed FBI Seized Biden Notebooks That May Contain Classified Information "So irresponsible." Bongino suspects Did Somebody Flip on Joe Biden? Hunter may have a subconscious desire to get the old man. From Da Wire, Sen. Cruz Calls On FBI To Search Hunter Biden’s Home, Office For Classified Documents. NewsMax cites Rep. Comer: Must Probe Whether Biden Used Classified Docs for Profit. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, Justice Department Responds To Jim Jordan’s Demands In Biden Docs Probe  Big nope. At Fox, DOJ tells Jordan disclosing info on Biden documents probe to Congress would jeopardize investigation. CNS News, House Intelligence Chair: Ability of Congress to Compel Classified Document Production 'Is Absolute', but will he take it to the Supreme Court? Victory Girls interpret  DOJ: Senators Will Get Classified Document Info, Someday after Biden safely out of office. 

Jonathon Turley wants to know Does the “Word of a Biden” Extend to the Biden Delaware Documents? "If President Biden is ready to embrace transparency, he can start by finally dropping his opposition to any review of his senatorial documents. At a minimum, the FBI should request access to determine if his violation of classified rules extends to this mountain of material given to the university." The divine Miranda Devine at NYPo finds Majority of voters, including Democrats, believe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents is a scandal,  "But even more damning for the president is that 60% of all voters believe it is likely that information from those classified documents “was used by Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in his foreign business deals.” Fully 44% believe it is “very likely.” From JTN a confusing headline, Most Americans think Biden administration handling classified document probe well, poll "More Americans think Biden is handling the investigation "very badly" than those who think he is handling it "very well." At ET, National Intelligence Chief Expresses Concerns About ‘Overclassification’ of Documents. It's a concern, but to raise it now is well, awfully convenient. At Bongino, Revealed: Identity of Unnamed Albanian Official Listed in Indictment of Ex-FBI Official May Be Hunter Biden Link. Mike Cutler at Front Page wonders  about A Former FBI Counterintelligence Chief and Russian Collusion, "What other cases handled by Charles McGonigal might have been tainted by malfeasance or corruption?" They need to look, but they won't. The FBI superstructure has become corrupt, it needs to be destroyed to be saved.

Duane Patterson at Haut Hare VIP, I kinda like this Speaker Kevin McCarthy fellow. I have no doubt he'll disappoint us sooner or later. Breitbart reports Gaetz says House’s New Rules Supported by Populists on the Left Like AOC.  “These new rules will last long past my time in Congress or Kevin McCarthy’s as speaker, and they democratize the process so that individual members can offer amendments, can target spending for reductions.” JTN, WH dismisses McCarthy saying Medicare, Social Security cuts 'off the table' in debt ceiling talk. "The White House says the House GOP saying it wants to "strengthen" entitlement programs is code for plans to cut them." The old "throw Grandma off the cliff" meme. At Breitbart, Biden Touts $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Spending Spree as He Refuses Debt Ceiling Negotiations. A trillion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money.

The Telegraph telegraphs Musk to take on PayPal as Twitter prepares to launch online payments, "Social media company forms operation to become PayPal rival" Interesting in as much as Musk was a PayPal founder, and PayPal has recently moved into the woke world that Musk is taking Twitter out of.

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