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Flotsam and Jetsam - Seriously, He Takes Very Classified Documents

I'm still relishing Biden's problems with top secret documents recovered from his "think tank" at U Penn (conveniently located in Washington DC and funded by China), and laying around in his Delaware garage, along with his prized Corvette. How about you?  Stacy McCain, Democrats: ‘It’s Different When We Do It!’ "I’m not paranoid. Just extremely cynical." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.13.23, Twitchy, Some Journos Concerned Classified Doc Scandal Making Life Harder For Great Biden Administration, Da Tech Guy, Parody: Russian Spies Seeking Classified Documents Surrender After Finding Biden’s Garage Locked, The Lid: Is The Justice Department Blackmailing President Joe Biden? (It would be in character), Power Line: Anybody vette this guy?  At Althouse, Breaking into an old man’s garage. Comfortably Smug@ComfortablySmug "The media is right — the BidenDocs scandal is nothing like Mar a Lago. What’s harder to break into? An exclusive private club with private security, cameras, a strict access list, and secret service protection… or an old man’s garage." From Twitchy, Tucker Carlson & Greg Gutfeld’s analyses of Biden’s classified document mess are *chef’s kiss*. The Babylon Bee, DOJ Indicts Trump For Biden’s Possession Of Classified Documents. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed notes Biden Turned Classified Documents Into A Scandal To Get Trump, But Who’s Laughing Now? At the Free Bacon, Betting Site Posts Odds for Location of Next Classified Biden Docs Discovery, "Site takes bets on whether classified documents will turn up on Metro, Buckingham Palace, Grand Canyon." At Twitchy, Brit Hume points out how it’s actually the Dems and Biden’s own FAULT he’s being investigated and LOL Brit Hume@brithume "The president and aides incessantly claim he takes classified documents "very seriously." But anyone of Biden's experience knows that classification marks are way overused. Yet having set their hair on fire over Trump's Mar A Lago papers, they now have to pretend otherwise."

But seriously folks.  Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page explores Dem Classified Capers, "From Biden and Clinton to Berger and the FBI. Let the revelations begin." Matt Margolis at PJ Media wants you to WATCH as Biden Pressed on Classified Documents Found in Garage, It Does Not Go Well. Breitbart has a brown acid Flashback: White House Refused to Disclose Joe Biden’s Visitor Logs from Delaware Residence. Hmmm. Virginia Kruta at Da Wire, Jonathan Turley Says ‘Corvette Excuse Won’t Cut It’ – Biden’s Claim He Didn’t Know About Docs Could Come Back To Bite Him, Spence Brown at Town Hall latches on to The 'Garage-Gate' Question Dana Perino Wants Karine Jean-Pierre to Answer "When did *you* know about these documents?" Benny Johnson@bennyjohnson "Even CNN reporters are losing it on KJP after she tries GASLIGHTING Americans on the White House's "transparency" on Biden's STOLEN classified docs" 'Bonchie' at Red State, Jonathan Turley Drops Karine Jean-Pierre for False Claims About Classified Documents Scandal. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, What the Classified Scandal Shows About Biden’s Foreign Connections "Is it a coincidence that Biden profited and kept classified documents from Ukraine and Iran?"

Rick Moran at PJ Media expounds on The Appalling Double Standard in the Biden and Trump Classified Documents Cases. Capt. Ed at Haut Hare catches Politico, Dems admit privately that Biden document violations "takes the whole Trump scandal off the table" and Dem disaster: Media bailing on Biden in new scandal?  Or is it finally the excuse they need to get rid of the old guy? The Chicks on the Right notice how CNN Blames Trump For Biden Mishandling Classified Documents. Because they made him leave office. Don Surbers sees the Media begin squirming over Biden

KT at Haut Hare, McCarthy: Of course Biden knew he had those classified documents. He may have known once, but with a brain like Swiss cheese? Breitbart,   Attorney General Merrick Garland Assigns Special Counsel to Investigate Joe Biden for Possession of Classified Documents and warns us Special Counsel Robert Hur Worked with Rod Rosenstein. I'm still on the fence about Rod. 

At Da Fed, Margo Cleveland says that By Enabling Leftist Misinformation, Twitter Helped Democrats And Their Media Allies Peddle Another Russia Hoax and Elle Purnell calls The Russian Twitter Bots Story A Study In Media’s ‘Lie, Set The Narrative, Then Quietly Backtrack’ Playbook. Althouse cites the New Yorker (someone has to read it), "[The Twitter] files have been at once among the most interesting and the most complicated journalistic documents of the Trump era..."

"... complicated in that their tone is often propagandistic and their evidence frustratingly partial but interesting in that they show how various political actors sought to influence a period in global politics.... After a careful read of the Twitter Files, I don’t think that the evidence suggests a coherent political agenda. It is certainly true that Twitter executives donated, overwhelmingly, to Democratic candidates for public office, and it seems equally true that they expressed mostly progressive views on social media.... Even if you believe—and I don’t—that Musk took a progressive thumb off the scale when he acquired the company, all he has done since is stick his own thumb—bigger and clumsier—on it.

