Friday, June 26, 2020

Gone Fishin' Russiagate

But not like this:

So you'll get it this way or not at all:

General Michael Flynn Calls into the Mark Levin Show

Breitbart - Exclusive -- Michael Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell: 'Rule of Law' Prevailed

Will Judge Sullivan Defy The Latest Flynn Ruling? There's A Good Chance

Strzok strikes again - Power Line

Svetlana on Twitter: "“Now we know both Obama and Biden were directly involved in planning the attack on Flynn,” Nunes said. “The Obama administration exploited our intelligence community to spy on their political opponents and engineer bogus investigations and prosecutions of them. Devin Nunes" - Twitter

Devin Nunes Discusses Peter Strzok Notes that Tie Obama and Biden to Flynn Targeting…  -  The Last Refuge

Wray Has ‘Serious Concerns’ About Comey FBI’s Investigation Of Michael Flynn - The Daily Caller

PJ Media -Trump Jr. Says Explosive Docs Show 'Joe Biden Got Caught Red-Handed Setting Up Gen. Flynn'

Sidney Powell Discusses Peter Strzok CYA Notes – “There’s A Criminal Conspiracy in There”… -The Last Refuge

GOP Lawmaker Forces DOJ Whistleblower To Admit He Sought Job With Democrats During Trump Impeachment - The Daily Caller

National Security Advisor Robert C. O'Brien on President Trump and General Secretary Xi - The Hugh Hewitt Show

How Bill Barr's Manhattan transfer went awry – HotAir

Maybe more like this:

But certainly not like this:

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