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Flotsam and Jetsam - Pence Has Secrets Too

Capt. Ed at Haut Hare, Classified material found in Pence's home -- after denials; UPDATE: Remember when? "Oh, goody. It turns out that the classified-material virus is spreading, and it’s still a bipartisan disease — at least among politicos."

The classified documents were discovered at Pence’s new home in Carmel, Indiana, by a lawyer for Pence in the wake of the revelations about classified material discovered in President Joe Biden’s private office and residence, the sources said. The discovery comes after Pence has repeatedly said he did not have any classified documents in his possession.

Ed Driscoll at Insty with DISPATCHES FROM THE STUPID PARTY: Mike Pence Joins the Scandal, ‘Finds’ Classified Documents at His House. “Is it really that difficult for Republicans to not constantly let their political opponents off the hook? This whole snatching defeat from the jaws of victory thing got old a long time ago. But you know what? Let’s have some consistency. Throw the book at Pence and Biden if they illegally possessed classified information." Ace, Mike Pence Says He's Got Classified Documents At His Home, Too. "Note he could have searched his home for classified documents when Trump was being blitzed by the Deep State, but said, "Nah, I'll just put that on my 'to-don't' list."" Sundance at CTH, Classified Documents Discovered at Mike Pence Home in Indiana "Something tells me at the end of this rainbow the omnipotent DC administrative statists and professional bureaucrats will have defined any/all documents to be classified material" and President Trump on Mike Pence Classified Docs Says, “Leave Him Alone.” "People are asking if President Trump is being sincere or trumpy sarcastic. The answer would appear to be, yes."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.24.23, Dana Loesch: More Classified Documents Found In Biden’s Delaware Home, Da Tech Guy: The Corleone family had olive oil as a front business; the Bidens have politics, Don Surber: Expert Gets Biden Scandal All Wrong, Hollywood In Toto: ‘SNL’ Still Playing Defense for Biden,Weasel Zippers: WH: Americans “Know” Biden Has “Delivered” Higher Gas Prices, Record Inflation, Supply ShortagesWH: Biden’s “No Regrets” Statement “Speaks For Itself” and Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, Biden Was A National Security Threat Long Before His Classified Docs Fiasco. Dave Strom at Haut Hare remembers, It's true: Biden did threaten to leak classified information.

Capt. Ed explains Biden didn't "self-report" classified-material mishandling -- he got caught, and Jazz Shaw at Haut Hare snarks Ah, so it was Biden's "strategy" to have the FBI search his house "how did the FBI manage to find six more classified documents after Biden’s lawyers combed through the place for days? Are they really that bad at conducting a search or were those documents left there for a reason? And if it’s the latter, was the reason to help Biden or to try to usher him out the door more quickly?" The Free Bacon points out the Biden Think Tank That Housed Classified Docs Also Hosted Event That Pushed Greater Engagement With China. Lincoln Brown at PJ Media sees a Battle of the Boxes: GOP Demands Search of Biden's Senate Records. Ace, Merrick Garland Lies, Claiming There Is No Double Standard in the Treatment of His Political Enemy Trump and His Political Patron Biden. "Impeach this corrupt old f*ck."

Merrick Garland's orders regarding Trump's special counsel allow that prosecutor to investigate any matter and then use an all-but-unlimited budget to pursue investigations against him and bring any charges he likes.

The special counsel he authorized for Biden very strictly limits the prosecutor to only look into the matter of the hoarded classified documents. He's not allowed to look into Lunchbox Joe's China connection or any of his other crimes of influence-peddling and possible tax fraud.

Nick Arama at Red State think Tucker Carlson Reveals Email that Raises Questions About Hunter Biden's Access to Classified Docs. Actually Miranda Devine of NYPo found it, Tucker just put it on Fox. 

On the matter of former FBI agent McGonigal, Ace, Sergei Millian: Durham Should Talk to Russian Oligarch Toady and Traitor, the ex-FBI Russiagate Operator Charles McGonigal. Scott Johnson at Power Line calls it The McGonigal miasma. At Da Caller, Ex-Top FBI Agent Charged With Illegally Working For Russian Oligarch Linked To Trump-Russia Debacle. Dan Greenfield at Front Pages, An Arrest and FBI Corruption. "Trump wasn’t working for Russia, but it’s hard to find anyone in D.C. who isn’t." At Am Think, Andrea Widburg thinks The festering rot at the FBI seems bigger and deeper than we ever guessed. Jack Cashill at Am Great wonders What Was CrowdStrike Doing With Seth Rich’s Laptop? "The FBI seems hell bent on not learning anything about Rich’s still unsolved murder." Sundance, James O’Keefe Confronts FBI Stenographer Adam Goldman "After Adam Goldman and the DOJ/FBI worked together in the operation to target James O’Keefe (Ashley Biden diary), O’Keefe is dragging the relationship out into the open. Goldman does not like it when the tables are turned, and he becomes the target of sunlight. WATCH:"

