Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Beach Report 6/24/20

We walked down to the beach today before lunch in an effort to get the most out of the low tide, and to beat the heat. Mission accomplished. On the road below our house we encountered 3 deer. Two left quickly, but one hung around to watch us past. A buck in velvet, with the first branch's of his antlers showing.
The best of 12 shark's teeth, a nice upper parasymphyseal Snaggletooth I spotted while Skye was getting a drink out of the little creek that runs down the cliff and into the Bay.
In the last several days, two huge slabs of clay fell off the cliff, breaking up where they hit. A lot of fossils are in this stuff, and  they will be washing out as the weather and tides wash on it.
Skye insisted on saying hi to a friend. How could I tell her no?

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