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Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Stole Ukraine, Iran Secrets

Of course, the revelation that then Vice President Biden squirreled away some top secret document in the office of his "think tank" ( Power Line, via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.10.23) is still on the top of the news. One thing we found out since yesterday is that the documents concerned Ukraine and Iran. CNN, US intelligence materials related to Ukraine, Iran and UK found in Biden’s private office, source tells CNN. Sundance at CTH, Biden’s Stolen Classified Documents Relate to U.S. Government Activity in Ukraine. "Considering how the Biden family syndicate, specifically Hunter Biden, was deeply enmeshed in the Ukraine energy sector via Burisma Holdings and the family interests as an outcome of the vice president using his influence to sell U.S. policy therein, it would seem that Joe Biden was securing classified documents favorable to his corrupt financial interests."  Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.10.23 This Ain’t Hell: FBI RAIDS BIDEN HOUSES! HOUSE CALLS FOR IMPEACHMENT! DEATH PENALTY PROPOSED FOR BIDEN!, FBI RAIDS BIDEN HOUSES! HOUSE CALLS FOR IMPEACHMENT! DEATH PENALTY PROPOSED FOR BIDEN! and Weasel Zippers, Biden Refuses To Take Questions About Classified Documents Discovered At His Private Office.

Grabien, cited at Haut Hair, Top WH advisers knew about classified documents issue for two months. Ace, The FBI and DOJ Knew Biden Was Illegally In Possession of Classified Documents Before the Midterms -- But Covered It Up Until Yesterday.  "The American Stasi must be defunded. And prosecuted." To be fair, the FBI never wants to reveal it's investigating a politician, unless it's a Republican. Then they leak like a sieve. Paul Mirengoff asks an uncharacteristically stupid question, Why are we only now finding out about Biden's improper retention of documents? The more important question is why at all?

And of course, The Talking Points Go out on Biden's Classified Documents, but an Old Clip Proves Inconvenient ('Bonchie' at Red State). From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.10.23, Louder With Crowder has Joy Behar tries to explain why Biden taking classified docs is totally different from Trump. At Spec World Roger Kimball notes It’s different when Biden gets caught with classified docs, "There is one law for the elite, quite another for you and me." Althouse, examines the Aggravating factors. 
"Donald Trump’s retention of documents marked classified at his Mar-a-Lago resort has aggravating factors that might support his criminal prosecution unlike the discovery of some documents also marked classified stored at Joe Biden’s former institute from his time as vice-president, legal experts said."

I'm reading "In the case of the classified documents, it’s more serious for Trump than Biden" — in The Guardian — and laughing.

The aggravating factor in the case of Donald Trump is that he's Donald Trump.

Capt. Ed at Haut hears a CNN analyst whine Let's face it -- the DoJ probably can't charge Trump now over classified documents; Update: Related to Ukraine? Breitbart, CNN’s Gangel: Biden’s Classified Docs ‘Looks Terrible,’ ‘Political Gift to Trump.’ Matt Margolis at PJ Media, CNN: Biden Classified Docs Story 'A Political Gift to Trump.' From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.10.23, The Geller Report wonders Where Is The FBI Raid Of Joe Biden?,  Andy McCarthy at NRO, cited at Haut Hare, The Hillary precedent was DoJ's stumbling block for charging Trump -- but Biden just made it nearly impossible. Hew Hewitt at Haut Hare, Pence: Double standard at work with Biden classified docs. Atop Da Hill, Trump responds to Biden classified document discovery, asks when FBI will raid his ‘many homes’. Hell is not freezing over, but it is flooding in California. At Town Hall, Guy Benson has Four Questions About Biden's Classified Materials Scandal "(2) Between Hillary Clinton's shameless and deceitful criminality in this realm, and now the revelations about the current and former presidents, one might wonder if any high ranking US officials from a certain generation followed the rules on the handling and storing of classified materials?" No. At Fox, Biden once planned to fire US attorney who is tapped to investigate classified documents "John Lausch will lead investigation of classified documents found at Biden think tank. . . . Lausch has been in office since 2017 when he was appointed by then-President Donald Trump. When Biden took office in early 2021, it was reported that the president had plans to fire him, even though the Senate had confirmed him unanimously." Sundance, Tucker Digs into the Joe Biden Classified Document Story is worth embedding:

Radar On Line, Building His Own Wall: Prez Biden's Lavish Delaware Beach House Has $490K Security Fence Erected. But walls don't work! Insty, WHO KNEW THAT AGE 80, BIDEN CAN DO 360s BETTER THAN TONY HAWK? "Biden tries to pivot to the center. . . . That “pivot to the center” didn’t last very long: Really? They want to ban gas stoves now?" From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.10.23, Twitchy: Brutal Thread Of 21 Blatant Lies Joe Biden Has Told – Some More Than Once, also, Mexico’s President Thanks Biden For “Putting America Last” – On Live TV. Jonathon Turley doesn't approve of  Chuck Todd Dismissing Investigation into Possible Biden Foreign Influence Peddling as Getting “Personal.” From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.09.23 Nice Deb at Am Great sees Joe Biden Award Presidential Citizens Medals To Infamous 2020 Election Workers

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.10.23 At Am Think, J Bob Smith thinks With McCarthy’s Election, the Struggle Continues. Vodka Pundit at PJ Media calls Matt Gaetz a Mad Genius. Hey, it worked! Jae Babbin at Am Spec calls McCarthy The Weakest Speaker "Kevin McCarthy is set to be a disaster." At Am Great, Vince McCaffrey says The Merry-Go-Round Never Stops "No one will remember the details of the speaker fight in years to come. But the takeaway isn’t in the details." Breitbart has a Poll: Only 35% of Democrats Hold Favorable View of Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries.

