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Flotsam and Jetsam - Video Shows Ray Epps Storming Capitol

Via Ace, with italicized red letters and a burning skull, Freshly Leaked Video Shows Totally-Not-a-Federal-Agent Ray Epps Leading the Protesters to Breach the Fence on January 6th "Via Twitchy. To see this well, you'll have to expand the video (below the fold) to full screen."

Now tell me again he wasn't an agent provocateur. Haut Hare cites NYT who claims Durham probe looks like a bust. Capt Ed comments "Well, *maybe*. I’m more skeptical about leaks from these kinds of operations than ever. But given the history of special counsels, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be a bust." A problem with a DOJ special counsel is that they have a very tough time digging into abuses by the DOJ itself. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.26.23,  James Varney at Da Fed points out how After Violent Attacks Go Ignored By Law Enforcement, Pro-Lifers Take Investigations Into Their Own Hands

Stacy McCain issues a State of Emergency: Gov. Kemp Issues Order to Deal With Atlanta Rioters  He’s ready to call up 1,000 National Guard troops." "If there is another riot in Atlanta, much of the responsibility will belong to the media, because of their idiotic repetition of the activist propaganda narrative. The belief that these “forest defenders” are protecting some kind of sacred indigenous territory is false and ultimately dangerous."  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.26.23, EBL: Rep. Katherine Clark’s (D-MA) Violent Cop Hating Child: I am thinking some jail time might help,   John Sexton at Haut Hare points out how Media outlets keep promoting 'forest defenders' and ignoring that they shot a police officer. Ace, Antifa: The Democrat Party's Private Street Paramilitaries, "PJMedia's Chris Queen reports on the immense class privilege -- and the legal privileges this bestows them -- that antifa terrorists possess." Firebombing "suspect" (he's on video) out on bond. Compare to Jan. 6 Capitol gawkers.

Jed Babbin at Am Spec speculates SCOTUS Defeated: The Leaker Gets Away With It "A major, unacceptable defeat for our constitutional freedoms." I don't think they really want to know.

Ace refers to CNN: Biden Lied When He Claimed He "Invited" the FBI to Search His House. He Merely Allowed Them To -- And They Were Considering a Warrant If He Refused. "Biden? Lying? My world is spinning and reality doesn't seem real any longer! My hands feel like rubber and taste has vanished from food!" At Am Great, the great VDH explores The Real Differences Between the Biden and Trump Troves. Matt Margolis at PJ Media asks Is This Evidence Hunter Biden Had Access to Classified Documents?
“It’s a prescient and very well-informed email, unlike anything else Hunter wrote in the nine years covered in the laptop, and it has the distinct flavor of an official briefing, perhaps even a classified one,” Devine observed. Devine appeared on Fox News on Tuesday and noted that the email “reads like a classified document.” “You have to remember that this is at a time — a month before he joined the Burisma board. He needed money desperately, to feed his drug habit, and they were going to pay him $83,000 a month to do not very much,” Devine added.

At Da Caller  Kash Patel opines, Hunter Biden’s Access To Classified Docs Should Concern Everyone. Here’s How We Get To The Bottom Of It

A few easy steps: The new Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government must subpoena critical documents from the FBI, to include the 302s (summary reports) and Electronic Communications (origination reports) so the world can see the actions of all the government gangsters involved in this cover-up.

Subpoena the United States Secret Service to find out who covered for Bidens the past six years. Having been in and around a President when they move about the country, this statement from the Biden White House that there were no visitor logs is a red herring.
. . .
Lastly, we need to subpoena every single document relating to this scandal to reveal the truth and expose those who covered for Biden. Every financial document, every transactional receipt, subpoena it all. And when these “government gangsters” scream the truth and tradition of an ‘ongoing investigation,’ you take their money. Congress must seize select funds through the fence process until they obey. We did during Russia Gate and they bent the knee.

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hare sees the Intel Committee demand access to misplaced classified docs. It would be nice to know what we are talking about, at least in general, non-secret terms in the Trump, Biden and even Pence cases. John Solomon reports Congress secures first cooperation from National Archives in Biden document probe "House Oversight Committee to have transcribed interview Tuesday with Archives' top lawyer." It's a start, but I expect them not to be especially forthcoming. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire Former CIA Director Accuses Schiff Of Leaking Classified Information “During my time as CIA director and secretary of state, I know that he leaked classified information that had been provided to him,” Pompeo said on Fox News on Wednesday. Pompeo did not offer specifics, but he insisted the problem was bad enough to restrict what he shared with Congress." Nuh uh! But Tristan Justice at Da Fed insists The Real Scandal In The Classified Documents Debacle Is Washington’s Overclassification Problem. At BPR, Journo tells KJP ‘you don’t seem a good fit for this job’ to her face during presser. Well, they wanted a black lesbian, and they got one.

At Straight Arrow News, Swalwell: McCarthy will regret removing me from House Intel panel. As Town Hall's Guy Benson observes Democrats Hate Being Held to Their Own Standards: Committee Assignments Edition. Twitchy says DAAAMN SON –> Kevin McCarthy is DONE playin’ with Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell (watch). Capt. Ed, BREAKING: Schiff enters race for Senate seat Feinstein still occupies; Update: Schumer unhappy?

Tristan Justice at Da Fed quotes Stefanik: Rooting Out Deep State Corruption Is A Top Priority For House Republicans. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, McCarthy Reveals Who Will Be Investigating Biden's Weaponization of the Federal Government 

The subcommittee will be led by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who was a close supporter of McCarthy during his Speaker bid and who serves as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. McCarthy said earlier this month that Jordan would chair the subcommittee.

The other GOP members of the committee will be Reps. Darrell Issa (Calif.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Chris Stewart (Utah), Elise Stefanik (N.Y.), Mike Johnson (La.), Chip Roy (Texas), Kelly Armstrong (N.D.), Greg Steube (Fla.), Dan Bishop (N.C.), Kat Cammack (Fla.) and Harriet Hageman (Wyo.).
It’s a real chef’s kiss adding Hageman to the subcommittee, given that she’s in Congress because Liz Cheney sold her soul as part of the House J6 Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues. As I wrote in my Wednesday Morning Briefing, I like this new McCarthy and I hope he sticks around for a while.

Breitbart Reports McCarthy Assured Manchin No Cuts to Social Security, Medicare in Debt Ceiling Resolution. At Am Spec, Veronique De Rugy wonders  Why Would Republicans Rule Out Social Security and Medicare Reform? "It's magical thinking for Republicans say that touching Social Security and Medicare is a nonstarter." And at Da Fed, Eddie Scarry  says Reduce Federal Spending By Cutting Back Anywhere And Everywhere: A Guide For Bladder Shy, Financially Illiterate Republicans. At Da Caller, Rand Paul Fires Back At ‘Completely Dishonest’ Debt Ceiling Doomsday Talk: ‘We Have Plenty Of Money’

Also at Da Caller, Judge Orders Biden DHS To Release Files On Agents Who Allegedly Helped Censor Election ‘Misinformation’. I'll bet they dodge it somehow. At Am Think Trish Randall examines the case of Steven Crowder versus Big Conservative Media? Our media "friends" aren't. Breitbart reminds us Mark Zuckerberg to End Suspension of Donald Trump from Facebook and Instagram, but leave "guard rails."

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