Thursday, January 12, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Some Thursday DIY - New Biden Files Found

Well, I was pretty sure this was going to happen. More top secret files were found squirreled away at another one of Joe Biden's many secondary offices. The hubris that goes with being a Democrat high-flier is that you don't believe you have to live by the same rules as the little guys.  Plus, the Biden's collectively, Joe, Hunter and Ashley, seem to be awfully careless with their possessions. I've got to go DIY today, but the story is at the top.

Biden aides find second batch of classified documents at new location
BREAKING: More Classified Biden Docs Found in New Location
Biden aides discover another batch of classified documents in a different location as KJP dodges questions – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Biden Aides Discover a Small, Tiny, Hardly-Worth-Mentioning Second Batch of Classified Documents At Second Location
More Classified Documents Found at Second Biden Stash House - The Last Refuge
Report: Biden's Mishandled Docs Include Materials Related to Iran, Ukraine
Ace of Spades HQ Surprise! Biden's Stash of Classified Documents Included Top Secret Files on... Ukraine and Iran
Democrat Senate Intel Chief Demands Briefing on Biden's Stashed Classified Docs
Difference In Biden And Trump's Classified Docs Isn't What You Think
Jonathan Turley examines ‘surprise factor’ in ongoing discovery of classified Biden docs –
Biden Center at UPenn Received $54.6M from Anonymous Chinese Donations
'Differences' Between Biden, Trump Document Troubles Mean Little
Biden’s Closet: It is Not the Crime But the Clarity That Concerns the Press and Pundits – JONATHAN TURLEY
Peter Doocy Brings Down the House During Grilling of WH on Classified Docs – RedState
John Solomon Interviews President Trump About Biden Classified Document Story - The Last Refuge
Biden's priceless legal and political gift to Trump | Washington Examiner

Other Election Stuff


Sunlight Fellas, Sunlight! - Roadmap for 118th Congress Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government - The Last Refuge
Incoming GOP Oversight Chair Predicts How Long McCarthy Will Be Speaker | The Daily Caller
House Democrats intend to sit on all Republican select committees | Fox News
Conservative Republican: 'The Real Test for Us...Will Be...Debt Ceiling' | CNSNews
Massive Government Spending Will Exacerbate 2023 Economic Downturn: Analyst
Swalwell Gets Busted About Why He's Being Kicked off Intel Committee – RedState
Please enjoy this footage of GOP Rep. Byron Donalds wiping the floor with racist ignoramus Joy Reid –
Byron Donalds’ wife drops TRUTH BOMBS on the left – The Right Scoop
Lesley Stahl "embarrassed" by legislators actually deliberating – HotAir
McCarthy Sides With Santos: 'The Voters Elected Him' | Off The Press
Republican Leaders Call On Long Island Liar George Santos To Resign | Off The Press
Santos Responds, Says He Won't Resign | Off The Press

Elon Musk, Twitter and Social Media Censorship

Where are the "Facebook Files?" – HotAir
How Spooks Use Liberal Corporate Media To Police The Populist Left | The Daily Caller
Pfizer Board Member Lobbied Twitter to Censor Information About COVID Vaccine – Summit News
Biden Admin Pressured Facebook To Censor Tucker Carlson
It Looks Like There's More Fallout for Adam Schiff Following Last Week's Twitter Files Reveal
BREAKING: Trump SLAMS FBI over collusion with big tech as revealed in Twitter Files | The Post Millennial |
Elon Musk Is The John Durham Of 'Free Speech'

The Culture War

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