Thursday, January 19, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Another DIY Thursday

Things to go and places to do, so I'll have to do it quickly. 

The Garage-gate Scandal plods on with no end in sight. Can we impeach now, and get it over with?

In The Mailbox: 01.18.23 : The Other McCain
Biden Wants To Stay in the Dark About Mishandled Docs - RealClearWire
Are you familiar with the matter? - Power Line
Ace of Spades HQ Merrick Garland: I'm Letting Biden's Hand-Picked Personal Praetorian Guard Collect The Evidence Against Him Because I Don't Want To "Complicate" the Investigation Or Something
DOJ Declined To Monitor Biden Attorneys’ Search For Classified Docs At President’s Home, Report Says - The Daily Wire
Try Not to Laugh at DOJ's Excuse for Not Sending FBI to Raid Biden's Homes for Classified Docs – PJ Media
Biden Attorney Interviewed By Feds In Docs Review – But No ‘302’ Summary: Report - The Daily Wire
National Archives tells Comer DOJ must sign off on Biden document cooperation - Washington Examiner
Compare Biden to Hillary -- not Trump – HotAir
The DoJ is making a great case for congressional intervention in Biden scandal – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ - Karine Jean-Pierre: When I Lied to You on Monday, I Was Providing You With the Most Recently Updated Lies I Had Available
WH Loses It Over the Classified Documents, Makes a Huge Gaffe About Kamala Harris – RedState
White House demands Kevin McCarthy reveal deals he made to be Speaker - Daily Mail Online
DNC Comes Up With Lamest Excuse for Biden’s Missing Tax Returns on Site – PJ Media
The Garage Papers - American Greatness
Ace of Spades HQ - Signatory of Letter Claiming Hunter Biden's Laptop Was Disinformation Admits He Knew It Was Real
Don’t Forget: The Bidens Are Trash - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Cleaning Out Joe Biden's Dirty Garage - Frontpage Mag
Biden’s Home Where Documents Were Discovered Has Had Many Visitors
Since Biden Inauguration, Anonymous Chinese Donors Poured Millions Into University That Houses His Think Tank
GOP Rips Hunter's Recorded $49,910 Rent/Deposit Payments as Corrupt
Hunter Biden’s China-Linked Company Paid $49,910 Security Deposit For Washington D.C Office at the House of Sweden - American Greatness
CNN Finally Reports on Biden Family Corruption, and Everyone Should Be Asking Why – RedState4 Absurd Media Narratives To Distract From Biden's Many Scandals
Even 'The View' Thinks Biden Has Handled Garage-gate Poorly – PJ Media
The women of The View sense something is missing in Joe's response to the current revelations - The New Neo
Grand Old Investigations - The American Conservative
Bombshell Evidence Could Stop Joe Biden's Bogus Prosecution of Pro-Life Dad -

With some fun and games in Congress:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Set To Make Comeback With New Committee Assignments - The Daily Wire
McCarthy Is Right To Boot Dems Off Committees (Especially Schiff)
How The New Church-Style Committee Can Save The Country
Congress Has Become 'Animal Farm,' but I Know How to Fix It – PJ Media
Without Trump It’s Business As Usual - American Greatness
Althouse: "We always treated it as a dumping ground for our less serious members. Republicans have long treated Oversight as the land of misfit toys."
George Santos Will Be Seated On House Committees, McCarthy Says - The Daily Caller
A new low: George Santos allegedly stole GoFundMe money from a dying dog – HotAir

That last one might be too much. I expect Congresscritters to lie and steal, but not from dying dogs.

It must be time for more Twitter Files and social media censorship. Interest is dropping off:

5 Reasons Media Are Ignoring The Scandalous 'Twitter Files'
Twitter Downsizing Data Center in Atlanta GA (Near GA Tech), and Shutting Down Data Center in Sacramento - The Last Refuge
Elon Musk Says Biden Admin May ‘Weaponize Federal Agencies’ Against Twitter If Trump Starts Tweeting Again | The Daily Caller

Similarly, interest in the Election Shenanigans is low and fading:

And I only have a single article on the Culture Wars and Education. although I'm sure I could fill a page by being less selective.

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