At Fox, Twitter Files: Adam Schiff's office asked 'quite often' to remove tweets, including parody Biden pic  and at Da Caller, Adam Schiff’s Office Repeatedly Tried To Get Twitter To Censor Posts, Documents Show. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.13.23, Twitchy: Matt Taibbi Fires Back After Ted Lieu Accuses Him Of “Spewing Kremlin Talking Points”. 'Becca Downs at Town Hall thinks Reps. Schiff, Lieu Once More Look Like Fools After Latest Edition of Twitter Files. Once again, or still?

At Ace's Morning Rant, You Tube’s Banning of “Climate Skeptic” Video Results in Massive Viewing of It on Rumble (with an assist from AOSHQ). Twitter is not the only problem. From Ars Technica,  Biden taking “absolutely wrong approach” to crack down on Big Tech, critics say. "Biden asks Congress to stop Big Tech’s data-gulping, competition-smothering ways."  At Reason, Scott Shackford has hope A Politically Split Congress Can Perhaps Fuel Federal Surveillance Reforms "Part of a law that authorizes warrantless snooping is about to expire, opening up a opportunity to better protect our privacy rights."

Eric Lendrum at Am Great, The Winners and Losers of the Speaker Battle.  "If ever there was a time when someone could be considered a “shadow speaker” of the House of Representatives, it would be now. And that shadow speaker is Matt Gaetz." Paul Bedard at WaEx, McCarthy’s on a roll, approval up, GOP support is 3-1. Nick Arama at Red States sees McCarthy Make a Move About Jan. 6 That Will Cause a Dem Meltdown and Leah Barkoukis at Town Hall, McCarthy 'Sends DC in Utter Panic' After This Statement About January 6. Release all 14,000 hours of J6 footage. At Am Great, the redoubtable Julie Kelly speculates as to What the January 6 Videos Will Show "Roll the tapes."

From Da Caller, Rep. Ayanna Pressley Says Select Committee Investigating CCP Will ‘Embolden Anti-Asian Rhetoric And Hate’. Ben Whedon at JTN reports the House GOP begins probe into Afghanistan withdrawal. "It is absurd and disgraceful that the Biden administration has repeatedly denied our longstanding oversight requests and continues to withhold information related to the withdrawal."

In (very) miscellaneous politics, Ace notes New York Times: Let's Face It, DeSantis Is Worse Than Trump

The leftwing propaganda media spent the last six or seven years telling us that Trump was a Hitlerian fascist, and is now here to tell us that Ron DeSantis is even worse. Of course.

The problem? Ron DeSantis respects the media even less than Trump. Like Trump, DeSantis attacks and belittles the media, but unlike Trump, DeSantis refuses to give them interviews or leaks. Denying the media the interviews and leaks they make their easy money from? Now that's the real face of fascism.

Megan Fox at PJ Media says Trump is BACK! Hilarious Court Transcripts of Trump Testifying in Case Involving 'Nut Job' E. Jean Carroll and 'Bonchie' notes Trump Gets Deposed in the Jean Carroll Case, and Absolute Hilarity Ensues.

VodkaPundit at PJ Media hears Kamala Harris Explain Caribbean Geography to World, World Stares Slack-Jawed. "I’ve convened and I’ve convened now at least three times a group that has their acronym CARICOM. It is the Caribbean nations. Island nations. In the Western Hemisphere. That is where the Caribbean is. We are also in the Western Hemisphere. They are our neighbors." KT at Haut Hare, Watchdog: Buttigieg refused meetings with Democrats and Republicans during paternity leave, Ace,
Mayor Butt Refused Key Meetings During Unanounced Secret "Paternity Leave" "I think it's important to note that the paternity leave was secret and unacknowledged. He didn't tell people he was on paternity leave -- he represented to the public that he was doing his job as usual. He just ghosted his job without telling anyone, except for key aides needed to cover for him and pretend he "just stepped out of the office for a moment." That's one way to conceal your ignorance.

John Sexton at Haut Hare reports Supreme Court investigators have narrowed leak probe down to a small group of suspects.

Rick Moran again, informs us of a Democratic County Commissioner in Alabama Charged With 'Stuffing' Ballots Into a Voting Machine. But I've been assured there is no such thing as voter fraud.

Kiersten Hening
At Am Spec, Female Soccer Player Wins Settlement Against Coach Who Allegedly Benched Her for Refusing to Kneel to BLM  Kiersten Hening refused to be intimidated. "Conservatives should follow her example."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.13.23,  Mary Chastain at LI calls out ‘Tyrants’: Idaho School Board Silences Parents, State Senator Who Object to Allowing Biological Males in Female-Only Rooms "A mom responds: “They have no interest in including us in their decisions. They are just tyrants, and they just want to push their agenda and do their own thing. They’ve proven that time and time again.”"

Linked at Pirate's Cove in the weekly Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup and links.  The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Gina Lollobrigida, RIP and FMJRA 2.0: Dinosaur Tales up on time at The Other McCain.

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