Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Beach Report 6/3/20

A warm, humid day today, despite an early start, low 80's, with mostly overcast skies and some (small) Possibility of popup thunderstorms (which have not popped up as of yet.

My first sighting of the year for a common butterfly, the Zabulon Skipper, on the way down.
 Also this one. Hard to identify from the top, and at this angle.
From the underside, the little white mark identifies it as an Eastern Comma, as opposed to the very similar Question Mark.
Something we don't see everyday, a small flock of ex-Canada Geese. These are clearly residents, the migratory geese should have left for Canada quite a while ago.
Not a really great fossil day, we managed 12 teeth. Here is one Carcharhinus tooth as I found it next to the clay up at Matoaka. One of the more common teeth.
Looking up the beach from the turn around point.
 80 is a little warm for Skye, but she still insists on walks.
On the way home.

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