Wayne Allen Root at Front Page predicts Biden is Finished. The Deep State wants a new Democrat president. When you've lost Robert Reich, at the Guardian, Is Joe Biden a viable candidate for 2024? Da Caller wonders Who’s Leading The Joe Biden Takedown? Alex Bolton atop Da Hill, Senate GOP pours cold water on idea of impeaching Biden. Make Democrats own him, and there is the Kamala problem to consider. At I&I, Lies, (Expletive Deleted) Lies – And The CPI. At TNP, Another Biden-Era Recession Looms in 2023. The Question Is: ‘How Long, and How Painful?’ HE reports Both Trump and DeSantis Would Defeat Biden in 2024, Harvard Poll Finds. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.24.23, Da Feds Samuel Mangold Lenett,  Trump’s Strong Poll Numbers Don’t Matter If The Managerial Elite Keep Rigging The System. CNBC (cited at Haut Hare) Georgia DA: Charging decision "imminent" from grand jury probing 2020 election interference. Continued legal harassment. 

At Da Wire, Democrat Ruben Gallego Announces Campaign For Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate Seat. Split that vote! Am Spec notes Stacey Abrams Shows Money Can’t Buy Elections, "Yet she still thinks she can borrow and spend her way to something in 2024."  Meanwhile Dave Strom observes, Black Georgians give thumbs up to elections process. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed, Republican Candidates For Arizona Governor And AG Appeal Election Integrity Challenges. Matt Margolis at PJ Media reports There's Another HUGE Bombshell in Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit
“We received just a few weeks ago, January of 2023, the system log files from the tabulators that were used in Maricopa County on Election Day, along with the redacted CVR records. Through an analysis, we were able to determine that a quarter of a million ballot feeds [were] misread by those tabulators,” Busch explained. “There are approximately two tabulators in every polling Center, which means there were 446 tabulators with a quarter of a million voter attempt failures.”

So a quarter million same-day ballots were thrown out, while every effort was made to keep mail-in ballots with mismatching signatures and other problems in. Seems significant. 

Insty, CAN SOMEBODY EXPLAIN WHAT THE CLUB FOR GROWTH THINKS IT’S DOING HERE? Conservative group hopes to derail Daniels’ US Senate bid. "Daniels has actually been pretty radical in his education reforms while he was president of Purdue, and I’d love to see someone in the Senate who’d push that sort of an agenda. He seems like he’d win easily if he ran, and as far as I know he’s never been dismissive or condescending about the GOP base."

Jordan Boyd at Da Fed details How ‘The Twitter Files’ Undermine The J6 Report. At Am Great the redoubtable Julie Kelly reports Police Injured by ‘Friendly Fire’ on January 6, "Newly released evidence proves police officers were gassed by “friendly fire” on January 6, 2021. Did that include Brian Sicknick?" Ace follows up in Julie Kelly: Video Proves That the Capitol Police Sprayed Themselves With Tear Gas on January 6th. Did They Catch Brian Sicknick In the Blast, and Then Lie to Blame It On Their Political Enemies?
The government and media have been lying to us nonstop for seven fucking years, and they demand that we all believe their newest lies or they will use escalating legal harrassments against us. They've known about this. They covered it up. That's why they've been hiding video from that day -- they want a blank slate so that they can lie about the day's events without contradiction.

Sundance notes Speaker Kevin McCarthy Announces GOP Members of House Subcommittee to Investigate Weaponization of Federal Government and he approves. 'Becca Downs at Town Hall, Democrats Schiff and Swalwell Get Formally Blocked From Intelligence Committee. Capt. Ed calls is Sauce for the goose, Mr. Jeffries. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, The Morning Briefing: Meet the New McCarthy, Not the Same as the Old McCarthy. Julio Rojas at Town Hall says Reporter Tried Gotcha Question With McCarthy About Schiff and Swalwell. It Backfired. Ed Driscoll at Insty, I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO CALL THE POLICE BECAUSE KEVIN MCCARTHY BASICALLY MURDERED THIS REPORTER LAST NIGHT. Sundance, Who is This Kevin McCarthy, and Where Did He Come From?

However, on the separate issue of blocking Ilhan Omar from sitting on committees (like Democrats did with MTJ and Paul Gossar) KT reports, GOP Rep. Spartz is a no vote on denying Omar seat on Foreign Affairs Committee

Speaker McCarthy has the power to unilaterally block Schiff and Swalwell from serving on the House Intelligence Committee. It is a select committee and he seats members on the committee. However, the Foreign Affairs Committee members are chosen by each party and ratified by the full House. We know Democrats will oppose McCarthy because they haven’t been bothered enough by Omar’s antisemitism to hold her accountable.

Jim Silberman at Da Fed, How 20 McCarthy Holdouts Charted The Path For State-Level Conservatives Across The Country. At Fox Bus Manchin looks to strike deal with McCarthy to rein in wasteful government spending. "Manchin said the U.S. has not been 'fiscally responsible'" No kidding! At PJ Media Cathy Salgado reports 56% of U.S. Voters Prefer Government Shutdown to Raising Debt Ceiling. Noah Rothman at Commentary (cited at Haut Hare) says Stop calling debt negotiations "hostage taking."  Capt. Ed notes It’s “hostage taking” when the other side does it. 

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