Thursday, January 5, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Speaker Voter Day 3 - DIY

So here it is three days after the start of the new Congress, and the Republicans have failed to congeal around a speaker. I only sort of know the issues; clearly a group of Republicans really don't like Kevin McCarthy; he is a squish and a deal maker, but that's kind of the nature of the job. The time to have worked this out was between the election and the opening of Congress.

The Hunt for Speaker

In The Mailbox: 01.04.23 : The Other McCain
Rep. Mike Garcia: 'Day One of Being in the Majority Feels an Awful Lot Like Being in the Minority' – PJ Media
Video - Day Two Speaker Drama, Kevin McCarthy Demands His Precious - The Last Refuge
BREAKING: McCarthy loses 4th ballot -- and may cut a deal with Dems – HotAir
Video, Representative Scott Perry (PA) Nominates Representative Byron Donalds (FL) for Speaker of House - The Last Refuge
Ace of Spades HQ McCarthy Loses A 5th Vote (And Now A 6th) For Speaker: How Long Will He Drag This Out?
McCarthy Fails Again on Ballot Number Six, House in Recess Until 8:00pm ET - The Last Refuge
Brilliant Plan - Kevin McCarthy Vows to Assuage Republican Fears About His UniParty Propensity by Organizing His Installation with Democrats - The Last Refuge
In Overnight Vote, Buffalo Guy Elected Speaker Of The House | Babylon Bee
Trump to GOP dissidents: Take the W, not the L, and "VOTE FOR KEVIN" – HotAir
Trump Appears To Flip On Kevin McCarthy After Calling Him ‘My Kevin’ | The Daily Wire
PETER ROFF: Democrats Are Throwing Away A Chance To Have Kevin McCarthy In The Palms Of Their Hands | The Daily Caller
Kaptur: I may vote for McCarthy to get this over with – HotAir
Rep. Gaetz: McCarthy 'Refused' on 'Term Limits,' Balanced Budget, and 'Border Plan' | CNSNews
Report: House Freedom Caucus Doesn't Mind if Jeffries Wins Speakership
Karl Rove: GOP infighting on Speaker an ‘utter, unmitigated disaster’ | The Hill
New Republican House Majority Is a Driverless Clown Car – PJ Media
The bid for House Speaker is looking more and more like a soap opera - American Thinker
Ace of Spades HQThe Vote For House Speaker: All We Can Hope For Is Casualties On Both Sides!
Dan Crenshaw's Latest Insult Towards McCarthy Holdouts Has Got People Fired Up
Don't Buy the Establishment's Spin on the House Speaker Fight – PJ Media
BREAKING: 20 GOP back Byron Donalds as Kevin McCarthy loses fourth vote for House Speaker The Post Millennial |
BREAKING: Cori Bush says black House Speaker nominee Byron Donalds is a 'prop' 'upholding and perpetuating white supremacy' | The Post Millennial |
House adjourns until Thursday after McCarthy lost 6th round of voting for House speaker | Just The News
What's the Point of This?
McCarthy: Some demanded committee positions for Speaker vote – HotAir
A Significant Majority of Republican Voters Agree With the GOP Rebels – PJ Media
The deal is acceptable -- but probably won't save McCarthy – HotAir
Reality bites: We don't currently have a House of Representatives – HotAir
Video, Day Three of House Speaker Voting - Two Lobbyist Groups Likely to Determine Outcome - The Last Refuge
Backroom Dealing May Save McCarthy's Bid for Speaker – PJ Media
Byron Donalds Has Best Response When Asked if ‘Worried About Retribution’ Over Speaker Challenge – RedState
How can this still be worth it to McCarthy? – HotAir

Twitter, Elon Musk, the FBI and Social Media Censorship

Twitter Files Reveal Hillary Clinton — Of Course! — Was Behind Censorship Push : The Other McCain
That time a sitting congressman demanded that a journalist be silenced -- and the media ignored it – HotAir
Adam Schiff’s Office Asked Twitter To Ban Investigative Journalist, Docs Show | The Daily Caller
Paul Sperry responds to Rep. Adam Schiff’s office pressuring Twitter to ban him –
Former FBI exec: Bureau has become completely political – HotAir
Latest ‘Twitter Files’ Reveal ‘Struggle’ With Public Agencies, and Adam Schiff’s Push to Censor Journalist
How to Take the Twitter Files to Court - WSJ
Big Tech Uses Illusion of Scientific Consensus to Stifle Debate
10 Scandals To Keep Your Eye On In 2023

Other Miscellaneous Politics

Karine Jean-Pierre dodges question about Biden family corruption, blames Republicans for investigations – HotAir
KJP: The Vatican told Biden not to come to Benedict XVI funeral – HotAir
We’re doomed: 12 of 13 outlooks are negative, Gallup poll finds | Washington Examiner
5 Power Grabs Democrats Will Never Stop Trying – PJ Media
The targeting of Ginni and Clarence Thomas proved just another exercise in liberal rage
Virginia Attorney General Sets His Sights On Another Woke School District After Magnet School Turns Away From Merit | The Daily Wire
Dem-Led Swing States Are Seizing The Opportunity To Rewrite Voting Laws | The Daily Caller
Trump’s Reelection Woes Are Just Beginning - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Trump Suggests He May Run On Third-Party Ticket In 2024 – Summit News
Carville: Trump's "a gone pecan" – HotAir
Abortion closed the "enthusiasm gap" in the midterms, but Trump cost the GOP the election – HotAir
Wannabe authoritarian Adam Schiff should sit on no committees | Washington Examiner
WATCH: Fetterman's Painfully Awkward Swearing-in Renews Doubts About Ability to Serve – PJ Media
BREAKING: Stabenow announces retirement in 2024 -- ahead of brutal Dem cycle – HotAir
9th Circuit unanimous decision: MAGA hat is an exercise in free speech – HotAir
House Republicans Remove Nancy Pelosi's Metal Detectors and Other Optics Intended to Support J6 Extremism Narrative - The Last Refuge
DOJ prosecutes Jan. 6 while encouraging intimidation of Supreme Court justices - Washington TimesCNN hires just-retired GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger | The Hill
‘F***king D**k’: Las Vegas Parents Sue School After Daughter Allegedly Given ‘Pornographic’ Assignment | The Daily Caller
Did Someone or Something Seize Control of the United States? – PJ Media
Commentary: The transgenderism fad - Alpha News
How the left rejected genetics – HotAir
Garbage in, garbage out... – HotAir

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