Breitbart presents A Primer to the Conservative House Republican Rules Changes. At Haut Hare, Jazz Shaw is jazzed, Meet the new House: GOP votes to slash IRS funding and Yep. Republicans are holding a vote to abolish the IRS to be replaced with a consumption tax. Rusty Weiss at PI sees Lauren Boebert Celebrates GOP’s First Bill Slashing Funding for the IRS: ‘Conservative Governance at Its Finest’. Also at the PI, Jim Jordan Leaves Open Possibility for Cuts to Bloated Pentagon Budget. Cut the woke nonsense. And send the diversity officers to the front lines. Sundance, House Authorizes Subcommittee to Investigate Weaponization of Federal Government Against U.S. Citizens, Dan Bishop Puts The Deep State on Notice, has the Video.  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.09.23  At Am Great Nice Deb, Jim Jordan to Lead Select Subcommittee on ‘the Weaponization of the Federal Government.’ John Sexton at Haut Hair sees Unity? Majority of House Dems join all House Republicans to form new China select committee. It's a start. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.10.23, Don Surber, McCarthy cleans House. Capt. Ed, Payback: McCarthy confirms that these three Dems will get stripped of committee assignments. We told you you wouldn't like the new rules you created. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, say Promise Kept: Schiff, Swalwell, and Omar Lose Powerful Committee Assignments. Henry Rogers at Da Caller, Reps. Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Ilhan Omar To Officially Be Kicked Off Intelligence, Foreign Affairs Committees. Ace, Kevin McCarthy Affirms That He Will Strip Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, and Ilhan Omar of Their Intelligence/Foreign Affairs Committee Assignments, As Promised "I don't know if this has anything to do with the fact that the Freedom Caucus now has the power to call for a vote to remove McCarthy from the Speakership if he cvcks out, but I'd guess it's not not related to that." At WaEx, Rebel rewards: Some McCarthy dissenters to land top posts

David Strom catches the NYT shifting targets, DeSantis is "radical" compared to Trump. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed thinks Ohio Republicans Score Major Win For Election Integrity With New Voter ID Law. Jazz Shaw hears Twice-Georgia Governor Abrams says she will "likely run again" At Da Caller, Stacey Abrams Says She ‘Will Likely Run Again’ After Two Failed Campaigns.Takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'.

Sundance reports Gaetz Confirms GOP Congress Intent to Release 14,000 Hours of J6 Tapes and Material That Has Been Hidden, because you know they only showed the part that helps the cause. The redoubtable Julie Kelly decries The Shameful Exploitation of Brian Sicknick’s Death, "Unfortunately, few seem interested in honoring who Sicknick was or allowing him to rest in peace. Shame on them all." Atop Da Hill, Tarrio, Proud Boys set for trial on seditious conspiracy charges, but not Ray Epps, also a Proud Boy. At MSN, Special counsel Jack Smith slaps Rudy Giuliani with a subpoena: CNN. Legal Harassment. At Front Page, Dan Greenfield examines The Insurrection of General Milley.

One of the interesting moves Elon Musk made when he decided to bring in independent journalists to cover the Twitter Files was to tap Left-leaning but non-Establishment journalists to do the work.

The motive behind the move is pretty obvious: by picking liberals, he could avoid the accusation that he was on a Right-wing crusade against the Democrats; by picking independent journalists he could avoid the problem that the Left-wing media is now 100% behind censorship, as long as the censorship is done by them and theirs.

The backlash against those reporters by the Establishment, including or even especially the MSM, has been a wonder to behold. Far from taking any of these journalists or their stories seriously, the MSM and the Democrats have gone on a Jihad against these particular journalists and the idea of independent journalism itself. 
Based Politics (Hannah Cox and Brad Palumbo) list 2 things Republicans should investigate the FBI & intelligence community for "1. The DOJ and FBI investigating concerned parents as violent threats" and "2. The FBI encouraging Twitter (and likely other social media platforms) to censor Americans." Paul Bedard at WaEx, Liberal Media Scream: James Comer nails Chuck Todd’s biased views. ". . . when Todd hit GOP plans to probe the Biden administration as “more partisan than professional,” Comer said, “I think the only people that see this as a partisan investigation are the media and the hardcore. Democrats.” And for good measure, he added, “Are you kidding me!”" 

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