Monday, January 9, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - The House is Back in Session, Rules and Budget Fights Await

We're still digesting the long election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. At ET, Trump, McConnell, Pence Congratulate McCarthy After Narrow Speaker Win and Here Are the 6 Republicans Who Voted ‘Present’ in the Final Vote for McCarthy’s House Speakership. From RCP, Jim Jordan: "Sometimes Democracy Is Messy," Speaker Election Was "Exactly What The Founders Intended." 'Bonchie' at Red State sees Hysteria Begins as the Reality of a GOP Majority Sinks In. Althouse cites Gleen Grenwalt, "In 2020, House Progressives and the incredibly radical Squad had exactly the same opportunity as House conservatives had." ""House conservatives defied Leadership to get major concessions to empower them and their agenda. House progressives did what they were told and got nothing.... The reason the Squad and House Progressives never defy Pelosi or anyone else is because they have a pathetic partisan media... " At NewsMax, Freedom Caucus' Perry complains 'Pelosi Ran Congress Like Prison Camp'. At CNN, (cited at Haut Hare) Crenshaw apologizes "Terrorists" was just a "turn of phrase" to describe my colleagues, or something. Capt. Ed comments "Let’s hope this is a very good object lesson in choosing one’s words carefully in public.Crenshaw will likely spend the next few weeks wiping the egg off his face in the halls of the House." Also, Former McCarthy rival: He'll "do great" under the new rules.  Sundance at CTH contributes Sunday Talks, Shannon Bream -vs- Jim Jordan and Nancy Mace Declares She Is a Purple Republican Who Is “On The Fence Right Now” About Supporting House Rule Changes. Atop Da Hill, Texas Republican: Speaker vote ‘only the beginning’ of ‘rough and rowdy’ House. WaEx, House postpones vote on rules package until Monday after McCarthy elected speaker. Nick Givas at JTN warns House Speaker fight foreshadows larger debt ceiling battle on the horizon for GOP. 

At Ace's Morning Report, JJ Sefton has a rundown. "The vote was 216 to 212 with six Republicans voting “present.” Kevin McCarthy Elected Speaker of the House on 15th Vote, "Roger Kimball: "Expect the changes to the people’s business-as-usual to be mostly cosmetic under Kevin McCarthy’s reign as speaker of the House." The New McCarthyism. "Clarice Feldman: "The extended House speakership debate may at last result in Congress more skillfully playing the role designed for it in the Constitution." The Long Fight for the House Speakership. "Trump is right: Kevin McCarthy is the most realistic option for Republicans," McCarthy on a Tight Leash. "Temporary conflict is necessary." Rep. Chip Roy Touts Speaker Vote Concessions. "Zelensky also thanked the US and Joe Biden for 'the new weaponry.'" Report: Kevin McCarthy ‘Agreed to Cut Aid to Ukraine’ to Secure Speakership. "Like Fredo, he is not the Wartime Don Republicans need to counter the radical Squad’s scorched-earth transformation of America." Kevin McCarthy, Meet Fredo Corleone. "The House majority party historically centralizes power in its leader—but with Democrats controlling the Senate, some conservatives see that arrangement as a liability." Why Empower the Speaker?  "Republican voters have repeatedly made clear that they do not trust Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, or Ronna Romney McDaniel to lead the party." The Uniparty Sure Hates Democracy! "We don't need no stinking Patches . . ." Dan Crenshaw Walks Back ‘Terrorist’ Comment Against GOP House Members

From Fox, Panic from MSNBC analyst over Republicans investigating federal agencies: ‘The insurrection platform,’  Mike Miller at Red State, thinks Incoming Oversight Chair Reveals Top Priority of Biden Investigation — and Humiliates Chuck Todd in the Process. Atop Da Hill, a promise remembered, McCarthy: ‘Adam Schiff will no longer be on the Intel Committee when I become Speaker.’ Sundance, There it is – George Stephanopoulos Asks Rep Scott Perry to Recuse Himself from House Investigation of Weaponized Fed, if Same Fed Is Investigating Him. At PM, Eric Swalwell, Pramila Jayapal claim to fear 'workplace violent event' from House GOP.  Madeleine Hubbard at JTN remembers "mean tweets", Biden's FCC nominee shared post calling Trump a 'raggedy white supremacist.' NewsBusters finds MSNBC Already Hyping Future Speaker Jeffries. At JTN, Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries claims 5 police officers died 'as a result of' Jan. 6 riot. "Critics allege that suicides, stroke should be counted as deaths in connection with riot."

Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, Biden Prepares 2024 Re-Election Launch. at PJ Media Stephen Kruiser warns The Biden 2024 Train Wreck Might Be Happening. At the Free Bacon, Court May Force Hunter Biden To Disclose Buyers of His Pricy Artwork, "White House has faced accusations of influence peddling over younger Biden's anonymous art sales." Dan Greenfield at Front Page notifies us that Hillary Clinton’s College Gig is Funded by Chinese Oligarchs. "The China Project was accused by a whistleblower of being a front for the Communist regime." Da Mail thinks South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem makes VERY presidential inauguration speech blasting Biden she squares up against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for 2024 White House bid. Better than The 'Stache.' Bob Spencer, When No One Cares: Why Is John Bolton Running for President in 2024? 

Vicky Marshall at Da Fed, says Colorado Won’t Name 31,000 Foreign Citizens It Sent Voter Registration Info, So Counties Have No Idea If They Voted Jay Valentine at Am Think outlines Election Fraud Infrastructure: Your Government At Work! Jack Phillips at ET has news from AZ, Republican AG Candidate, RNC File Motion for New Trial to Challenge Election

At the Free Bacon, Gavin Newsom Blames Republicans for January 6 Riots in Inaugural Address. From HE, Ashli Babbitt's Mother Arrested for 'Obstruction' of Capitol on Two-Year Anniversary of January 6th. At PJ Media, Vicky Taft offers More Proof That Nancy Pelosi Was More Responsible for J6 Riot Than Trump. John Davidson at Da Fed thinks Jan. 6 Is Important Because It’s Epiphany, Not The Solemn Anniversary Of A Fake Insurrection. I&I asks How About A Kill Switch To Shut Down Washington?

From NRO, cited at Haut Hare, Pro-life pregnancy center hires PIs to investigate firebombing as FBI "slow-walks" probe. "“After talking with our investigators so far, they’ve already provided very valuable insight that we didn’t know. And they do have a track record of identifying terrorists both internationally and domestically,” Compass Care CEO Jim Harden told National Review."

'Fuzzy Slippers' at LI has a Report of Two More VA School Principals Admit To Withholding National Merit Awards From Students. “To have an equity-centered organization, we have to have the courage and the willingness to be purposefully unequal when it comes to opportunities and access” They need to be sued, personally. 

Stacy McCain observes that the White House Pressured Facebook to Censor Tucker Carlson on COVID-19. "This is not merely about the First Amendment in some abstract, intellectual sense. It is about corruption, and the Biden administration’s secretive behind-the-scenes manipulation of public discussion." Nick Arama at Red State hears Journalist Paul Sperry Has More to Say, as Adam Schiff Starts Acting Nervous. A civil rights violation. At Twitchy, Paul Sperry pulls ZERO punches taking Adam Schiff APART for violating his oath to the Constitution. Don Surber, No, NBC, the FBI failed to stop Twitter child porn. Censoring conservatives was more fun. Chris Roach at Am Great wonders From What, Exactly, Is the FBI Protecting Us? At Breitbart, Pinkerton: The Twitter Files Remind Us the Deep State Lives. At Am Great, Thad McCotter decries The Elitists’ Communications Counterrevolution

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