Friday, January 6, 2023

Forget It Maurice, It's Baltimore

At Am Great, Maurice Richards thinks Baltimore Is Reviving, But the Road to Recovery Is Long. "Charm City’s citizens are waking up and standing up. They know that regime change is the only way to save their families and their city.

Baltimore stands atop all the cities infested by leftist ideology, policies, and government. This city provides the clearest example of the results of complete leftist Democratic domination and the model of what they want the rest of America to look like. But there is also good news. Baltimore also shows what can happen when people rise up to make a change.

On January 3, Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s radical leftist state’s attorney, left office. Mosby implemented pro-criminal policies that transformed “Charm City” into the most lawless large city in America. Homicides, shootings, carjackings, robberies, and illegal drug-related disorder rose to unprecedented levels. Mosby’s legacy of human destruction includes almost 8,200 people murdered or wounded by gunfire.

Mosby was a George Soros-backed prosecutor who believes the American criminal justice system is illegitimate, systemically racist, and must be dismantled through subversive “de-prosecution” policies. She is driven by a leftist-elite worldview that criminals are victims and police are criminals. Consequently, Mosby treated the actual victims of crime—overwhelmingly black—as collateral damage to be ignored in the quest for “social justice.”

Mosby’s primary objective was to keep Baltimore’s criminals out of jail. This is exactly what she did through her policies of non-prosecution of crimes, dropping of felony charges, and plea deals. The results were deadly.

Homicides skyrocketed 62 percent during her first year in office alone. Since then, the body count has totaled 2,653 killed—more than 300 a year during each year she has been in office. In addition to the murders, 5,523 people have been shot non-fatally. Black people in blue cities are overwhelmingly victims of the violent crime caused by leftist policies. Ninety-five percent of all Baltimore’s homicide and shooting victims have been black.

Other Mosby policies have torn apart the social fabric of neighborhoods in other ways. In the name of “social justice” and “racial equity” Mosby arbitrarily refused to prosecute “quality-of-life” crimes. These include possession with intent to distribute dangerous drugs, drug possession, street prostitution, trespassing, open alcohol, urinating and defecating in public, and theft from vehicles. Meanwhile, misdemeanor drug arrests decreased 91 percent. Open-air drug markets now operate around the clock.

Squeegee thugs with no fear of prosecution coerce and extort money from motorists with impunity. The police have abandoned many neighborhoods and surrendered the streets to the criminals. The elderly and decent families live in fear.

Mosby turned the city into a war zone. More people have been killed in Baltimore on her watch than the number of American soldiers killed in combat during the entire 20-year war in Afghanistan.

And Mosby’s pro-criminal policies are directly to blame. A recent study by Sean Kennedy of the Maryland Public Policy Institute, examined 110 homicide suspects since 2015. Kennedy’s investigation revealed that the vast majority of these offenders had already been convicted of serious crimes before committing the homicide. However, instead of being incarcerated they were still on the street and able to kill because Mosby had ensured that they had not served their eligible sentences.

Just because they managed to get rid of Mosby (with a little help from Federal prosecutors) is not evidence that Baltimore is on a road to recovery. I'm quite confident that they can find someone even worse. 

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