Sunday, January 29, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Obama Refuses Archives Plea to Search for Secrets

 A pretty light day, as the world gins up for a new week of nonsense. According to Sister Tolja at Red State, 'Dr.' Jill's Latest Actions Confirm All Is Not Well in the Biden White House "but I’ll just say it out loud: With each passing day, it becomes clearer that the person running this country isn’t Joe Biden but instead his aggressive handlers, with Jill Biden taking on the lead handler role." Are we really suffering through our first woman President? NRO's Dan McLaughlin sees New Hampshire Voters Sour on Biden, Trump in 2024 Primary Polls. At Da Caller, Tim Ryan Tells Bill Maher The Democrats’ Brand Is ‘Toxic’, one might even say poisonous. At Haut Hare, Capt. Ed waffles, Here it comes: DeSantis advisers begin 2024 planning; Update: Not so fast? Oh, he's running alright. From Fox, RNC's Ronna McDaniel declares 'this is my last term as chair' "invited main challenger Harmeet Dhillon to join her on a grassroots tour to bring unity to GOP"

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hare, say the FEC is out, Justice Department in for Santos probe. If all the politicians who lied went to jail, there wouldn't be room for the drug dealers. Ostensibly this is about campaign violations; he beat a Democrat.

At Da Caller,  The Left’s New Scheme That Threatens Free Elections, Mark Zuckerberg prepares to buy another election for Democrats.

ET reports that the Doctor Who Tried to Save Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6 Charged With 4 Misdemeanors for Time at the US Capitol. News Max, Charges Dropped Against Mother of Ashli Babbitt "Micki Witthoeft was arrested for blocking traffic on Capitol grounds three weeks ago during a demonstration marking the two-year anniversary of the event. A statement from the Capitol Police said Witthoeft, 58, did "not have a permit to demonstrate on Capitol Grounds" and that she asked to be arrested."

At WaEx, Ryan King reports Durham used Russian intelligence memos to gain access to emails linked to George Soros. "Durham reportedly wanted the emails to prove that the Russian memos were authentic. The Russian memos detailed purported plans by Hillary Clinton to target her then-rival Donald Trump by tying him to the public leaking of Democratic National Committee emails in 2016, which were allegedly acquired by Russian hackers."

Roger Kimball at Am Great wants Justice for John Eastman. "The fundamental message implicit in the California Bar’s vendetta against Trump’s former lawyer is this: “We’re the government. We’ve defined what is truth. How dare you question us.” 

Shouldn't this be sufficient justification for just conquering the northern wastelands? Breitbart, Canadian Leftist Gets Nearly 22 Years In Prison over Trump Ricin Mail Plot.

NYPo reports FBI seized Biden notebooks that may reference classified material in Delaware home search. Ooops! Mike LaChance at LI hears the National Archives Asks Former Presidents and VPs to Check for Any Classified Documents but SLAY claims Obama Refuses to Commit to Search for Possible Classified Documents. Sod off, Swampie! Ryan King again, Jill Biden shields Joe from answering questions on classified docs at White House. Wise woman; every time he shoots off his mouth, things get worse. Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx reports Top intelligence official defends herself over 'stonewalling' accusations around Biden classified documents, "Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines defended herself one day after bipartisan outcry from committee members about her stonewalling on details about the Trump and Biden classified documents sagas." Also, The Four Horsemen: House GOP's multiple investigations into Biden's classified documents. Sundance at CTH is Deeply Triggered, The CIA and Intelligence Community are Very Worried About the House Subcommittee on Federal Government Weaponization. Mediaite has the sads as The Five Savages ‘Embarrassing’ Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘She Can’t Talk Like a Human Being.’ She is kind of an easy target.

James Lynch at Da Caller, New Twitter Files Show Media Outlets Fell For ‘Russian Bot’ Lies. Sundance, Twitter File Release #15 – Hamilton 68 Group Labels Counter Opinions “Russians”, Corporate Media Amplified, But Twitter Could Not Find Evidence. “In layman’s terms, the Hamilton 68 barely had any Russians. In fact, apart from a few RT accounts, it’s mostly full of ordinary Americans, Canadians, and British,” Taibbi explains. “It was a scam. Instead of tracking how “Russia” influenced American attitudes, Hamilton 68 simply collected a handful of mostly real, mostly American accounts, and described their organic conversations as Russian scheming.” The proper takeaway from all this is that if the Democrats accuse you of being or colluding with the Russian, it's just projection to distract you from see that they're doing it. 

Also from Sundance, Google/YouTube Block Project Veritas Expose’ on Pfizer Executive Discussing “Directed Evolution” "According to the reasoning provided by YouTube, as outlined by O’Keefe, the undercover interview violated the YouTube terms of service for disinformation around the COVID-19 vaccines.  This justification despite the claim itself was coming from Pfizer, not Project Veritas.  James O’Keefe explains."  There's plenty good money to be made by creating a new disease and then selling the vaccine. Not saying that's what they intend, but it could work out that way.

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